Who’s Your Perfect Match? Let The ‘Birth Order Theory’ Guide You​


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Birth Order Theory: Great Compatibility Codes To Discover

Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest child at your home? The birth order theory is believed to shape our characters and affect romance and relationships. Let’s find out how!

This fascinating idea suggests that who we romanticize with and how we relate to others largely depends on birth order. Listen to what experts have said about the love of oldest, middle, youngest, and only children by birth order theory.

What Is Birth Order Theory Psychology?

 The Birth Order Theory
What Is Birth Order Theory Psychology

Psychology has a concept known as the Birth Order Theory. It proposes that the personality, behavior, and traits of a person can be affected by his or her ordinal position in the family.

Alfred Adler who was an Austrian psychotherapist and a contemporary of Sigmund Freud, is credited with making this theory popular. So, whether you are a firstborn, middle child, or last-born, something’s fascinating about each birth order!

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Birth Order Theory Breakdown

1. Firstborns: These kids are responsible, ambitious and natural leaders who like being in control. They thrive best under strict conditions; hence, they may appear dependable or even organized.

When it comes to romance, they can be overly protective, taking care of their partners all the time and expecting them not go astray because they understand what leadership means.

2. Middle Children: These people are negotiators; they will do anything for peace sake! Sociable is another quality that defines them—there’s no one with whom a middle-born cannot make friends.

So if you date someone, prepare yourself to meet new people every now and then as he looks out for those who understand him well enough during relationship building process.

3. Youngest: Being charismatic means being able to attract attention easily, while outgoingness implies having many friends wherever one goes since this person loves being in company more than anyone else could ever imagine.

People like these tend to also be creative risk-takers, especially when their partners have the energy levels needed for such activities.

4. Only Children: This is where independence and maturity go hand-in-hand because such people were brought up single-handedly; therefore, parents never spared any moment showering them with all kinds of attention required by kids growing even faster than expected.

In matters of love, though priority changes remain, deep connections would still be necessary between two people who hardly understand why they should always be together because they feel like being left alone forever.

The Compatibility Code As Per The Birth Order Theory

1. Firstborn + Lastborn:

birth order theory
Who’s Your Perfect Match? Let The ‘Birth Order Theory’ Guide You​

This is a match made in heaven or rather, the opposite attracts. The first borns are well known for their stability and organized nature, while on the other hand, the lastborns usually have spontaneity as part of them, which makes life more enjoyable even when things may seem dull with time passing.

In relationships, such couples create an environment where each partner brings out what is good about the other person, hence giving rise to harmonious partnership.

2. Middle Child + Only Child:

birth order theory
Who’s Your Perfect Match? Let The ‘Birth Order Theory’ Guide You​

People who fall into either category tend to appreciate space since both grew up without much interference from siblings due to birth order placement.

Therefore, people like these do not mind giving themselves enough freedom but, at the same time, yearn for deeper emotional connection with others around them as well.

They know what it means to live independently; therefore, when two such individuals come together, there is mutual understanding based on trust developed over years spent alone before meeting new friends during adulthood stages.

3. Firstborn + Middle Child

birth order theory
Who’s Your Perfect Match? Let The ‘Birth Order Theory’ Guide You​

If you’re looking for a relationship that balances, match a firstborn with a middle child! Firstborns are born leaders and can take charge whenever necessary, while others prefer being diplomatic.

This two groups communicate effectively as well as support one another, which leads to close-knit families across generations, from brothers and sisters right up until grandparents.

4. Lastborn + Only Child

birth order theory
Who’s Your Perfect Match? Let The ‘Birth Order Theory’ Guide You​

These two people thrive on excitement in life, so their time together is always exciting – whether they are married or in a long-term relationship. They enjoy fun and games and are not afraid of any energetic, perilous undertakings.

Moreover, creativity is paramount in their relationship too. Lastborn bring lots of imagination, while only children are independent thinkers with unique ideas. They support each other’s opinion even when others may object to them.

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No matter what your birth order might be, communication is necessary for success in any relationship. Couples should learn to live with each other’s dissimilarities while discovering some common areas that promote sharing their feelings honestly over time, leading to personal development.

Since true love does not understand boundaries, mutual respect, understanding and communication are key words here.

birth order theory
Who’s Your Perfect Match? Let The ‘Birth Order Theory’ Guide You​

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