The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans and Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts


Telepathic Connection Between Humans and Animals

Have you ever felt that your pet dog or cat can understand what you’re thinking? Most animals often use telepathic communication to connect and bond with humans.

Do animals use telepathic communication?

Animals often communicate with each other at a non-verbal level and are able to understand the message clearly whether they are fighting, playing, seeking protection, or even hunting in packs. However, this telepathic communication is not only limited to animal to animal communication.

Animals use telepathy to communicate with humans as well. If you have a pet you will probably know what that means. Pet owners often know when their animals are hungry or thirsty or need attention and protection. Similarly, animals can also sense the mood of their owners and may behave accordingly to make us feel better. 

The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans And Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

Jason G. Goldman, science journalist for Scientific American and animal behavior expert, says “Most dog owners think that their dogs can tell what they’re thinking. Or at least, in some sense, they will insist that their pet pooches can sense their emotions, and respond accordingly.

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Sharing a deep connection

Most animal communicators believe that a unique type of psychic connection exists between animals and humans. However, the telepathic experience between animals and humans is much different from human-to-human telepathy.

With scientific studies proving that telepathic communication is possible between humans, there is no doubt that humans and animals share an innate telepathic connection that is deeper than any other bond.

Animals and humans share this deep connection incomparable to any other relationship one might have. They have this uncanny knack of sensing your vibe whether you are excited, sad, depressed, or angry; they can read your thoughts and mind,” explains Bhavika, writer, and co-founder of Fractal Enlightenment.

It is believed that all of us are born with an ability to communicate telepathically, with both humans and animals. But as we have learned to use verbal communication to express ourselves, we have been programmed to tune out of our telepathic abilities. However, the same is not true for animals. As animal communication is not reliant on speech, they use telepathy to communicate among themselves and with other species, including humans.

The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans And Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

“Animal telepathy is mind-to-mind communication. It is feeling across a distance. We are all made of energy and connected by a vast web of energetic pathways. To speak to an animal telepathically, you just tune in to the right energy channel,” says animal communication expert and author Mary J. Getten.

Animals are sentient beings who live with individual perspectives, choices, desires, and purposes. Every animal is a feeling and thinking being who is equal to us at the soul level. Building a human-animal connection based on telepathy can enable us to understand our furry friends better. When we know what concerns and problems our animal companions are experiencing, we can not only help them better but change the situation and create a better life for all of us.

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Thought transference for a deeper connection

Telepathic communication between you and your pet involves two-way human-animal conversation through the transfer of feelings, thoughts, perceptions, images, impressions, and instincts or gut feelings.

When you can effectively concentrate, you can hear and understand your pet just as well they can hear and understand you.

Animals are more adept and effective at establishing telepathic connections as they are not programmed to use words to convey their emotions. Animals can also visualize their thoughts and feelings connected to their emotions just like humans do. Learning to use telepathy to communicate with animals can enable us to connect with our pets on a subconscious level and engage in thought transference without realizing it.

For instance, when our pets fall sick or get injured, we often ask them how they feel or where exactly it hurts them. And most of the time, the pet will lick the place of the injury or wound in response. Or they might even lick us to let us know that they are feeling good or doing fine. The telepathic connection between humans and animals is often subtle and hence, it can go easily unnoticed.

“The relationship we share with our dogs goes beyond just giving commands or taking them for walks, there are moments when a single gaze is enough to communicate in an unspoken language. When your bond with an animal is strong sometimes even the thought of a command is enough for the animal to respond to it,” writes Bhavika.

However, this is not restricted just to dogs. Many animals reveal their psychic tendencies when connected with their human friends. Most pet cats seem to know when their owners are planning to take them to the vet and so they hide away or run out of the house.

“Some animals seem to sense when their owners have had accidents or have died in distant places – as documented on my database of more than 5,000 case histories involving psychic phenomena in animals,” explains Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, author, biologist, and parapsychology researcher. He adds that in several cases pet owners also “knew when their pet had died or was in dire need, even when they were many miles away at the time.”


Traits of human-animal telepathic communication

According to an animal communicator, author, and Yoga instructor Nancy Windheart, there are three unique qualities of genuine telepathic connection between humans and animals:

1. It happens instantly

Telepathic communication between humans and animals is extremely fast. As it occurs instantaneously, our analytical and thinking mind is unable to process it or get involved. This is why we are unable to translate telepathic conversations into verbal conversations. It occurs on an instinctive level and so it happens very quickly. Moreover, when we try to interpret the telepathic messages, it often gets distorted and lost in translation.

Nancy Windheart explains “People often first experience this quality of telepathic communication when animals quickly understand human thoughts or intentions. For example, many dog lovers have had the experience of intending to take their dog out for a nice walk, and no sooner has the thought formed than the dog is at the door, wagging her tail with excitement.”

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2. It happens unexpectedly

Telepathic conversations between us and our animal friends often occur at the time when we least expect it. So the transference of thoughts may be surprising or catch you off guard.

When genuine telepathic communication occurs between humans and animals, the messages we receive will often include a drastically different point of view than our own understanding. As animals see the world differently from humans, telepathic communications often have a different meaning and help us gain a new perspective.

I love witnessing people’s excitement in my animal communication classes when they first really understand how dogs smell the world, how horses experience their energy fields, or how chickens and other birds see. These experiences are far beyond our typical human modes of perception, and when they come in telepathically, they are unmistakable,” adds Nancy.

The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans And Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

3. It is complete and comprehensive

Telepathic communication between us and animals is usually whole in nature. Nancy explains “Animals don’t generally communicate in human language, although we may translate what we receive from them into human words and concepts. It’s far more common for animals to transmit a whole package of understanding and multi-sensory information telepathically…because this is the world that they live in.”

For instance, when transferring their thoughts telepathically, animals tend to include their feelings, physical sensations like sights, smells, and sound simultaneously. This message also involves their perspective and understanding about how all of this is important for the telepathic conversation to be complete.

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How you can communicate telepathically with animals

Do you want to talk to your pet? Do you wish to strengthen your relationship with your animal companions? Then here are a few ways to get started according to the author and paranormal researcher Stephen Wagner:

  • If you wish to communicate effectively with animals, then make sure to be mentally and emotionally clear within yourself. 
  • When trying to connect telepathically, involve your genuine emotions into the conversation and be aware of your feelings and sensations. 
  • Open your mind and heart and trust your instincts.
  • Visualize in your mind what you are trying to communicate and transmit.
  • Be intentionalabout sending your messages across to them.
  • Make sure to relax, be still and let the message come to you. You don’t need to stand over your pet to understand their thoughts and emotions.
  • It is extremely crucial that you remain calm & quiet, be in a meditative state and be receptive to actually establish a telepathic connection. Only then you can receive and send thoughts and feelings.
The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans And Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

But how can you know if you have formed a telepathic connection with your animal? 

When you calm your mind, any foreign thoughts that come to you, any unexpected emotions you begin to feel is coming from your animal. Telepathic communication with animals is always unexpected and feels unfamiliar. However, it will take some time and practice to intentionally communicate telepathically with your pet. Consider this as a form of meditation that can help you understand your animal friend better.

Follow your heart & instincts

The best way to engage in telepathic communication with your pet is to let your love for them guide you. The love you share with your animal companions will always create a unique and strong bond that will help you understand each other. This love is the basis of your telepathic connection. 


As long as you dig deep into your heart and listen to your instincts, you will always know what they are thinking and feeling. Because that’s what animals do too. “When you tune in to this space and feel the love for everything around you, you suddenly realize how everything is interconnected and that we are all part of nature,” writes Bhavika.

Animal communicator Nancy Windheart concludes “Telepathic communication is simple. It’s not always easy, because we humans tend to complicate things; but at its heart, telepathy is a simple, easy, natural, and universal language. The animals are fluent in this language; we humans can relearn it with some dedication and practice.”

So calm your mind and let love guide you.

Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans and Animals pin
Telepathic Connection Between Human and Animal pin
The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans And Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts
Telepathic Connection Between Humans Animals pin
The Deep Telepathic Connection Between Humans And Animals: How To Read Your Pet’s Thoughts

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