4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

Types Of Introverts

Introversion is a broad term, which is not limited to just having one type; rather there are four types of introverts according to the renowned psychiatrist, Carl Jung. So the next time you come across an introverted person, observe them and think about what kind of an introvert they are. This will help you communicate with them better, and also understand them more deeply.

Carl Jung divided introversion into four cognitive functions: restrained introversion, anxious introversion, thinking introversion, social introversion. Depending on which category you fall, it can say a lot about you, your personality, and how you see the world.

One of the major mistakes that researchers tend to make when it comes to introversion is that they mindlessly segregate introverts according to thinking, social and restrained categories, without taking it into consideration that they are not simply exclusive to only these three kinds. The problem is that some true introverts can be thinking, social and restrained, altogether.

Here Are The 4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

1. Introverted Sensors

Types Of Introverts sensors
4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

When it comes to introverted sensors, the reality is a series of physical experiences and observations, that they can sift through and arrange when they are alone. The introverts who belong to this category are extremely detail-oriented and meticulous, and love it when everything is organized, are in the right order, and are clean, including themselves.

They are smart and observant when it comes to noticing patterns over time, to predict future outcomes. They have immense respect for societal and social conventions and are traditional by nature. Tradition means to them a lot, and they hate breaking rules.

When an introverted sensor is alone, they like thinking and reflecting on previous experiences, planning out everything beforehand, and most importantly, do everything in their power to maintain order in their lives, and their surrounding environment.

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2. Introverted Feelers

Types Of Introverts feelers
4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

For introverted feelers, the reality is a series of experiences that are subjective and must be explored and internalized to know the true meaning of them. Feeling introverts are highly intelligent and creative people who use their solitude to create beautiful and deep music, art, and poetry. They try to understand the world and society by experiencing every part of it deeply, and then come up with a moral code for making future decisions.

Among the different types of introverts, they are the ones who passionate about social justice and have the ability to feel the pain of the victims wronged by society and societal conventions. Feeling introverts are people who feel everything happening in the world on a much deeper level, compared to other people. Happiness, pain, anger – they feel everything very deeply.

When feeling introverts stay alone, they think and contemplate on all their past experiences, and try to bare a deeper meaning of those experiences. They also get lost in their wild imaginations and come up with many interesting ideas which they can use in the future. They are people who express their feelings, and sentiments through something artistic and deep.

3. Introverted Thinkers

Types Of Introverts thinkers
4 Types Of Introverts According To Jungian Psychology

When it comes to thinking introverts, the reality is a series of intentional truths that must be organized meticulously and fitted into a bigger system of undeniable, and coherent facts. They are extremely logical and pragmatic people, who are always trying to educate themselves, and acquire as much information as they can, in order to differentiate between right and false information.

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