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Introvert Relationship: 10 Ways An Introvert Loves Differently

Ways Introvert Loves Differently

Love comes in all forms, degrees of intensity and ways they’re expressed. But there’s nothing like an Introvert Love.

In the context of love and romantic relationships, introverts are often terribly misunderstood for the mere reason of lack of awareness among people about the true facts and intricacies of an introvert’s behavior. In a modern world full of blabbering mouths, introverts tend to feel more judged than accepted. For this reason, introverts develop a whole different idea on how they want to love and be loved.

Yes, they might not be dramatically exuberant in displaying and acknowledging their affection for you, but they are definitely very intimate and romantic in nature. Once you dive into the depth of their soul, you will be lost in them, forever. That’s just the struggle and the beauty of introvert love. You have been warned.

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Here are 10 Things About Love Only An Introvert Would Understand:

1. Introverts need quiet time with their loved one.

We are quiet, but inside we are screaming louder than ever. Sometimes loving them will simply mean respecting the silence they desire from time to time. They don’t need the air full of words to feel loved. Introverts just need you to be silently present with them, allowing them to be authentic yet vulnerable. They love to enjoy simple, quiet time together with you by their side. No chit -chats, no small talks – just silence.

moments of silence we share
Introvert Relationship: 10 Ways An Introvert Loves Differently

2. Introverts can step out of their comfort zone for love.

Introverts can be flexible and stretch themselves to be a bit more fun-going, carefree and expressive about themselves. They can only do this for only a brief period of time for people who really matter to them. So, when they agree to go to the big wedding party with you, they would love it if you could balance this for them. The next day they might need the solitude to recharge their social battery to function. Having the partner’s support for that time will make them more willing to step out of their comfort zone again. They tend to get better at it with time.

people need to understand that introverts
Introvert Relationship: 10 Ways An Introvert Loves Differently

3. Introverts only unlock their hearts for the most special of souls.

If they have picked you, opened up to you, they have already determined you’re worth the risk. So if you find an introvert sharing intimate information about themselves, trusting you, confiding in you their secrets, then, hell yes, consider yourself lucky enough to have caught their eyes. You are special to them, for sure. You will come to realize how unique they are in their own way of opening up to you. Once you have gained their attention and their trust, make sure you take good care of their sensitive attitude.

Life is too short to spend time with people who suck
Introvert Relationship: 10 Ways An Introvert Loves Differently

4. Introverts deeply value listening.

One of the most powerful abilities of an introvert is their listening and understanding capacity. They will actively listen to you speak your heart out. And guess what? They will remember every detail of the conversation. Because they will not be merely staring at your face or fidgeting with their phones when you speak; they listen, they absorb every word that exits your mouth.

Similarly, they also desire you to listen mindfully when they share something. An introvert will plan and contemplate a conversation with you before they actually speak. So, when they express, they demand to be fully understood. At times, it may be hard to understand, but once you get used to the way they express themselves, it gets easier to connect the dots into their thoughts.

If youre my friend you have to be ready
Introvert Relationship: 10 Ways An Introvert Loves Differently

5. Introverts do not intend to seem distant in love.

When you love an introvert you may always feel a tiny bit like an outsider in their little world, but that’s okay. You may be often left a little in the dark regarding where you stand in their hearts, and this might frustrate you a lot more than you can handle.

They are always in a little bubble of their own. Once you are granted a deep connection, know that that never goes away for them. There’s nothing devilish going on in the little brain of theirs. They are actually just observing, thinking, analyzing and learning – a natural way of their being that you will get used to. It grows on you eventually. 

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Introvert Relationship: 10 Ways An Introvert Loves Differently
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