6 Reasons Why Introverts Are Incredibly Attractive People

6 Reasons Why Introverts Are So Damn Attractive.

I always had something special for those quiet ones. There is something so alluring and attractive about introverts. I could not put a hand to what it actually was that always drew me to their loud silence. 

Then I realized that it was their disposition. The way they carry themselves, totally self-confident, self-sufficient. On the contrary, attention seekers are a huge turn off for me. 

The good part is that I am also an introvert and hence I find it easier to open up and connect to another introvert. 

In retrospection, I came up with these 6 reasons why I always found introversion a huge turn-on.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Introverts Are So Damn Attractive:

Why Introverts Are So Damn Attractive!!

1. Their loyalty

Introverts are comparatively more self-dependent than most other people you will come across. They never entertain meaningless connections. People who have been lucky enough to pass the threshold of their ‘closely-knit group’, you will never come across a person more loyal than them. They can even die for you, once you have earned their trust.

Even studies show that extroverts get more frequently laid than introverts. As they do not have to expend their energy on random socialization, they can invest their energy on people who really matter. If you are in a relationship with an introvert, they will never cheat on you as their connections will seldom be superficial enough to end in the bedroom. Stay rest assured. (Oh! They might cheat on you with themselves, sorry!) 


2. Their composure

Introverts process everything at a slow pace. And for good. Unlike what most people do, react, introverts will rarely react. They respond. 

There’s nothing so irresistible than the way, silence exudes out of each pore of their contemplative demeanor. 

Boy! The composure they have is amazing. 


3. They are active listeners

Conversations with introverts will never feel superficial. It is always two-way communication. They will display equal interest in listening to you and responding accordingly. Introverts do not just listen, they understand. 

They will often just read your body language, your posture and understand even those unspoken words. In a world that cannot stop speaking, an introvert is an avid listener. 


4. They think before speaking

Introverts are not the type who would randomly blurt out from their lips. Psychologist Laurie Helgoe also agrees to it. She writes, “Introverts like to think before responding—many prefer to think out what they want to say in advance—and seek facts before expressing opinions.”

There is also a body of research that shows women prefer men who use shorter words and talk less to be the most attractive. After all, the girls too have the need to be heard. 

People who think before speaking automatically scores high on sex appeal as their words do not smell foul. 


5. They delay gratification

Winning over an introvert’s heart is not easy-peasy! It doesn’t mean that they intentionally play ‘hard-to-get’. They simply love to open up at their own pace. Too much nagging and probing into their bubbling mind is never going to help. 

This will only backfire.

People who have introverted personalities gradually unfold, layer by layer. You do not get enough of them, all at once. They are like a prize you win for keeping up the patience. As they slowly unravel themselves, you drown deeper and deeper into the enigma they shroud themselves in. This quality makes an introvert damn attractive.

And why would you not wait for such a pleasure? 

6. They are aware of their superpowers and use them efficiently 

Introverts might be losing out on all the goodies at the workplace, but they are scoring high on achievements. According to a study published in Harvard Business Review, a Chicago-based consultancy firm, spent 10 years, analyzing the personalities of 2,000 CEOs to reach the conclusion that the majority of the successful ones were introverts. 

Introverts use introspection to get a glimpse at their potentials and innovative ideas. Not to forget that one research at Harvard University concluded that introverts have thicker gray matter in the prefrontal cortices of their brains compared to extroverts. This makes them a better decision-maker and less impulsive about implementing their ideas. The probability of failure is greatly reduced when one weighs the pros and cons of a decision more logically. 

Shreyasi Debnath
An editor and writer keeping keen interest in painting, creative writing and reading. I did my Masters in Clinical and Counselling Psychology and have been a counselling psychologist at a primary school for the past 1 year. I love doing absolutely anything that mends a mind and soothes a soul. Most often than not, I ponder over to come up with poems. A wandering soul in search for meaning.


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