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6 Things Extroverts Do That Introverts Will Never Understand

Things Extroverts Do Introverts Never Understand

Extroverts are really fun people who always bring a lot of energy and excitement to everything they do, and people love having them around. For someone who is contrastingly an introvert or someone that is closed emotionally, it takes a lot of hard work to understand the things extroverts do. Extroverts often do a whole lot of perplexing things that may or may not hold an answer for their behavior.

Because introverts and extroverts are polar opposites, most of the things that extroverts do end up making zero sense to introverts. Introverts wonder why they are the way they are. That is why there are certain extroverted behaviors, that are straight-up annoying, weird, and honestly even stupid at times for introverts.

Here Are 6 Things Extroverts Do That Introverts Will Never Understand

1. When extroverts think alone time is boring and sad.

This is one thing that grates on an introvert’s nerves. Alone time is like sweet nectar for introverts, and without it, they feel mentally drained and emotionally incomplete. So, when an extrovert says that spending time alone is depressing and boring, it’s safe to say that introverts just don’t understand what they mean. Because extroverts cannot stay alone for even a minute, so it’s depressing. Yeah, right.

Being surrounded by people all the damn time is nothing short of torture for an introvert, and they secretly rejoice when they get the house to themselves when their family leaves for a few hours. Extroverts struggle a lot with solitude, and always need people around them to feel better, and that is something an introvert just doesn’t relate to at all.

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2. When extroverts call instead of texting.

Now don’t get this wrong. Introverts don’t despise talking on the phone, but they do hate doing it all the time or at the drop of a hat. They like communicating with their family and friends for a few minutes, but talking on the phone for hours? No. Just no. Introverts prefer texting, as that gives them a better opportunity to express themselves, open themselves up, and at the same time not indulge in small talk.

Extroverts on the other hand are always on the phone, and they will call you up wanting to talk about even the tiniest of things. Texting is something that not a lot of extroverts believe in doing. One of the things that is an introvert’s worst nightmare? An extrovert calling them up and talking for hours and hours and hours.

3. When extroverts follow the Open Door Policy.

This is one of those things that extroverts do that annoys an introvert to no end. Extroverts feel an intense need to share their feelings with people in large numbers. There is an open door policy maintained both at home and outside of it. Most extroverts are people-pleasing and believe that they need more and more people around them, to be truly happy and satisfied. Unless they talk about everything under the sun with everyone, they never truly feel happy and satiated.

Introverts on the other hand prefer to talk about their feelings and deep thoughts only with a select few, people who they fully trust. They are very protective about their feelings, and would never let just anyone have access to them. That is why an introvert struggles to relate to an extrovert’s tendency to overshare.

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4. When extroverts love being in the spotlight.

Extroverts love being in the limelight and be the center of attention. They have no trouble standing on a stage and speaking to a hundred or thousand people without feeling intimidated. They can get along with anyone and everyone without needing to give a lot of effort. During a conversation, they are impatient to talk and give their two cents. And when introverts see this, they are like, what?

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