The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans and Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans and Animals

Have you ever felt that your pet dog or cat can understand what you’re thinking? Most animals often use telepathic communication to connect and bond with humans.

The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans and Animals: How You can Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

Do animals use telepathic communication?

Animals often communicate with each other at a non-verbal level and are able to understand the message clearly whether they are fighting, playing, seeking protection or even hunting in packs. However, this telepathic communication is not only limited to animal to animal communication.

Animals use telepathy to communicate with humans as well. If you have a pet you will probably know what that means. Pet owners often know when their animals are hungry or thirsty or need attention and protection. Similarly, animals can also sense the mood of their owners and may behave accordingly to make us feel better. 

Jason G. Goldman, science journalist for Scientific American and animal behavior expert, says “Most dog owners think that their dogs can tell what they’re thinking. Or at least, in some sense, they will insist that their pet pooches can sense their emotions, and respond accordingly.

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Sharing a deep connection

Most animal communicators believe that a unique type of psychic connection exists between animals and humans. However, the telepathic experience between animal and human is much different from human to human telepathy.

With scientific studies proving that telepathic communication is possible between humans, there is no doubt that humans and animals share an innate telepathic connection that is deeper than any other bond.

Animals and humans share this deep connection incomparable to any other relationship one might have. They have this uncanny knack of sensing your vibe whether you are excited, sad, depressed, or angry; they can read your thoughts and mind,explains  Bhavika, writer and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment.

It is believed that all of us are born with an ability to communicate telepathically, with both humans and animals. But  as we have learned to use verbal communication to express ourselves, we have been programmed to tune out of our telepathic abilities. However, the same is not true for animals. As animal communication is not reliant on speech, they use telepathy to communicate among themselves and with other species, including humans.

“Animal telepathy is mind-to-mind communication. It is feeling across a distance. We are all made of energy and connected by a vast web of energetic pathways. To speak to an animal telepathically, you just tune in to the right energy channel,” says animal communication expert and author Mary J. Getten.

Animals are sentient beings who live with individual perspectives, choices, desires and purposes. Every animal is a feeling and thinking being who are equal to us at the soul level. Building a human animal connection based on telepathy can enable us to understand our furry friends better. When we know what concerns and problems our animal companions are experiencing, we can not only help them better, but change the situation and create a better life for all of us.

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Thought transference for a deeper connection

Telepathic communication between you and your pet involves two-way human animal conversation through the transfer of feelings, thoughts, perceptions, images, impressions and instincts or gut feelings.

When you can effectively concentrate, you can hear and understand your pet just as well they can hear and understand you.

Animals are more adept and effective at establishing telepathic connections as they are not programmed to use words to convey their emotions. Animals can also visualize their thoughts and feelings connected to their emotions just like humans do. Learning to use telepathy to communicate with animals can enable us to connect with our pets on a subconscious level and engage in thought transference without realizing it.

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