What Causes Animal Harm

animal harm causes

What Causes Animal Harm

If that was a question then the answer is the harsh one: people. With their actions or lack of ones, even when it seems like they help the animals to stop their suffering when in fact they cause more harm to the fauna world. The result of this is even more deplorable: worsening of human mental state and leading more species to extinction. In this article, we will talk about the main reasons for human-caused cruelty towards animals and show the possible solutions that one can do about before it’s too late. So let’s start with the most important question.


Reasons Why Animals Are Being Hurt

If looking inside the issue, we can notice that there are mainly two factors that make animal life worse: those that are human-driven and those that are nature-driven. The examples of the first one are plenty: from producing the fur goods to satisfy one’s fashion (not-really) taste to beating one’s pets to satisfy one’s destruction side. With the nature-driven cruelty, it’s less complicated: it can be either the natural selection process (where the strongest survives by eating the weaker) or the climate change (which is partially caused by humans). Due to the fact that the issue is spread well enough, some professors give school assignments on cruelty to animals. And based on the number of essay samples being ordered on Tooly, it absolutely makes sense because it can potentially lead to the irrevocable consequences. But let the natural processes alone and focus more on how humans do their terrible part in causing harm to animals.

Cruelty Originated from One’s Lifestyle

Humanity exploited the animals since the earliest age of its existence as food, as the working instruments, and for making one’s household more practical. Since then, a lot of things have changed: we don’t need to make leather clothes, shoes, bags, or any of the goods because we have their synthetic analogs which durability doesn’t differ much and is more animal-friendy. We also have 0 need in producing the natural fur coats or other items because we can do with faux fur which looks just the same. But there is still the reason that most justify it, and this is one’s lifestyle choice.

Think of it: all the luxury brands are either totally against using any animal originated materials or are absolute proponents of it. And advocating their use by the luxury fashion house means that it’s still fashionable, cool, and upper-class to wear fur proudly without thinking how many animals were stripped their skin and thrown away to die. And since when the cruelty has become something cool?


Animal Harm Caused by Hatred

This issue should take a deeper dig into the complexity of one’s character and behavior. We bet you’ve seen a lot of times when somebody punches or beats one’s pet or the homeless one. While you should definitely read this article if you want to know in what unexpected ways you may be the reason for animals to suffer, the next part of this essay from Tooly community will show the examples of how the hatred is originated.

Mental Issues

No person with mental disorders can fully embrace the impact their actions can have when interacting with animals. Those with bipolar disorder seem to suffer the most as the understanding of what they have done comes only sometime after. Perhaps, these effects can be minimized when one is supervised, but when not, it can lead to more suffering for both humans and animals.


Family Problems

You have a pet who lives as a family member with your family member, and it is really cool when all is calm and happy but imagine the otherwise. Imagine when things fall apart and you have argued with your family so hard you want to punch them in the face but instead, you do it to your dog who suddenly started howling. The lack of self-control results in hurting the innocent pets around, and it doesn’t solve any issue at all. On the contrary, it adds up.


Addiction to Viral Videos Exposing Cruelty

Whatever your take is in imitating what we see, it’s a fact that those who watch a lot of violence are more prone to exercise it in real life at some point than those who don’t watch it. Thank God, the social media like Facebook and Instagram are slowly tackling this issue by at least warning about the content. And even though it can’t fully solve the problem, it’s a great step to take in order to draw human attention to the issue.


Hurt from Joy

We are talking about the circus and all those ‘institutions’ that exploit the animals to bring more joy to the world, and you know what happens to the poor beings after the curtain call and the show is over. Even though many governments have banned the use of live animals, they are far from all. The worst part? We are the ones who potentially finance all that. Yes, by paying for the tickets, by donating for being taken pictures with the snake, by ordering a horse ride in the city center. And we can stop this industry by giving it a cold shoulder.


What Can Be Done About It?

  • Realize the problem. When each and every human being stops thinking about oneself as about a superior being and starts realizing the mess one can be responsible for, we can initiate all the further steps, but without it, any of the below are worthless.
  • Rescue responsibly. If you want a pet, you have to understand that it is a living and breathing being who needs your attention, care, love, and shelter. This is not your boxing bag, food, decoration, or body for trepanation. Think of the animal as of your devoted friend. Would you do any of those to your friends?
  • Be around somebody who needs assistance. If you know that your relatives or friends have difficulty spending the quality time that will be beneficial to both, you should absolutely take part in assisting or supervising. In this way, you can be sure they will spend a great time without any problems.
  • Participate in demand from the government the legal prosecution for animal cruelty. You have to do everything possible to force the lawmakers to punish the fur factories, circuses who exploit live animals, those who deliberately hurt them and charge with fines in case any social media channel decides to promote cruelty.

Animals are human true best buddies, though sometimes people forget that we are responsible for those who we sheltered, making their lives more miserable. Even though there are a lot of ways that we hurt animals, voluntary or involuntary, we should do everything possible to minimize our negative influence on the quality of life they have. After all, they deserve better friends than we are right now.

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