9 Things Introverts Want You To Know

things introverts want you to know

The concept of extroverts and introverts is highly talked about. Thanks to the internet for making this concept viral. Now most of us identify ourselves as either an extrovert or an introvert. But there are certain things every introvert wants an extrovert to know about them.

Extroverts are more easy-going, people-loving individuals, and hence, most of us find extroversion as quality to reckon with while introverts are often tagged as ‘weird’ ‘snob’ and ‘nerd’. 

Surprisingly, no individual can distinctly be compartmentalized into the extreme ends of the introversion-extroversion spectrum. Every one of us has some of the traits of both introverts and extroverts.

Just because extroverts are more popular and have dominant personality traits this does not mean being an introvert is unacceptable. The only persistent problem is that of understanding each other.

Introverts are at a greater risk of being misunderstood pertaining to the fact that they have limited ability to demonstrate their thoughts as uninhibitedly as extroverts.

Knowing these few things that an introvert will never tell you about, will only help foster a healthy exchange of information with them and understanding them well. Having differences is not a hurdle in a bond, knowing how to respect it is.

So, what are the things an introvert wants the extroverts to know?

9 Things An Introvert Wants An Extrovert To Know

What an introvert wants
What an introvert wants

1. We don’t want to join the party you invited us to.

Sorry. But we hate going to parties. Mostly because of two reasons, the need to unnecessarily socialize with people, even if they are absolute strangers, and also unnecessary noise. These two will not make us feel any better.

Parties are only bearable to us for the delicious food we get to eat. But we detest it for the sheer amount of people we get to meet all at once!

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2. We don’t want to share our personal details in front of a group of people. 

This is an absolute nightmare for us! Do you want to know something personal about us? Please follow these steps:

First, gain our trust and sneak in our inner circle of friends. 

Secondly, have the patience to create that comfortable space for us to open up.

Thirdly, meet me alone.

Talking about our last year’s exciting trip in front of a crowd is as difficult as it is for you to keep quiet about your last stage performance.

Our personal life’s a very treasured part of us. We, Introverts do not want to share it with random people.

3. We don’t want you to interrupt us.

Introverts are deep thinkers and need substantial time to process information. No. That doesn’t make us “slow-witted” beings. Thinking is just our most favorite hobby.

And when we are replaying a scene in our mind or are engrossed in our imaginary world, we would like not to be disturbed. We want to be left by ourselves. That helps us to focus on one out of the number of rushing thoughts in our minds.

4. We need ‘alone time’ and want you to respect that.

An introvert wants extroverts to know that our ‘alone time’ is our ‘life potion’. We will literally exhaust ourselves to death if we are not allowed a minimum of 30 minutes’ solitude every day after a stressful workload.

We cannot function without this ‘recharging’. Please, don’t force us to join you to outings, movies, group chats, after an already overdose of socialization. Even if you do, we will politely decline your offer and respect that without further question. Period.

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5. Don’t urge us to be more of an extrovert.

Often extroverts try and make us behave like them, fit in their lifestyle, and also impose their opinions and choices on us. It is kind of disrespectful and annoying to face situations when extroverts will come and tell us to “be bolder”, “to be more expressive”. 

Introverts and extroverts can still exist alongside each other, even if we apparently have contrasting traits. There is no need to force each other to change. We must just embrace each other uniqueness.

6. Talking over the phone for us is torture.

Another thing that an introvert wants an extrovert to know is that talking over the phone for them is torture. So make sure you do not call us over the phone. We will disappoint you to the core. It is better if you send us a voicemail, text, or email us rather than dial our number on your phone.

Even if we (accidentally) receive the call, we will fervently wish you to disconnect it as soon as possible.

Do us a favor. Maybe just delete our numbers? What’s say?

What an introvert wants an extrovert to understand

7. We don’t want you to add us to group chats on social media.

‘Groups’ are not our thing. ‘Solo’ is our thing. We can still manage group outings from time to time, with our intimate kins. But keeping a track of the conversation going on in group chats on communicative apps is NOT our cup of tea!

We simply suck at it. Most importantly, the constant inbox notifications interrupt us from our focused thinking.

8. Don’t force us to speak up. 

Have patience with us. We do speak. And we speak A LOT. We just need the right comfort, the right dose of understanding, the proper listening skills from you and we will keep going on and on.

The more you force us to speak, the more we will retire into our shell. Introverts need some time to process and contemplate before they speak.

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9. Don’t complete our unfinished sentences!

“So the other day I meet this guy….” “And you have a crush on him, right?”

“No. Let it be.”

Opening up for introverts is a bit difficult, so when you witness us performing our masterstroke of opening up, carefully pouring our hearts out, do not complete our sentences. It cuts our conversation flow. It feels like you violated our boundary and reduces our chances of ever providing you with a glimpse of our inner world.

Introverts experience the beauty of the world in a way different from extroverts. But that does not make introverts an ‘odd creature’. They are beautiful in their own way as you are in your own way.

I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but like everybody else, it must be in my own way.” ~ Jane Austen

9 Things An Introvert Wants An Extrovert To Know
9 Things An Introvert Wants An Extrovert To Know
things introverts want you to know
things introverts want you to know
things introverts want you to know pin
things introverts want you to know

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