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7 Signs Your Personality Is Intimidating to Others

Signs Personality Intimidating Others

The way you behave or the things you say can at times make people feel daunted, which might mean that you have an intimidating personality. The reason why people might feel intimidated by you is that you have a different way of looking at and perceiving the world. Your point of view and your perspective about most things are starkly different from the average person.

Well, it is okay and you don’t need to feel weird about it.

But, these are in a way, signs of a deep, and intimidating personality. You are inquisitive and offbeat; you have the capability of analyzing things too intensely. You know and understand things deeply.

As it may sound, your persona and your super-abilities, make your presence and personality intimidating for others and is often hard to handle at times.

Here Are 7 Signs Your Personality Is Intimidating to Others

1. Your words are not sugar-coated neither they have a double meaning.

People may think twice before speaking honestly what they feel, but you are not that complicated. You never have the fear of being judged because that is not how you think about the world.

Other people love to please the world no matter if they have to pretend. But things work for you differently and you exactly speak what you feel. Sugar coating is not your thing, because you do not like to fit in.

2. You are capable of creating your own happiness and are not dependent on others for it.

We often give the keys to our happiness to others, especially in relationships. But some of the relations do not last forever or go according to our plan.

When the whole episode is over, we are left with a box full of sorrow and a lot of truth realizations. They leave with a chunk of our confidence. When we are satisfied with the reality of who we are, we are comfortable and happy. You have learned through your previous mistakes, and never let anyone take control of your happiness and peace.

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3. You are not into small talk, you prefer meaningful conversations.

Since you are the honest one, you expect people to be the same as you. Small talks are not your cup of tea. You like to discover intense truth; knowing someone with their flaws as well as their positives is something worth the talk.

Most importantly you are the one who never judges other people; you do not belong to that group of fitting in. So, when it comes to talking, you speak your heart out and you like people who do the same.

4. You are a human lie-detector and you can see beyond words.

Actions speak louder to you than words. You have the capability to see beyond words. While most people get wooed by soft, smooth talk and just talk, you prefer actions.

It often gets difficult for people to handle or better put ‘manage you’ – not at least with words. You have the capability to see what is there behind the masks. You are a human lie detector and always try to stay away from fake people.

5. You love to speak less and listen more.

In a world that just wants to be heard, you take the time and the effort to actually listen. Your long attention span, nonjudgmental behavior and attitude makes you have a deeper connection with everyone around. You absorb everything and that makes you all-knowing. Your senses are always attuned to your environment. You devote your whole attention to a particular person.

This happens because you like to know people, their truest version. This truth makes you feel enthusiastic, and to them, you become a great listener. You gather what is around you.

6. You like honest recognition, not false fame.

Just as superficial things do not attract you, similarly you don’t want people to like you because of something outer. You are something much more than how you look outside.

You genuinely want to be known and liked by people for what you are inside your heart, what resides in your soul and mind, how far your thinking goes. You do not like something fake. The old rugged concept of ‘first sight’ does not work for you, nor do you want it to work when it comes to your recognition.

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7. You are responsible and sensible and you expect the same.

You are self-sufficient; you like to talk about things when you have complete knowledge of that subject. So when someone talks about a subject without knowing the proper information, a sudden irritation engulfs you.

If something arouses your interest, you find out what makes the matter interesting. You have control over your thinking.

That is the reason complex people are selective. You like to be peaceful in your own company since you cannot tolerate anything lunatic or thoughtless.

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7 Personality Traits In You That Others Find Intimidating
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8 thoughts on “7 Signs Your Personality Is Intimidating to Others”

  1. Avatar of Tessa Perot

    Well, I guess I am intimidating then. I DEFINITELY DO NOT do it on purpose though! I ALWAYS try to be nice and respectful to all ages of people. I just want EVERYBODY to be HAPPY and live a peaceful/humble life. Life is way to short to be waisted on NEGATIVITY OF ANY KIND!!!! I don’t have a lot of what other people have as far as material things, money to go and blow, etc… I am thankful for being alive, my family and my TRUE friends. It’s been a rocky road through my life, have had to work very hard most of my life which I have learned ALOT.. Good an bad! By me learning what I have. I take each day starting,with a positive attitude of a brand new day. We are NONE PERFECT!!! Intimidation is a great key to have when NEEDED ONLY!!!! Keep going STRONG cause the world is getting harder an meaner!!!! WOMEN!!!!!!GET THE TWIG OUT OF YOUR ASS, PUT THEM BIG GIRL PANTIES ON AND STAND TALL AND PROUD!!!! MEN!!!! PULL THEM DAMN PANTS UP AN WEAR A DAMN BELT, QUIT ACTING LIKE YOUR A CHILD AND GO BE A “REAL” MAN!!!!! US WOMEN ARE GOONA HAVE TO HOLD THEIR HAND WHEN ITS TIME FOR THE END!!! God Bless

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