25 Things That ‘Scare’ Introverts the Most


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Things Scare Introverts the Most

As an introvert there any many things that will make you feel good or send a chill down your spine. Here are 25 common things that scare introverts.

It isn’t being an introvert in a modern world that acclaims extroverts. In a modern society where extroverts thrive, introverts tend to be put to one side and neglected just because we’re different. On the other hand, we introverts have a bittersweet approach to this seclusion. We prefer to be left alone than be a part of what’s going on in the crowd. We’re the quiet ones, the ones in the corner of the room, the one jogging in the morning on their own – the introverts.

Introverts tend to be misunderstood in a lot of public situations and it becomes very cumbersome for them to weave their way into society. But we manage, we always do. It would be so much easier if the rest of the world just try and understand why we are this way. Here are a few heads up for extroverts of the common phrases that scare the shit out of introverts.

We would like to warn you beforehand that these phrases hold much power. They have the potential to ruin an introvert’s whole week and you wouldn’t even know. So be very careful and aware of what you say around us introverts. Don’t use this against us, instead use it as an awareness article of what not to say around us. We appreciate your considerate heart.

Here are 25 Common Things That Scare Introverts:
25 Things That Scare Introverts the Most

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Here are 25 Common Things That Scare Introverts:

25. *An unexpected doorbell ring*

Being An Introvert, What Are The Things You Hate?

No, this is not a phrase but it sure does feel like a harsh one. What’s worse than hearing that ding-dong when you’ve planned to meet nobody but yourself for the rest of the day? So if you don’t want to see a ghost or an introvert that looks like they’ve seen one when dropping by, please make sure to tell us that you’re coming.

24. “We’ll be working on team-building exercises”

“Did you just say team boss?” “Doesn’t sound like my kind of thing.” “I might just sit this one out.” Excuses after excuses. Social interactions aren’t are strongest points so team-building sounds more like team-demolishing. Now, don’t get me wrong, introverts can be great team players and we can add a lot of value to the team. But, team-building requires a whole new set of skill that we definitely haven’t mastered. Team-building itself is probably one of the most terrifying phrase that scare introverts out of their wits.

23. “You’re just in time for karaoke!”

This is a straight or a curved ‘no’. Either way it’s a no. Singing in public in front of a crowd doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience for most introverts. If you’re around a bunch of people that you are comfortable with, that’s a different story. But if their are a few strangers watching, I’m heading towards the bathroom or out of there.

22. “I’ll call you!”

Why Introverts Are Scared Of Phone Calls

Short burst of anxiety for all my fellow introverts. Yes, the dreaded phone call. If you’re going to call, don’t, Introverts tend to prefer texts over calls, especially if it isn’t an emergency. If you need to communicate information without needing me to speak, call may be fine. But if you’re expecting a full blown conversation on the phone, sorry to disappoint you if I don’t pick up.

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21. Everyone you know, in your living room: “SURPRISE!”

No, no surprises. Please. Especially if it includes people that I don’t know too well. Introverts just don’t want to be the center of attention. What part of that don’t you understand?

20. “We’re going to be out all day.”

All day? That’s more than my regular 2 hours outside. I don’t even think my social battery’s charged up well enough to be out the whole day. This is just sad. You’re telling me I have to tag along and go outside with you for a whole 8 hours? That sounds like more of a milestone to me. Introverts enjoy their personal time inside, as opposed to extroverts that enjoy their time outside in public.

19. “The internet is down.”

The tragedy. Now all I can do on my phone is scroll through pictures and play offline games. Can someone get the internet fixed as soon as possible? Let me be left alone with my phone in peace please.

18. “It’s an open office.”

I can’t have my beloved privacy when I work? Damn. Where are does friendly partition walls that they have in the movies? This is a tough one for introverts. They need anything and everything that can minimize conversation opportunities with others around them.

17. “I’m not ready to leave yet.”

This is one of the most cumbersome phrases that scare introverts. “You said we’d be here for only 2 hours!” we scream in our heads as we proceed to the corner of the room for the umpteenth time. If you say we’re going to be at the gathering for only 2 hours, I’m counting down from the moment we get there.

16. “Since no one is raising their hand, I’ll call on students randomly.”

This is a phrase that many introverted students have to deal with on a daily basis. The effort it takes to avoid eye contact and draw away the attention of the teacher is not an easy task of any sort. Once the teacher’s wrath has been avoided, only then shall I breathe with ease.

15. “It’s a group project.”

This is even worse than team-building activities. Group projects in school were either really good or went really bad. There really wasn’t an in between. It’s a shame that I always had to end up with the douchebags and quiet girls. Terrible combination.

The best plan of execution is always putting it in the hands of the smart introvert that never talked. Yes, the quiet kid in the group. Leave them alone for a week and put up a presentation for the whole class pretending like you know what you’re talking about. Just don’t let the quiet kid do the presentation too.

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14. “We have plans tonight, remember?”

What are introverts afraid of? 25 Common Things That Scare Introverts

I thought you forgot. I hoped you wouldn’t bring it up. “Huh? What plans?” is probably the last resort for most introverts. This is one of those phrases that scare introverts because they try so hard to avoid plans that have been made even if it means holding onto hope till the last moment. You never know how relieving a cancel of plans can be for an introvert.

13. “How ’bout this weather?”

What about the weather? You got something to say about it that I don’t want to hear about? Oh, here we go again. Subtle nods is all you’re going to get from me unless you don’t want a thunderstorm of anxiety raining down from my end. Small talk is something introverts are simply not good at. Accept that fact and deal with it.

12. “I invited some friends over. I hope that’s okay!”

No that’s not okay. What if those friends don’t like me? And What if they think I’m awkward and lame? What if we don’t talk for the whole night? I thought it was only me tonight. This can be really frustrating for introverts, especially if they aren’t prepared at all. Even the thought of having more people over for the night can be extremely energy draining.

11. “Tell me about yourself.”

Words That Scare Introverts

What exactly do you want to know? Can we be a little more specific here? I can either tell you about my achievements and glory days or tell you how boring I actually am. Either way I won’t be as entertaining as you expect me to be. This is one of those phrases that scare introverts just because their thoughts go haywire and lose control as soon as someone expects an introduction from them.

10. “Everyone will be there!”

Everyone? Like everyone everyone? No thankyou. Maybe I’ll just get some rest for today. Even the thought of seeing everyone sends chills down my spine down to my heels. Introverts are intimidated when they are in the company of people they didn’t expect. They tend to imagine every possible scenario when they know how many people are going to be at the event. When you tell them that everyone’s going to be there, you’re just sending a whole storm of thought clouds into their heads. Not a good idea.

9. “Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves.”

Being Introverted: 25 Common Things Introverts Hate

Did you just tell me to introduce myself? Chills. Who am I anyway? I’m just as lost as you are about me. I don’t even know myself well enough to give myself an introduction. Or do I know myself a little too well enough to not give you an introduction? This is going to be terribly awkward. I hope I don’t stutter or say something stupid or way off. Introductions are for the extroverts, I guess.

8. “Just ask her out!”

Easier said than done. Do you realize all the things that could go wrong? The modern dating system hasn’t been favorable for most introverts. Going up to a stranger and trying to impress them with conversational skills and wit isn’t an introverts strongest point. So a “just ask her out” won’t get that far. It takes more than just a nudge to get an introvert to talk to a potential partner.

7. “Don’t be shy, talk to us”

I’m not shy. I’m selectively social. There’s a difference. A very big difference. Although it may look like I’m shy, I’m not. I can comfortably talk to the people that I am comfortable with. Bold of you to assume that I’m a shy person. Okay, maybe I’m a little shy but I still won’t talk you guys. Just don’t take it personally. I prefer spending time alone in my mind, thinking of what I’ll do as soon as the event is over.

6. “Are you ready to go?”

Thud, thud, thud goes my heart when it’s time to finally go. No, I will never be ready to go. You’re going to need to push me off the edge or drag me out of this room. Either way I’m still not ready to go. This is one of those phrases that scare introverts the most because of the uncertainty that lies ahead if they’re finally ready to go.

5. “We are going to break up into small groups”

I was just getting used to this big group of people where I won’t stand out as much. Small groups you say? That means we get a little a more attention than we can handle. This is not good. Let’s just hope there are other fellow introverts in my small group that can observe and understand as much as I do, fingers crossed.

4. “Show us some dance moves”

Oh no. Even introverts that are really good at dancing would prefer to dance alone in their room with their door locked tight. Being the center of attention is just something that introverts hate to their guts. There’s just not enough social batteries that would support the energy that comes with drawing so much attention. It’s just an experience that introverts would not be comfortable performing. There’s not much to it.

3. “What’s that you said?”

Oh did I not talk to you loud enough? Okay, I guess I’ll just have to repeat myself, again. I mustered up enough courage to talk to you, now you want me to repeat what I said? Aren’t you asking for a little too much? This is one of those phrases that scare introverts simply because they do not like repeating themselves over and over again. Blame it all on weak conversational skills.

2. “Come and say hi to these guys”

As An Introvert Things That ‘Scare’ You the Most

This one’s a tough one. Does it get harder than having to greet a few guests when you’re an introvert? We tend to practice our greeting for the millionth time in our head and still end up messing it up at the moment. It’s really frustrating and it makes the situation even more awkward than it should be. Not something you want to deal with on a daily basis for sure.

1. “Hi there”

Stranger danger, stranger danger! What’s worse than being introduced by a friend to a new person? Having to introduce yourself to a new person, all by yourself. That’s right, no support, no back up, no nothing. Just you and the stranger, looking at each other dead in the eye and hoping that time would go by a little faster than it does. But it doesn’t and you’re standing there with a stranger that’s waiting for a response. A moment in hell.

The reason why introverts are scared of these few things because they hate being seen as someone awkward or uncomfortable. Introverts hate small talk or anything that drains their energy.

Are you an introvert who hates when these phrases are thrown at you? If yes, we understand your pain fellow introvert. But you’ve probably come up with a lot of coping mechanisms or patterns you follow. Let us know in the comments below which phrases scare you the most as an introvert and let us know how you deal with it.

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Being Introverted: 25 Common Things You Will Hate
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