10 Leisure Activities Only Introverts Enjoy Doing

Leisure Activities Only Introverts Enjoy Doing

Extroverts and introverts have different ways of having fun, and what works for the former might not work for the latter. Everyone knows how introverts love to have fun even when they are by themselves, and they do not always need to rely on other people to have a good time. There are many fun things and leisure activities that introverts love to do, that might look weird to extroverted people, but are actually not.

Introverts draw their energy and excitement from solitude, and they do not need to be surrounded by a hundred people to feel better. They would any day choose to stay curled up on the couch with a good book in hand, rather than go out and party (the horror!). Read on to know more about the kind of things that introverts love to do.

Here Are 10 Leisure Activities Introverts Love To Do

1. A long stretch of the weekend with no plans.

A long, relaxing nap is the first thing that comes to mind. An introvert would draw the curtains and snuggle under the blanket, or just fall asleep on the couch. But naps are not the only thing that excites them. The thought of being completely by themselves without anyone bothering them excites them more.

They can do whatever they want in their free time. Eating a pint of ice cream while watching the millionth rerun of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, reading books all day, napping, ordering their favorite take away – a long stretch of the weekend is nothing short of paradise for them.

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2. Getting to stay home alone.

Introverts do not always need something to do to have a good time; a silent home with peace and quiet is enough to make them feel amazing. They feel relaxed and content when they have the house all to themselves, and they just soak in all the quiet and serenity. Whenever they get to focus on their inner lives in peace and quiet, they experience a strong sense of bliss.

This works the best when an introvert has to deal with people all day long at work, so when they get to come home to an empty house, it rejuvenates and energizes them.

3. Indulging in solo activities.

Team-building exercises and group activities are nothing short of a nightmare for introverts, and they will only participate in them if they really have to. Solo activities are more of their jam and something that introverts love to do. As long as they are able to do something alone, and by themselves, they thrive like nobody else.

Most of the time, introverts love to create. They will be perfectly happy painting alone, gardening alone, or even cooking alone. Their best side comes out when they indulge in solo activities of their choice.

4. Daydreaming about a variety of things.

Daydreaming and fantasies can be a source of creativity and problem-solving. We live in a culture that thrives on socializing and group brainstorming. But some of the best ideas aren’t born in a noisy boardroom–they come quietly into the world when you’re alone at your desk, letting your mind wander.

Indeed, visionary Steve Wozniak, a self-identified introvert, worked by himself for months and created what would eventually become the Apple computer. So if you are an introvert, the next time someone tries to ridicule you for daydreaming, remind them of this.

5. Doing things and going out by themselves.

Eating out alone in a restaurant. Drinking coffee at a cafe alone. Visiting a museum alone. Watching a movie in the cinemas alone. These are all those things that introverts love to do, without feeling isolated and depressed. It might seem sad on the surface, but the reality is entirely different. Introverts are secure enough in themselves to not feel miserable doing things alone.

An introvert has deep thoughts and a rich inner life that needs to be rejuvenated by beautiful and diverse experiences. They find it difficult to truly enjoy something when they are surrounded by hundreds of people, that’s why they prefer to do what they love alone.

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6. Watching people and studying them.

This might sound creepy, but it actually isn’t. Seriously, it is not what it sounds like. Introverts like watching people, because they are amazed and intrigued by them. They might not like to spend time with a lot of people, but they like to study them a lot. Introverts can sit in a restaurant or a park alone, and just simply watch other people, and try to understand what makes them, them.

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