What Annoys Introverts The Most? This Is What Our Readers Said

What Annoys Introverts The Most

Introverts. Whenever most people hear of this word, several adjectives come to their minds. Unsocial. Boring. Sad. Arrogant. Isolated. These are just some of the few words that people associate introverts with, without knowing the whole truth. So, it’s no wonder that people bombard introverts with many unsolicited advice and questions that annoy them to no end.

All introverts want is a little bit of respect and understanding from others, and the acceptance that everyone is different including them. Wanting to be who you are should not always be up for question, nor should they be judged for every little thing they do, just because they are different. To have some more clarity about this, we asked our readers what annoys them as introverts, and we got an overwhelming response.

We have selected some of the best and most relatable answers we got from our readers about what annoys them as introverts. Read on to know the interesting answers. You can find more in Facebook post link here. Introverts Unite!

Here Are The Things That Our Readers Said About What Annoys Them As Introverts

1. Being overlooked, or people thinking I’m boring because I won’t have inane conversations or need to be constantly engaged. I have many scintillating conversations in my head, thank you. – Nicole Ceplecha

2. Being told I should talk more, be more confident, or more assertive. Maybe I just have my own way of existing that doesn’t require me to push myself onto others in that way – Shauna Leigh Palmer

3. Being told I have an attitude. It’s hard to explain to them that I choose solitude over everything. People keep misunderstanding me – Nombor Lapan Belas

4. That I’m expected to fill silence even if it means pointless conversation, and when I don’t I seem “intimidating”. “I thought you hated me” is a phrase I’ve heard SO many times. Why? Because I won’t talk about the weather? – Torri Mitchell

5. People assume that if I don’t want to go to their big gathering it’s because I’m rude and don’t want to see them. – Elana Perel

6. People thinking I’m shy or worse thinking I’m arrogant – Leanna Marie

7. People not understanding that I DO NOT find fun & joy in groups of other people, not even most family members. My peace & joy & zest for life comes from being alone or with my husband away from chaos. – Sonya Bernhard

8. People assuming I am boring because I don’t talk much… um no I am feeling you out… to see if you’re worth knowing my obnoxious side. – Amy Marie

9. Being told by obnoxiously rude, insensitive people that I don’t fit in because I’m not like they are. I don’t want to fit in, I’ve no desire to be loud and obnoxious. I’m perfectly fine being the wallflower instead of the center of attention. And I hate being asked why I’m outside instead of inside with a room full of people having “fun” who are all talking over each other trying to be the one heard. No thank you. – Alaina Whitley

10. Asking me why I don’t go out. I hate being outdoors. – Nour Alsham

11. People constantly telling me to come out of my shell or asking why I’m so shy/quiet/sensitive. – Diane Schlesinger

12. Gossip! Also, when I get judgemental comments about how many people I socialize with. For example “do you know so and so? Oh ya, I forgot you don’t know anyone”. People do exist that value a small circle, enjoy being at home, and mind their own business. Mmmk? – Lindsay LeDuc

13. Being misunderstood because I listen more than I talk. – Marcus Arthur

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  1. Avatar of Rhonda

    Agree with most of those. But other annoying things to me are that I don’t get the respect and courtesy I give others when I go out. I find I make an effort to move over for others when walking on a path or down a shopping aisle, but most people do not do the same for me. I’ve even tried standing my ground and they just run straight into me. Definitely not good at any time let alone during a pandemic. Another is when I’m standing at a counter waiting my turn to be served, knowing who was in front of me before I got there, and then someone comes up after you and butts in on your turn. Arghhhhhhh rudeness! No wonder I hate going out.

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