10 Things About Love Only Introverts Would Understand


Do you identify yourself as an introvert? Do you often feel like dating is not your cup of tea?

In the context of love and romantic relationships, introverts are often badly misunderstood for the mere reason of lack of awareness among people about the intricacies of an introvert’s behaviour. In a world full of blabbering mouths, introverts feel more judged than accepted. 

Yes, they might not be dramatically flamboyant in displaying and acknowledging their affection for you, but they are definitely very intimate and romantic in nature. Once you dive in their depth, you will be lost in them, forever.



Fear not, for this article will shed some light on deciphering the magical mysterious beings that introverts are!


1. Introverts need quiet time with those they love.

We are quiet, but inside we are screaming louder than ever.

Sometimes loving them will simply mean respecting the silence they desire from time to time. They don’t need the air full of words to feel love. They just need you to be silently present with them, allowing them to be authentic.

They love to enjoy simple, quiet time together with you by their side. No chit -chats, no small talks to fill the silence.


2. Introverts can step out of our comfort zone for love.

Introverts can be flexible and stretch themselves to be a bit more fun-going, carefree and expressive about themselves. They can only do this for a brief period of time for people who really matter to them.

So, when they agree to go to the big wedding party with you, they would love it if you could balance this for them. The next day they might need the solitude to recharge their energy to function. Having the partner’s support for that time will make them more willing to step out of their comfort zone again.


3. Introverts only unlock our hearts for the most special of souls.

If they have picked you, opened up to you, they have already determined you’re worth the risk.

So if you find an introvert sharing intimate information about themselves, trusting you, confiding in you their secrets, then, hell yes, consider yourself lucky enough to have caught their eyes.

You are special to them, for sure.