6 Ways An Extroverted Introvert Interacts Differently With The World


Extroverted Introvert Interacts Differently

When it comes to an extroverted introvert, a very important thing has to be considered and most importantly understood about them, and that is, never ever make the mistake of putting them into a box. If you are an extroverted introvert yourself, you know exactly what this means.

Since forever, your personality has been confusing people, because they just don’t know how to perceive you. Well, they might, it’s just that maybe they don’t want to.

As an extroverted introvert, socializing with other people can make you feel bored and overwhelmed, or even energized and happy sometimes, you never know. You like spending alone time, but then too much of it can end up making you feel alone and restless.

Parties for you are neither here nor there – they can make you feel amazing, but sometimes they can also make you feel irritated.

So, what is an extroverted introvert, and how do they interact differently with the world? Let’s find out!

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6 Ways An Extroverted Introvert Interacts Differently With The World

1. You have a love-hate relationship with attention and social interactions.

You are tough but sensitive at the same time. You love social interactions but tend to get overwhelmed about them at times. There are times when you don’t have a single care in the world, but then there are also times when you overthink about the tiniest thing there is.

Sometimes, you thrive in the limelight, and then there are days when you try to stay as far away as possible from being the center of attention. It’s like being a walking talking paradox.

Extroverted Introvert personality

2. Small talk is just not for you.

You are someone who craves mental stimulation and cannot stand the prospect of indulging in small talk. Talking about the weather, and other superficial things just for the sake of making conversation is not your cup of tea.

You always look to have deep conversations that will stimulate you mentally and emotionally; deep conversations make you feel alive.

Sometimes you absolutely hate talking on the phone and end up rejecting calls even from the people closest to you.

3. You find it tough to switch from one thought to another instantly.

Your friends and family try a lot to get you to deviate your attention and make you focus on them, but they don’t understand that it’s not that easy for you.

When you are thinking about something, you think about it very deeply, so it’s not that easy for you to just shut it down and focus on something else in a snap.

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4. Having a few close friends is better than having a hundred superficial friends.

Now friendship can be a tricky terrain to navigate for you. An extroverted introvert never has a ton of friends, do they? And the same goes for you.

You would rather have ten good, close friends rather than a hundred friends with whom you don’t have a strong bond. You might feel comfortable talking to a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean you feel genuinely comfortable with them.

You consider someone a friend when you trust them and effortlessly feel comfortable with them, and interestingly enough, your extroverted side comes out when you are with your squad.

5. You have a tough time dealing with your emotions sometimes.

Whenever you are upset, you crave to talk to multiple people about your feelings, so that you feel supported, seen, and heard. In such situations, you like to be around a lot of people, but then after a point, you feel like isolating yourself from everyone and being alone.

This part of your personality confuses you too. You feel conflicted a lot of times, about what is it you really want.

This sometimes makes you feel that you are not being able to control your emotions, and when your emotional life feels uncontrollable to you, you try to control other parts of your life to compensate for that.

You are a true-blue perfectionist, who is extremely ambitious and driven but your occasional indecisiveness can sometimes cause your downfall.

Whether you want to go out and party, or stay at home alone, it’s never an easy decision. Sometimes you are in the mood to paint the town red, and sometimes you just want to shut everything and everyone out and be with yourself. It all depends on what your mood and heart crave at that moment.

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6. Traditional things are not for you.

You don’t like traditional things in any way, and you have a rebellious spirit in you, who is always trying to shatter the glass ceiling and bring about a change. You don’t blindly follow trends just because everyone else is doing it; you would much rather forge your own path.

You actually want to live life, rather than just exist and do what is expected from you. For you life is short, and it makes absolutely no sense to just glide through it like a ghost.

As an extroverted introvert, you are the perfect combination of both introversion and extroversion, and this helps you see life in a different light. It might be overwhelming, stressful and even confusing at times, but these very things help you have a sense of originality in yourself. Let’s just say, you are the best of both worlds.

Want to know more about extroverted introverts? Check this video out below!

Extroverted introvert

What Makes the Extroverted Introvert Interact Differently With the World
The extroverted introvert
Extroverted Introvert Interacts Differently pin
Extrovert introvert personality
Extroverted Introvert Interacts Differently With The World pin

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