3 Types of People Who don’t Give a Fuck and How to be One of Them.

I believe that people who refuse to give a fuck are usually of three kinds:

1) Children
2) Assholes
3) Enlightened

1) Children

Children don’t give a fuck because they don’t require to. They have no life experience and they need adults to fulfill their basic requirements. All their needs are being met by others and even if not they can hardly point out the difference.

They are not experienced enough to do tasks such as cleaning the laundry or doing the dishes and neither are they capable of thinking about complex things. This is because their minds are fresh and the world has not yet poured in all its bullshit into their heads. But sadly, this won’t stay for long and eventually, they will grow up and have to get out into the world.


2) Assholes

Next, there are assholes. Assholes don’t care because they are used to having whatever they want all the time. They don’t need other people to like them. Some children can be assholes as well but let’s not talk about them now. People don’t generally like or respect assholes although they can be feared. So if you want to be someone who is liked by everyone then you should realize that there are certain things that you should attend to which assholes do not.

These are roughly the things that assholes don’t bother about:

1) Other people’s privacy.

2) Making others wait unnecessarily for them.

3) Tipping generously.

4) Blocking the way.

5) Cleaning up after their pets.

6) Talking loudly at a movie.

7) Farting in confined spaces.

8) Being regarded as assholes by others.


From here you will get to know how to get everything that you want and nothing that you don’t while at the same time being loved by other people. Here it goes:


3) Enlightened

Yes, you can be one among the enlightened by not being an asshole. There are tons of things that you need to take care of. Like being polite, being on time, being grateful et cetera. You can be honest but at the same time in a polite manner.

You can acknowledge the help or service you receive from your friends and express your gratitude. By doing that you can ensure that you share good terms with people around you and this does not cost you much effort either. You will realize that it is nothing but common sense.

So are you ready to stop giving fucks and living your life to the fullest?!

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