13 Signs You Are An Introvert


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Signs You Are An Introvert

Quiet, reserved, arrogant, anti-social…these are some of the many words used to describe introverts. Only if people put in more effort to understand how introverts actually are! Introverts are more than just being quiet and reserved; there’s so much more to them than this. If observed properly, people will see there are so many signs you are an introvert, you just have to look sometimes.

The introvert personality is the exact opposite of the extrovert personality; what makes an extrovert tick, might be an introvert’s worst nightmare. There are many introverted personality traits that perfectly encapsulate what it means to be an introvert.

So, what are the signs of an introvert? Let’s find that out, shall we?

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13 Signs You Are An Introvert

13 Signs You Are An Introvert

1. You find small talk exhausting.

It’s not that introverts don’t like conversing with people, it’s just that you don’t have the patience to engage in small talk. Purposeless, superficial, and dead-end conversations are not your jam.

You would happily skip the small talk and would want to talk about deep, meaningful stuff. Loving enriching and deep conversations are one of the major signs of introversion.

introvert signs
Signs you are an introvert

2. You hate crowds.

This is another one of the prominent introvert signs. Crowds and huge social gatherings emotionally and physically exhaust you, and you try your best to avoid them. You don’t really have a problem meeting new people, but when you’re amongst too many people, it annoys you.

This is why you tend to avoid parties, because you are surrounded by a lot of people, and you don’t even know most of them. Such situations stress you out, and you constantly look for ways to escape.

Signs you are an introvert

3. You never feel bored by yourself.

One of the defining signs you are an introvert is that you seldom feel bored. This is because you don’t always need someone else to have fun with, and you are perfectly fine being by yourself and having fun.

You like to be alone and feel comfortable with your own company, and you never feel the urge to be with others in order to feel good about yourself and have a nice time.

introvert signs
Signs you are an introvert

4. You don’t really like meeting new people.

One of the major signs of introverted personality is not wanting to meet new people. You will meet new people if you are really required to, but apart from that, it’s not a very appealing thing for you.

You would rather spend your time and invest your energy in people who are close to you, and who you know very well. This is not you being shy or rude, you just don’t find it necessary to strike up a conversation with people you don’t know at all.

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5. You love solitude.

You love being alone, and you never feel sad, depressed, or bored in solitude. You love your own company because you are able to focus on your own hobbies and interests that make you feel happy.

Unlike other people, you don’t find solitude boring or sad, rather it’s the only time when you feel recharged, rejuvenated, and at peace.

I am rarely bored alone
Signs you are an introvert

6. You prefer serious relationships as opposed to casual ones.

You don’t believe in one-night stands, flings, and casual relationships, and you would any day choose to be in a serious, monogamous relationship with someone. Being with someone just for the sake of it, or because you don’t want to be alone is not something you have ever advocated.

You would rather be single and wait for the right person than be in a casual relationship. Love, emotions, and relationships matter to you a lot, and you respect them immensely.

Signs you are an introvert

7. You express yourself better when writing than speaking.

It’s easier for you to express yourself and your feelings and thoughts when you write them, compared to speaking about them. Even though you can be an eloquent speaker, writing everything down makes you feel better.

You love handwritten letters and cute notes, and you will always choose to convey your feelings in writing, rather than speaking.

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8. You find it hard to trust people easily.

It can be hard for introverts to find someone who will respect their introverted nature, and so it takes more time for you to open up. But the silver lining is that your friends can always count on you.

Trust matters to you a lot, and that’s why you never give it away that easily. You will take your own sweet time when it comes to observing people, and unless you’re 100% sure about them, you will not trust them.

9. You can be social sometimes.

It’s not that you’re completely anti-social, actually, you are occasionally social. When you are with your close friends you can be more open, talkative, and social. As long as you are with people you trust, and with whom you share common interests, you are happy.

Your extroverted side comes out when you are in the midst of people you love and care about. Familiar people make you come out of your shell and have fun.

Signs you are an introvert

10. You enjoy listening to people talk.

You’re a good listener, and you enjoy having conversations with people. You don’t shy away from giving your opinion. But, you do, however, like to move away from the center stage and prefer to shift the focus onto the other person.

11. You avoid conflicts.

You don’t like getting into an argument with other people. You think it’s a waste of time. You’d rather try to bring peace and stay away from heated discussions, especially with strangers and acquaintances, than expend your energy fighting about stuff that doesn’t matter.

Being a conflict-averse person, you always try to stay away from drama and toxicity. You avoid people like the plague who are always looking to stir the pot.

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12. You’re great at speeches, but not so much at partying.

You are good with words and can give amazing speeches. But you choose not to participate in the events that follow these speeches, AKA, parties, and after-parties.

For example, you might deliver a phenomenal toast at your best friend’s wedding, but once that’s done, you won’t feel the desire to join the party animals on the dance floor. You would rather sit at your table and savor a chilled glass of champagne watching others dance their hearts out.

13. You and your headphones are best friends.

Sometimes you just want to be by yourself, and don’t want anybody to come and bother you by trying to strike up a conversation. That’s where your loyal headphones come to your rescue.

You wearing your headphones should be the number one sign that you don’t want to be disturbed, and you should just be left alone. Whenever you want to avoid any awkward and uncomfortable situations or people, you pop on your headphones and forget the world. This is one of the major signs you are an introvert.

How many of these signs could you relate to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Want to know more about the signs you are an introvert? Check this video out below!

Signs you are an introvert

You Are An Introvert Signs
13 Signs You Are An Introvert
Signs You Are Introvert Pin
13 Signs You Are An Introvert
Signs You Are Introvert pin
Signs You Are An Introvert pin

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