7 Traits of Your Personality That Others Find Intimidating Because You Are Too Deep

Have you ever realized you notice way too many details about everything and the world? Have you ever felt that you have a different outlook than most people around you? Well, it is okay and you don’t need to feel weird about it. But, these are in a way, signs of a deep personality. You are inquisitive and offbeat; you have the capability of analyzing things too intensely. You know and understand things deeply.

As it may sound, your persona and your super-abilities, makes your presence intimidating for others and often hard to handle at times.

Here are 7 uncommon attributes of your persona, that makes you special and at the same time, difficult for others to handle.


1. Your Words Are Not Sugar Coated Neither They Have Double Meaning

People may think twice before speaking honestly what they feel, but you are not that complicated. You never have the fear of being judged because that is not how you think about the world. Other people love to please the world no matter if they have to pretend. But things work for you differently and you exactly speak what you feel. Sugar coating is not your thing, because you do not like to fit in.


2.  You Are Capable Of Creating Your Own Happiness and Are Not Dependent on Others for it

We often give the keys of our happiness to others, especially in relationships. But some of the relations do not last forever or go according to our plan. When the whole episode is over, we are left with a box full of sorrow and a lot of truth realizations. They leave with a chunk of our confidence. When we are satisfied with the reality of who we are, we are comfortable and happy. You have learned through your previous mistakes.


3.  You are Not into Small Talks, You Prefer Meaningful Conversations

Since you are the honest one, you expect people to be the same with you. Small talks are not your cup of tea. You like to discover intense truth; Knowing someone with their flaws as well as their positives is something worth the talk. Most importantly you are the one who never judges other people; you do not belong to that group of fitting in. So, when it comes to talking, you speak your heart out and you like people who do the same.


4.  You are a Human Lie-Detector, You can see Beyond Words 

Actions speak louder to you than words. You have the capability to see beyond words. While most people get wooed by soft, smooth talks and just talks – You prefer actions. It often gets difficult for people to handle or better put ‘Manage you’ – not at least with words. You have the capability to see what is there behind the masks. You are a human lie detector, and always try to stay away from fake people.