15 Signs Your Dog Loves You, According To Veterinarians


signs your dog loves you

Dogs have ways to express their affection, despite the fact that they cannot speak. From subtle acts of love to overt displays of affection. Here are 15 clear signs your dog loves you.

Dogs are truly selfless beings who know how to love, better than human beings do. As they say, your dog is the only being that loves you, more than themselves. And all they expect from you is a little bit of love in return.

Your pup is always going to be the most loyal, fierce and adorable companion you could get!

When you are at work, you can’t wait to get back to your home to cuddle with your pooch. Do you know that dogs also have their own ways of saying ‘I love you’ to you? They might not be able to put their love into words and phrases like human beings can, but through their body language and even facial expressions, they are always trying to tell you that they love you a lot. And interestingly, veterinarians vouch for this themselves!

15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You, According To Veterinarians

15 ways your dog says i love you info
How To Know If Your Dog Loves You? Here Are 15 Ways Your Dog Says I Love You

1. They have eyes full of love when they make eye contact with you.

dog loves you
15 Dog Ways Of Saying I Love You

Just like humans maintain longer eye contact with people they love and admire, pups also maintain eye contact with you when they like you.

When dogs look into your eyes, it releases oxytocin in their brain. Oxytocin (aka the love hormone), is the same hormone that a mother’s brain releases when they are bonding with their newborn babies so that explains the longer eye contact you have with your pup and the deep bonding you share with them.

2. They smile at you.

dog loves you
15 Ways Dog Show Love

No, it is not a figment of your imagination, dogs actually smile at you. A dog’s open and relaxed mouth or smile- is an indicator that he or she is smiling at you and expressing affection.

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3. They love cuddling and snuggling with you.

dog loves you
15 Signs Of Dog Love

Dogs love to cuddle and snuggle up with you to show their love and affection towards you. They would grasp any opportunity to lean against you or put their head on your feet or sit on your lap to spend some quality time with you.

4. They look for you when they don’t see you for a long time.

dog loves you
How Your Dog Says I Love You: Celebrate International Dog Day

Your furry friend would check up on you when they will not see you around for long. Dogs miss their owners terribly when they separated for a long time, and all they want to do is be near you and spend time with you. Being with you makes them the happiest. They will long to be with you and will try to be as close as possible whether they are at home, or in parks, or in any new environments.

5. They love the scent of your body.

dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

It is scientifically proven that your scent activates the reward center of your dog’s brain also known as the caudate nucleus. Your scent is one of the most familiar things for them, and whenever they get a whiff of you, their happiness knows no bounds. This is a clear sign of the immense love and affection that your dog feels for you.

6. They bring their favorite toy to you, as a gesture of love and trust.

dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

Every pet has a favorite toy. It is what they adore the most and is most possessive about. When they bring their favorite toy to you, it is a sign of the special place you hold in their heart, and what makes this even special is that they don’t do it for just anybody. For them, you are special and that’s why they bring their favorite stuff to you without any hesitation.

7. They can’t stop wagging their tail when they see you.

dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

Tail wagging is a sign of a happy and relaxed dog. A lot of vets suggest that if your dog wags his tail more to the right side of his rear when he sees you, it could be a sign of his love and affection as well.

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8. They always want to sleep next to you.

dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

A dog will want to sleep next to you only when he/she feels safe and comfortable with you. If your pup insists on sleeping next to you or at least in your bedroom, it is a clear sign he/she has all hearts for you.

9. They can’t contain their happiness when you come back home.

signs your dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

Whether you have been away from home for 10 minutes or 10 days, your dog will always greet you with a big enthusiastic welcome as soon as you get back. They would jump up and down, lick your face, feet, and hands, or simply “pee in excitement. Yeah, that’s how much your dog loves it when they see you back home!

10. They steal your clothes so that they can smell your scent.

signs your dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

Dogs love the scents of their owners and that is why they try to raid your shoes, socks and clothes pile to carry around with them. Your scent is very familiar to them, and it gives them happiness. So, they try to experience it whenever they can. The next time you see your pooch running around the house with your clothes or shoes, don’t scold them. Rather give them a tight hug.

11. They love the sound of your voice.

signs your dog loves you
15 Dogs Way Of Saying I Love You

Your dog loves the sound of his name more so when he hears it in your voice. You can watch their expressions change every time you call their name; they would literally drop anything they are doing and run to you.

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12. They guard you whenever they can.

signs your dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

Not many people might know this, but when your dog loves you and is devoted to you, they will guard you when you eat. Their inherent protective instincts make them want to keep the ones they love, safe. They consider you to be a part of their pack, and that is why they feel the need to protect you when you eat or relax. This is just one of the many ways they try to show you the love they feel for you.

13. They rub and brush their faces on you.

signs your dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

Many dogs show their owners that they love them by brushing and rubbing their faces on them. It’s one of the common ways of showing affection, and marking you as theirs. Rubbing their face on you shows the vulnerability and trust they have in you. But of course, if you see them rubbing their faces on every surface, then you should consult a doctor for any possible infections.

14. They try to comfort you when you are upset.

signs your dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

If your dog can sense your pain and hurt, then it’s a sure shot sign that they absolutely love you. Have you ever cried, and your dog has come up to you and tried to lick your tears away? That’s how they show they love you. Dogs can innately sense when their owners need some comfort and support, and they try to make you feel better by resting their head on your lap, lick your face, or simply try to be close to you.

15. They bring stuff to you that need to be ‘fixed’.

signs your dog loves you
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You

When your dog brings to you their broken and torn toys, that means they trust you to fix them. Dogs don’t do this for just anyone, as they are very possessive about their stuff, so if they are doing it for you, it means they love you. They have faith in you and in your intelligence to fix their favorite things for them. For example, if they destroy their favorite toy, they will bring it to you, put it in front of you and whine for you to make it right.

Now you know how a dog behaves and what they do when they love you. Your dog will always love you more than anything, and make sure that you also do the same. Now go and give some much-needed cuddles to your four-legged furry friend!

11 Amazing Signs Your Dog Loves You
15 Proven Signs Your Dog Loves You
15 ways your dog says i love you pin
15 Signs Your Dog Loves You, According To Veterinarians
your dog says i love you pin
15 Signs Your Dog Loves You, According To Veterinarians
your dog loves you
15 Signs Your Dog Loves You, According To Veterinarians

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