9 Signs You Have a Strong Personality but Are Actually Pretty Sensitive



The thing about people with a strong sensitive personality is that they sort of radiate a vibe of perfection and strength.

This radiation is a charm and also their armor and this is what makes them what they are. Sometimes behind this shiny armor, there is a sensitive creature. Now, this duality or this combination is a rare phenomenon.

Let’s Look At Some Signs That Reveal You Have These Traits Together In You.

9 Signs You Have a Strong Sensitive Personality

1. You’re selective when it comes to choosing friends

As you take no shit, you keep toxic people at bay. You are selective when it comes to friendship or even dates. If someone is not worth the time you know it already. You like to keep things real with real people around and not waste your time and energy over fakers who are there for their selfish whelms.

2. You get overwhelmed too

The world is an overwhelming place and sometimes you too are in its wrath. Having lows is no bad but what sets you apart from others is you don’t give up or let those situations take over you. You’re a fighter and that’s what you do, you get on the field and fight your lows.

3. You take no shit

You’re not among those who would just stand there and watch while someone pushes the boundaries of tolerance harassment. Whether it is you or someone you know is being insulted repeatedly or harassed or disrespected, you stand up to it and make it clear that you won’t take any shit. You don’t start a fight right there but send the strong message politely.

4. You hate small talk

Whether it is a date or a get-together, you hate small talk. You like to discuss real-world problems, ideas and revolutionary things instead of brands, celebrities or people. Not many will like you for this. This is why you have a hard time finding friends or getting a date but that’s alright, you’re what you’re, someone needs to be.

5. You’re a good listener

You know how bitter the world can be and you know what toll the feelings can take. Thus you know the importance of listening. People can look forward to you to share their problems. You won’t just listen to them but also come up with fruitful suggestions. You know how to make them feel better or at least a little less worried.

6. Solitude is your refreshment

You know you can heal and recharge yourself by just giving to yourself. You need some time alone to talk to yourself and recharge that spirit to keep going. You get irritated at times and frustration may build up and this is the time you seek solitude, it is a charging point for you.

7. Sometimes you disconnect

The world can be a very bitchy place and sometimes you get tired of all these shit. You meet people some of them turn out to be toxic and you know it, in such cases you just disconnected and stay quiet, saving your energy for better things.

8. You’re not a show-off

On most occasions, you’re the center of attention but that’s not by choice but because of your strong personality and your charm. You’re a down to earth person. You check on everyone to make sure if they are doing well and make sure everyone is having a good time. Being the center of attention or showing off is never your choice. What makes someone show off is their ego and you have your ego truly kept in check.

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9 Signs You Have a Strong Personality but Are Actually Pretty Sensitive
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9 Signs You Have a Strong Personality but Are Actually Pretty Sensitive

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