10 Everyday Things Only An Extroverted Introvert Will Understand


Everyday Things Extroverted Introvert Understand

When it comes to having a personality type, people are mostly categorized as either introverts or extroverts. But what about those people who fall bang in the middle? People, who are neither entirely introverts nor entirely extroverts? Someone who has the traits of an introvert, but at the same time embodies many extroverted traits, is interestingly an extroverted introvert.

You love socializing with people, and when you are with your friends, you enjoy yourself a lot. But then there are times when you want to be completely alone, without anyone disturbing you or wanting to be with you

There have been times when you have felt drained because you were surrounded by people, and wished to be somewhere other than where you were. Sometimes the prospect of dressing up and going out is enough to give you a panic attack. In situations like these, you need to give yourself a pep talk and tell yourself that everything will be fine, and that there is nothing to be worried about.

Then there have been times when you have wanted to go out, and meet everyone you know and have a good time with them. You get so much energy in yourself that you end up texting everyone in my phonebook to come and see you.

You are what they call an extroverted introvert. You have your moments of extroversion, as well as moments of introversion. Now let’s find out the signs of an extroverted introvert.

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10 Signs Of An Extroverted Introvert

Things Only Extroverted Introvert Understand
What Is An Extroverted Introvert

1. You can talk to strangers easily, but small talk terrifies you.

You can hold a conversation for the most part, but small talk doesn’t keep your brain engaged in the conversation. Even though engaging in small talk is not a bad thing, you would rather participate in deep conversations.

The whole point of conversing with a person is to get to know them deeply, and know how they are on the inside. Asking a few redundant and formal questions is something you don’t believe in. Trying to know a person inside out is what you like.

2. You tend to keep to yourself if you don’t feel comfortable with the company.

You like socializing with people, and attending events and parties, but only with them who you feel comfortable with. When you are surrounded by people you don’t know very well, you tend to feel very awkward and out of place. Situations like this can also give you social anxiety.

You would any day choose to be with people you know and identify with, than mingle with people you don’t know at all, just for the sake of socializing.  

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3. You have days when you want to mingle, and you also have days when you want to be left alone.

There will be days when you would want all your friends around you, and then the very next day you will want to be left entirely alone. It simply depends on your mood. This is what being an extroverted introvert feels like.

If you end up spending too much time with people, you will crave going back home and being alone. And if you spend too much time alone, you would want to be surrounded by people. It has to be a perfect balance, for you.

4. You love meaningful and deep conversations.

Small talk never interests you, and talking to someone just for the sake of it is something you don’t like to do. Formal conversations and small talk tend to make you uncomfortable after a point.

When you talk to someone, you want to know how that person is on the inside, what they like, or they don’t like, their interests, opinions etc. Having a meaningful, deep, and engaging conversation is what you like to take part in, rather than a superficial one.

5. You’re always deep inside your mind.

Your mind is always working, whether you are with your friends, or alone. You are constantly thinking about something or the other, and a million questions and thoughts are always running through your mind.

Thinking about something that happened five years back. Something you forgot to ask your friend. Planning your work schedule for the next day. You are continuously ruminating, about what to do, what you can do, and what you should do.

6. You feel conflicted about going out at times.

You sometimes have a tough time deciding whether you want to stay at home or go out. What if you end up having more fun if you go out? What if you have more fun if you choose to spend time alone? These two questions are always plaguing you when it comes to your social life and your idea of fun.

There are times when you don’t want to do anything at all and then there are times when you want to do everything you can possibly do.

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7. You like being alone, but not lonely.

You absolutely love your alone time, and you love it because you choose to love it. But there is a difference between lonely and alone When there is no one beside you and no one to support you and love you, you feel lonely and horrible. Being alone and doing what you like is different from feeling depressed.

As an extroverted introvert, alone time recharges you, but you need good friends and family to be there with you.

8. You are an amazing listener.

You are a very good listener, who enjoys listening to people because deep down you want just someone to listen to you. You might not have anything to say, but by simply listening, you can help someone feel better because they will know that you are there for them.

As a person, you have a big heart, and when you see someone suffering, all you want to do is help them and be there for them. It will not only help them deal with their problems better, but it will also make you feel good that you are doing something positive for someone.

9. You’re selectively social.

Because you are an extroverted introvert, even though you like being social, you don’t like being social with anyone and everyone. You have a set of close friends who you trust and genuinely feel comfortable with, and it is only with them that you have a good time.

Negative and superficial people turn you off, and you always try to avoid mingling with people like that. People who are always gossiping and talking negatively about others, behind their backs make you highly uncomfortable.

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10. You make new friends easily but struggle to maintain those friendships.

You love making friends, and it is never difficult for you to make new friends. You love talking to people, socializing with them, and enjoying your heart out. But unfortunately, you struggle to maintain these friendships you make, once the fun is over.

Either you realize that friendship isn’t that genuine or strong, or you don’t keep in touch with them. Sometimes the thought of texting someone and asking them to hang out, dressing up, and going out is too exhausting for you. This leads you to get out of touch with the new friends you make.

Want to know more about the signs of an extroverted introvert? Check this video out below!

Extroverted introvert personality

Things Extroverted Introvert Understand Pin
Extroverted Introvert
Everyday Things Only An Extroverted Introvert Will Understand pin
10 Everyday Things Only An Extroverted Introvert Will Understand
Everyday Things Extroverted Introvert Understand pin
10 Everyday Things Only An Extroverted Introvert Will Understand

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