17 Fucks You Should STOP Giving Immediately – For all Women

17 Fucks You Should STOP Giving Immediately - For all Women

Fucks You Should Stop Giving Immediately!

“In my life, I have given a fuck about many people and many things. I have also not given a fuck about many people and many things. And those fucks I have not given have made all the difference.” – Mark Manson

Sometimes we take the world on our shoulders, and instead of making the world a better place, all we end up doing is creating more stress for ourselves. Are you somewhere there?

Once you get fucked over, you should stop giving a fuck about a lot of things. Below are seventeen fucks you should not give, as they are definitely items you can immediately remove from your worry list and rather concentrate more on fuck worthy items.

17 Fucks You Should STOP Giving Immediately - For all Women

17 Fucks You Should STOP giving Immediately

1. Giving a fuck about what others think

When you care too much about that others will say, you live your life for them and not yourself. It’s your life, your decisions, and choices. Others love to judge, and why should you give a f*** if they do?

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2. Giving a fuck about being right all the time.

It is by accepting you are wrong that you open doors to learning what is right. Don’t give a shit on being wrong sometimes. After all, no one knows everything and has all the answers in life.

There is life-changing magic of not thinking what others think about you. To know more watch the NotSorry Method explained by author Sarah Knight 

3. Giving a fuck about having a perfect body

The ‘perfect body’ is a lie. Do not let it shrink your life. You are enough, just as you are.

4. Giving a fuck about the 3-inch heels.

If that’s your style, again, you do you and rock it. But if you’re putting your poor legs and feet through hell for a few extra inches, maybe don’t. You’ll still be just as gorgeous without the heels.

5. Giving a fuck about Past mistakes

Learn to forgive yourself more often. Don’t be hard on yourself, we all make mistakes and mess up in life.  Accept that everyone gets it wrong sometimes. Don’t the f*** you blame yourself.

6. Giving a fuck about gossip.

Be content with your own life and have no desire to concern yourself with what is going on in someone else’s. Don’t give a shit for gossip and rumor-mongering.

7. Giving a fuck about others’ approval or validation.

Listen and factor in what others have to say, but don’t seek anyone’s validation. If you live for people’s approval, you will die from their rejection. Don’t give a shit about what others think about you. Know your own self-worth.

8. Giving a fuck about Letting go of the Toxic

You are and you will always BE’ – with or without someone. Mark your Boundaries. Don’t let the shit anyone cross it. When the red flags appear- Just Leave.

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9. Giving a fuck about Failure

The big “F” word that everyone fears it’s no big deal unless you allow it to be. See failure as a learning curve, a trial and error process. It all depends on your attitude to it. A more realistic idea of failure is giving up. If you haven’t given up, you haven’t failed.

10. Giving a fuck about having plans on a Friday night.

Sometimes all you want to do is watch Netflix. Own what you want without feeling guilty. Do not give a shit on what others do.

11. Giving a fuck about getting tons of likes on Facebook or Instagram

If you want to share whatever – just share for the sake of it! Do it because you want to, likes to be damned.

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  1. Most are good points, but there are several that are dangerous and misguided. Saying what’s on your mind when your boss berates you is a quick way to unemployment. This is why almost every company has a whistle-blower policy where there is no retribution. Tell them about what your boss did (unless you want more “fucks” to give, and worry about by losing your sourcesource of income. Secondly, and this applies to all sixes, don’t ever let yourself physically go because you want to gorge on cheese-puffs all day long and hate exercising. This will not only take years off your life, but cause health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and numerous other problems that are easily avoidable. I don’t know if this article is supposed to be cute, or funny, but I hope no one follows all of these points. Some are very valid, and I 100% agree with, but others are just too dangerous. This list should apply to all sixes, and the “letting yourself go physically and not caring how you look”, and the “don’t hold back when talking back to your boss” are absolutely terrible points, and I’m surprised they are on this list which is full of otherwise valid points.

    1. Sorry, typing from phone. “Sixes” are supposed to be “sexes” which may not be a real word, but gets the point across.

  2. There Comes A Time in life where, You know your worth and you gracefully don’t give a shit what people think..
    That’s when your freedom begins.<3

  3. Please TMJ…never ever delete THIS ! ! ! And thank you so much for you making me laughing the fuckin’ shit out of myself hahahaaaa ! ! ! Love you for that! 😀 <3

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