Are you an HSP? 10 Ways To Know If You Are Highly Sensitive

Wondering if you are a highly sensitive person? You just might be. The fact is over 20 percent of the population are HSPs. But how can you know if you are an HSP?


Are you in touch with your emotions?

Emotional intelligence is the quality of being able to “…recognize their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately.”

So it should come as no surprise that if you’re in tune with your emotions and sensitive not only to your own emotional health or state but also to those around you, that you might be a “highly sensitive person.”

Highly sensitive people are those who have a greater awareness of emotions and feelings than other people and know how to accurately tap into these feelings and experience them.

Our vibrant blue-green planet is filled with beauty, trees, flowers, bees, creatures, and magic. When you step out into nature and let your mind settle, it’s right there. You can’t help but feel her magic, and it’s easy to open your senses and receive the energies, the beauty, and this sense of magic.

This all happens through your senses and not through your busy mind. When your mind settles, you’re able to listen to your body, your senses, and the stillness within.

A sensitive person should be treasured

Why are you not in touch with this all the time?

It’s because you’ve gotten lost in the busy world of technology and rarely take the time to unplug from your computers and from your mind.

Why is it so hard to just sink into the space inside where you have access to your senses, your wisdom, and your presence?

Unfortunately, being sensitive is not valued in this world, yet it’s certainly not uncommon in this world to feel “sensitive.”

Being made to feel wrong for that, unfortunately, is not uncommon, either.

Consequently, it’s far too common that you make yourself wrong for being sensitive.

You need to not only normalize what it means to be sensitive but also start acknowledging its value.

Being sensitive, intuitive, empathic or perceptive are beautiful qualities that are powerful and much needed counter balance in a world that has become desensitized to the basic needs of humanity.

Not just to your five senses, though. I’m talking about all the finer senses that make you aware of what is outside the common five senses.

For many of us, these finer senses are more present now because they carry the solution to a healthy, happy, caring world.

If you are able to recognize yourself in any of these signs below, you are one of those blessed beings who will make a difference in the world by honoring your wisdom and natural knowing through your senses.

It may be a little challenging at first to acknowledge this to be an asset after eons of believing it was a flaw!


Here are 10 signs that you’re a sensitive person and how to acknowledge and celebrate this personality trait:

1. You naturally check in with your body and your sensations

This is so you know whats going on around you and what course of action is best for you.

You just know without having to understand why. Your body is your GPS and guides you through life.

If it weren’t that other people want you to be more rational, you would confidently follow your inner knowing all the time.


2. You “feel” other people

If others don’t feel well, you can’t help, but still, want to do something about it. If they don’t feel good, it affects you and it’s hard for you.

Any kind of discord moves through your body as if it is yours. In order for you to feel better, it sure helps when they feel better, right?

There is another way to feel good even though others don’t.

What Makes Letting Go Hard for an Introvert

What Makes Letting Go Hard for an Introvert

As I watched the raindrops slid down the window pane, my mind started to also reminisce every single moment I had with him.

Well, this melancholic moment is just a usual part of being an introvert.

If you’re a typical young woman at an adulting stage, you would probably say that, “Breakup is not the end of the world.” You’ll just smile and live life like nothing happened. But for an introvert, this is something they will carry, not for the rest of their lives, but for a very long time. Knowing that it is not easy for an introvert to disclose themselves to a person, most especially in a romantic relationship, the time they have spent to trust a person is also the same when it comes to accepting the fact that someone left them.

They are not the usual kind of people who can suddenly change their mindset and turn the page of the book into the next chapter.

They are not the people who will only shrug it off their shoulders and find another partner whom they can openly give their heart once more. They are not the people who can throw everything all at once and enjoy life again.

Introverts are very serious when it comes to love.

Although it may vary depending on the situation, but an introvert really dives into a person’s soul once they feel that the person is really into them. They will disclose everything about themselves, knowing that the other person will still love them  despite their imperfections. They will try their very best to make you feel secured, loved and taken care of, though at times, them being over thinkers can somehow make their partners feel it the other way around.

They will always put you on top of her priorities, making you feel like you’re a part of their dream: someone who deserves to be pursued and exerted efforts to win.

Since an introvert knows what it’s like to be alone, they are going to treasure people who simply loves them for being the person they are and will always try to keep that person for the rest of her life.

When someone leaves them, this would be one of the worst experiences in their lives.

It’s like abruptly putting an end to one of their greatest sources of happiness; the reason why they smile and the reason why everything makes sense after a very long time of being contented with their life as strong independent people. It will change the way they see the world.

At some point, they might  feel like they are the worst of all the people in the world for their partner found a reason to leave her. They are going to ask themselves every day on why it had to happen to them.

As they usually disclose almost everything about themselves to their partner, it feels to them like the painful experience has also taken away a huge part of them which almost left them picking up their broken pieces and trying to work on what’s left of them.

They are going to miss their old selves; loving their partners with everything that they preserved from the beginning: the love, trust, affection, care and everything that they had promised to just give to the person they thought they could spend the rest of their lives with.

Now, all they can give are just shattered pieces of themselves. They are not whole anymore. They have poured everything for the person they loved and still hoping that their love will lead them back to each other’s arms. Though it may seem impossible, they are never willing to give up – they are going to fight for your love as long as they feel the love that they have felt from the moment they met you.

They are going to prove people how love can surpass everything – that it’s power can go beyond what meets the eye. It has the power to make someone forgive, forget and make reconciliations possible.

The introverts give away so much of themselves to their lovers that letting go seems to be like tearing apart a part of their souls and burning it.

Remember, when introverts learn how to love, they want their and their lover’s worlds to become one. 

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What is a Food Empath? 6 Ways To Reduce Stress and Overcome Food Addictions

What is a Food Empath

Food is medicine. It can stabilize your sensitive system, but it can also throw it off.

I’ve observed in my psychiatric practice that overeating and food addictions are common among empaths. Food addiction is an uncontrollable craving for excess food for which many diets and weight loss programs often don’t succeed. Frequently, the specific addiction is to sugar or carbohydrates.

Excess weight can be a way of armoring yourself to stop absorbing other people’s stress or disturbing behavior. Putting on added pounds can make you feel more grounded, and it can act as a buffer against negativity. But reaching for sugar, carbohydrates, or junk foods for a quick fix, is a short-lived and unhealthy solution that gets addictively repeated.

Diets often fail for sensitive people because they are unaware that they are eating (and overeating) unhealthy foods to protect themselves from overwhelming or negative energy.

When I point this out to my empath patients who are struggling with overeating, it’s a life-changing insight for them.

Take this quiz to determine if you’re a Food Empath (from The Empath’s Survival Guide).

Are You a Food Empath?

  • Do you overeat when you are emotionally overwhelmed?
  • Do you turn to sugar, carbs, and junk food to self-soothe discomfort?
  • Are you highly sensitive to the effect food has on your body?
  • Do you get mood swings, brain fog, or feel toxic from sugar, caffeine, sodas, or junk food?
  • Do you have food allergies and intolerances such as to gluten or soy?
  • Do you feel more protected from stress when you are heavy?
  • Do you feel energized by healthy, clean food?
  • Are you sensitive to preservatives or gluten in food?
  • Do you feel more vulnerable to stress when you are thin?

Here’s how to interpret this self-assessment:

  • Answering yes to 1-3 statements indicates that have some tendencies toward being a food empath.
  • Answering 4-6 yeses indicates you have moderate tendencies to be a food empath.
  • Answering more than 6 indicates you are definitely a food empath and use food to self-medicate stress and discomfort.


6 Guidelines for The Empathic Eater

If you are an empathic eater, you will need to pinpoint energetic stressors that trigger overeating such as a draining coworker, an argument with a friend, or feeling rejected. Train yourself to clear the stress as soon as possible to balance your system.

Here are six tips from The Empath’s Survival Guide to release negativity before you overeat.

1. Breathe stress out of your body

When you feel stress, immediately focus on breathing slowly and deeply. This releases negative energy. Holding your breath out of fear traps toxicity in your body.


2. Water purifies you

Drink filtered or mountain spring bottled water when you’ve been exposed to negative energy and have the urge to overeat.  Consume at least six glasses daily to keep flushing out toxins. Take a bath or shower. Water washes away impurities of all kinds.


3. Limit sugar intake

Although you may crave carbs and sugar (as well as alcohol), they will destabilize you and trigger mood swings. This makes you more susceptible to absorbing unwanted energy.


4. Eat frequent protein meals

Protein stabilizes empaths and gives them a sense of grounding. It’s optimal to have small protein meals four to seven times a day. This regimen will help you feel energetically stronger, safer, and more anchored in the world.  (If you are vegan, lots of protein is crucial.)


5. Don’t let your blood sugar drop

Empaths are extremely sensitive to hypoglycemia. If you combine a busy life with low blood sugar, you’re bound to get overwhelmed. So don’t skip meals, especially if you are planning to be in a crowded place, when traveling, or in business meetings.


6. Consume lots of vegetables

If you tend to overeat and gain weight, vegetables will fill you up and limit your cravings. You can also include some whole grains, but be careful of overdoing it and triggering a carb addiction.

Food can be a source of energy or depletion. You want to develop dietary habits that serve your sensitivities rather than aggravating them. Then you can maximize the energy you receive from food and minimize the protective defense mechanism of empathic over-eating. With tools to protect and ground yourself, you won’t have the same cravings that used to undermine your best intentions.

Adapted from “The Empath’s Survival Guide” by Judith Orloff MD


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Written by  Dr Judith Orloff MD

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10 Strange Behaviors You’ll Notice In And Around An Authentic Empath

behaviours around empath

Being an empath is not easy. Ignorance only makes it worse. So, in case you have recently found out that you are an empath, here is a list of things you must know:

Empath Be like

1. Empaths can’t help taking on the energy of others

The thing is, you don’t just sense other people’s emotions- you start feeling them too. This can get pretty trying at times. You can’t be in the company of someone who is feeling sad without finding yourself near tears as well. And the very next instant, you might want to laugh out loud because another person next to you is just so happy.

These instant mood swings are exhausting and drain your energy like nothing else. But don’t worry, with the time you’d learn to control your empathetic impulses and it won’t be so bad.


2. Your intuition is always spot on

Of course, all of us come with some extent of intuition which guides us through every day. But in the case of empaths, it is completely off the charts. They know what is happening; even if there have been no clear verbal indicators.

Being an empath, you’d learn to observe that you are picking up messages psychically. No matter what someone is saying, you’d always be able to clearly understand their true intentions. This is because you are tuned into the emotions of others and there is scarcely anything that can go unnoticed by you.


3. Being around people is tiring and you feel drained often

Being around people, especially a large crowd is an ordeal for you. As explained above, you feel the emotions of others and this constant up and down of emotions and being around different people is enough to tire anyone.

Even more important is the fact that since you can feel what others are feeling, you can’t help but try to help them; doesn’t matter whether they asked you for it or not. You want to help everyone you meet and you spend a lot of your own energy dealing with the problems which aren’t yours. You need to learn to cut back on this for your own good.


4. You find yourself being surrounded by people who are broken

As the direct result of the previous point, people who need help and emotional strength naturally gravitate towards you. Even strangers will be attracted to you because they can sense that you’d listen to them and provide possible relief. As noble as it is to help others, sometimes you need to help yourself first. And how do you do that?

Again, you need to show restraint. When the universe gets the message that you are not willing to help only people who are very close to you, the others will automatically back off.


5. You don’t do well around crowds

Most people are happy to be a part of a crowd. The feeling of belonging draws people in thousands towards crowded events such as parties, concerts and the likes. Not to an empath though. For empaths, crowds can be very hard to process. They feel like they are being assaulted by various energies from every direction.

In order to protect yourself from the energies of the crowd, you can try wearing a protective stone on your person. They are very effective in shielding you from the energy of others.


6. You can’t simply live anywhere

While relocating, the dimensions of the new house and proximity to the nearest Starbucks are not the only things on your mind. For you, it is important that the energy of a place doesn’t hit you negatively. This means that living in a house where violent crime was committed (no matter how long ago) is completely out of the question.

Overall, empaths prefer living in areas with low population densities. And the hustle and bustle of city life is not particularly attractive to them.


7. You are hypersensitive

You can’t help it. Even if you know that the violence on the TV is enacted and make-belief you can’t watch it for more than a few seconds. You can’t turn a blind eye if you see an animal in pain. The same is the case for people.

9 Signs You’re Being Overly Nice

people take you for granted

 Find out these 9 signs that suggest you are being overly nice.

Being nice is hard in a world that thrives on cut-throat competition. Some people are born with hearts as gentle as the winter sun.

They cannot help but do everything they can to help people around them. But as the rules of the world go, they are not rewarded with the same treatment.

Most of the time, they are thrown around, taken for granted, and used as a doormat. The worst part is that their clouded judgment does not allow them to recognize this potential harm. They continue to give, and their friends continue to take them for granted.

Here are 9 ways to know if this is happening to you:

1. You Cannot Refuse Anybody Anything

If somebody walked up to you and asked for your kidney, you would probably hesitate. But if they made a sad-face, you would wrench out your organ and hand it to them before their tears have a chance to roll down.

You will go out of your way to do what is asked of you, even if it does not benefit you at all. This is very harmful because people get used to you saying ‘yes’ all the time, and they begin to forget that you have feelings too.


2. You Always Think Of Others Before You Think Of Yourself

Putting others first is a virtue. However, it is not one that is super practical today. If you continue this philosophy, then people will cut into your line, walk ahead of you, and will not even turn around to say ‘thank you’.

The world does not work like that anymore. Put yourself first. Love yourself. Give your own self the pampering that you shower upon undeserving others. You will live a much happier life.


3. You Don’t Tell Them What You Really Think

You hide your true feelings, lest it should offend anybody. If the most annoying bully in the class comes up to you and asked, “Am I a bad person?”, then you will probably give them the pep-talk about how they are a special beautiful snowflake.

You do not have it in you to put others down. But sometimes, you have got to push yourself into asserting your own opinion. If you don’t, then people will soon forget that you exist. You exist in your own right, so make it felt.


4. You Don’t Know How To Keep People Out

If your ex-comes crying to you, then you generally take them back. You do not know how to build and maintain walls.

It is important to mark your domain and to have a steadfast personality. People believe that they can ask anything off of you, and you will grant them that.

Sometimes, if somebody gets too nosey or personal, you can’t even ask them to back-off for the fear of sounding rude. Learn not to let people get to close to you. They will completely destroy your own sanity.

This Is Why The Strongest Girls Feel Things The Deepest

This Is Why The Strongest Girls Feel Things The Deepest


Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. It’s a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.

– Brigitte Nicole


She’s not afraid of telling you she likes you. As much as she fears it, she fears more not saying something.

She doesn’t look at the way she feels like something that is clingy or too much. To her, it comes naturally.

She’s been told she should be different. She should change. She should hide how she feels and not put it all out there. But being exactly how she is, is who she is to a core.

And she’s not afraid to show you exactly that and exactly what she feels.
She’s not afraid to say “I love you,” even if you don’t say it back.

She loves deeply not because she’s desperate to be loved. She just isn’t afraid to love.

She knows how to love even in those moments she’s been met with heartbreak.

She considers it a weakness to hide how she feels, in a world that’s told her to do just that. She hopes you feel the same way but she doesn’t need you too.


She knows love isn’t that which needs to be reciprocated but rather enough that you both can feel it.

Unrequited love is a life she knows but does not fear because she knows she’s doing it right.

For she’d rather love someone too deeply and let them know it than fear never saying something at all.


She isn’t afraid of intense feelings.

She lives for the eye contact that lasts a little too long. She lives for the hugs that linger. She lives for those moments where you just know something is there only none of you say it.

She’s waiting for her time, not out of fear or trying to be coy. But she knows with confidence no matter how much time passes her feelings won’t change. There is a confidence in that.


And there’s no pressure for her.

You won’t have to wonder what she’s thinking. You won’t have to wonder if she’ll answer your text or snap or like your insta. She feels no shame in answering too quickly or being the first like or view.


She won’t lie to you. She won’t make you question anything.

She knows dating is a game. A game that will never be won by those who choose to participate.


If You Want An Intense Kind Of Relationship, Date A Girl With Hyper-Empathy

If You Want An Intense Kind Of Relationship, Date A Girl With Hyper-Empathy

“A sensitive soul sees the world through the lens of love.”
Cheryl Richardson.


Girls who are highly empathetic are extremely emotional by nature. They will sweep you off your feet and make each and every moment of your life special. If you are looking for a relationship which is very passionate and full of intensity, then you should date a girl with hyper-empathy. Looking for reasons? Here are they:


(1)  They are highly intuitive and hence communication wouldn’t be a problem:

Girls with hyper-empathy are extremely intuitive. Even if you don’t tell them whatever that is going on with you inside your heart, they will figure it out quickly and act accordingly. They can understand others and feel for them. They will reciprocate your feelings and will make your life a lot easier. This gives lucidity to your relationship and with communication made easier, you wouldn’t feel the relationship to be a cumbersome one.



(2)  They are extremely sensitive but their hearts are equally stronger:

Yes, this type of girls are extremely sensitive. But don’t worry. They wouldn’t cry over each and every single thing. They are rather stronger than others and know how to struggle. They wouldn’t bother you much with their problems and instead, will be the shield of your life.



(3)  They are extremely emotional and they understand emotions of others too:

Girls with hyper-empathy are extremely emotional. Since they understand the value of emotions, they respect emotions of others as well. Since you are looking for a relationship which is full of passion, these girls are the best ones for you. Exploring emotions in the relationship, they will render intensity to it which is exactly what you wanted.



(4)  They are not afraid when it comes to love:

Highly-empathetic girls aren’t scared to fall in love. They will do whatever it takes to be with you if you love them back. They can even travel to the poles, simply to be with you. They will fight, sacrificing their luxuries if needed.



(5)  They are extremely loyal and committed:

Since they can feel what others go through, girls who have a strong sense of empathy will never do anything that will hurt others. This is why they are extremely loyal when they are in a relationship. They will never cheat on you because they know they will be hurting you.



(6)  They understand that a relationship requires adjustment and compromise:

Girls with hyper-empathy love selflessly. They value relationships and understand that strong relationships are based on adjustment and compromise. They will give their best to be with you and adjust according to your needs. They wouldn’t whine and complain about you and rather will try their best to fit themselves in your world. This will make you fall in love with her more.



(7)  They will not only be there for you but also for your loved ones:

When you are in a relationship with a girl with hyper-empathy, you can be assured of the fact that she will not only be there just for you but also for the ones you love. This kind of girls can absorb feelings of others and they never see their partner as a human being in isolation. They have high respect for their family and friends and they will care for them like their partners.


Girls with hyper-empathy will love you in the way nobody has ever loved you before. They will make you feel what true love is and the intensity of their love will make your life dynamic.

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If You Want An Intense Kind Of Relationship, Date A Girl With Hyper-Empathy


Sensitive People Are Like Angels With Broken Wings

Angels With Broken Wings Are Among Us: They Are The People Who Are Highly Sensitive.

Nobody is as genuine and as honest in this world as the sensitive people. Trust them, love them and they will be an open-book to you.

They will melt in your love and care and share everything about them. But when they are hurt, when they are betrayed, they will quit and leave.

If their heart is mirrored, it will reveal the scares and wounds etched on their souls.

The people who are sensitive thrive in a constant feeling of guilt for being misunderstood; they suffer pain for not being able to resolve misunderstandings in any form of relationship.

Filled with endless love for this universe, these wounded souls cannot live cherishing hatred for anyone or knowing that they are hated by some.

All they need is love to survive. Just give them infinite love and they wouldn’t want anything else. Rather, they will give everything in return.

No matter how much trauma they have gone through their lives, if they find someone who is broken, they will not step back an inch; instead, they will fight for them and try their best to heal other broken souls.

These highly sensitive people are angels whose wings are broken.

Shannon Alder describes them best in her words:

“Sensitive people are the most genuine and honest people you will ever meet. There is nothing they won’t tell you about themselves if they trust your kindness.
However, the moment you betray them, reject them or devalue them, they become the worse type of person. Unfortunately, they end up hurting themselves in the long run. They don’t want to hurt other people. It is against their very nature. They want to make amends and undo the wrong they did.
Their life is a wave of highs and lows. They live with guilt and constant pain over unresolved situations and misunderstandings. They have tortured souls that are not able to live with hatred or being hated.
This type of person needs the most love anyone can give them because their soul has been constantly bruised by others.
However, despite the tragedy of what they have to go through in life, they remain the most compassionate people worth knowing, and the ones that often become activists for the broken-hearted, forgotten and the misunderstood.
They are angels with broken wings that only fly when loved.”

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7 Things You Need To Know Before Falling For An Emotional Girl With An Anxious Mind

7 Things You Need To Know Before Falling For An Emotional Girl With An Anxious Mind


Falling in love sounds brilliant. Falling in love with someone who is all about loving and caring is just perfect. But what about falling in love with someone who has an anxious mind?

Before you answer, let me tell you a couple of things about them which will help you decide better. For starters, it isn’t going to be easy. Gaining her trust is going to be almost like a sinner trying to convince God to let him enter heaven. So if you’re trying to make her a part of your life, you should definitely expect a roller coaster ride. Secondly, I assure you, she’s worth it.


1 – She might come across as a bitch.


Life of an anxious person:

*before knowing them*

“OMG she’s such a bitch with so much attitude”

*after knowing them*

“You aren’t what I thought of you to be”

This is literally what an anxious person gets to hear every other day. Her facial expressions and her ability to bottle up and contain her feelings make it looks like she doesn’t really want to talk to anyone. An anxious person can really look at your face while speaking. It looks like they are distracted but in reality, they are just avoiding a rush of overwhelming feelings. Under these conditions, please on to her and give her time. She will slowly settle down and be comfortable around you.


2 – Fragile. Please handle with care.

An anxious woman can either be fragile like a flower or fragile like a bomb. There is no in between. So you better be careful about your actions and words around her. One wrong statement and she will reach a million conclusions without you having the slightest clue. Now honestly, it isn’t in her control. It’s what her anxiety makes her do. Time is the solution to this. And so is trust. Gain her trust. It shall reduce her anxiety and keep her calm.


3 – She gets overly attached.

When she finds someone who really loves her and who she trusts, she tends to get overly attached. It does get a little overwhelming for the other person, no denying. This happens because she had previously convinced herself that nobody would ever be in love with her due to her anxiety issues. She had been insecure about herself all along. So when she finally gets someone who admires her for who she really is, she can’t stop showing her love for them.


4 – Worrying isn’t her hobby.

Nobody likes to be worried, constantly. It gets really tiresome for our minds. A mind of an anxious girl is like 101 tabs open all at once. It’s a chaos inside. And she DOES NOT enjoy it. Her anxiety makes her worry about everything. She double checks if the door is locked or not. Sometimes even thrice. She rechecks her purse ten times before leaving her house but still feels like she has forgotten it the moment she steps out of her house. These are just basic day to day problems which she faces and it is more stressful than what a normal person goes through. She might ask you if you’ve eaten, she wants to know if you’re warm. But her worrying only means that she cares for you.


5 – Scared is what she is.

She feels like she is replaceable. She feels like she isn’t good enough. She’s scared of departures. This is the main cause of her anxiety. She constantly fears that maybe one day you’ll wake up and realize that she isn’t the one for you. As a lover, it is your responsibility to reassure her every time that your love for her is stronger than the demons which are trying to drown her in an ocean of negative thoughts. Reassure her every time and please don’t get tired. There will come a point where you will consider giving up on her but in those moments remind yourself of the reasons why you fell in love with her in the first place. Everything beautiful comes with its own hardships just like how roses come with its thorns and rainbows after a heavy rainfall.

10 Reasons Why An Empath Will Be The Best Partner You Will Ever Have

10 Reasons Why An Empath Will Be The Best Partner You Will Ever Have

Do you know an empath will be the best partner you will ever have?

“Now, more than ever, our society is in need of sensitive and empathic people. Now, more than ever, the human race needs to go inwards and connect with the Soul again. As natural born healers, intuitives, and mentors, it is not only our responsibility but also our destiny to help humanity heal.”

― Aletheia Luna

In a relationship, what matters to us most is not what our partner does but what rather, who they are as human beings. In this world filled with various types of souls, when it comes to choosing our partner, an empath is the best we can have. Wondering why is it so? We have made a list of 10 reasons for this.

(1) They will never play hide-and-seek games with you:

An empath will never play hide-and-seek games with you. They are always open about their emotions. They will not let you guess about their feelings. If they love you, they will tell you directly. If they are mad at you over something, you will get to know about it. There’s no room for riddles in their life and who wouldn’t want such a peaceful relationship?


(2) They are extremely honest and loyal:

For an empath, honesty is of primary importance. They are honest and loyal to their partners and expect the same from them. So, if you want a serious relationship, then an empath is the one for you. However, flirts should stay away because an empath can detect lies too and will never entertain them.


(3) Communication is a priority of an empath:

An empath will never make you feel ignored. No matter how busy they are, they will surely keep in touch with you. They love to communicate so that they can understand their partner better.


(4) Intense is their rule of life:

An empath loves their partner immensely with high intensity. Whatever they do for you will have a spark. The love of an empath is that kind of love that sweeps you over your feet and makes you feel you are the most special person in this universe.


(5) An empath will understand your emotions even if you don’t express:

Being an empath means understanding and absorbing others’ energies. If you are upset, your empath lover will understand you like their own feelings and you would never need to give much effort to explain the situation to them. They might not have a similar experience but you will be amazed at how they understand you so well. They will give their shoulder to cry upon and render all their support so that you can feel better.

She Is A Woman Who Is Always In Touch With Her Emotions

“Commitment means you are willing to quit playing games with her heart. To stop distorting the truth with lies. And to stop driving her crazy by your indifference.” -Bea C. Pilotin

Please don’t blame her for being too sensitive and emotional. She is a woman who is always in touch with her emotions. She always keeps on attaching her memories to her emotions. She remembers you. She remembers every detail. She remembers everything. And these are some of the most beautiful qualities of being a woman.


Please don’t bring out the worst in her. Talk to her, listen and see her needs. Don’t ignore what she wants to make things better. Give the reassurance and comfort that she needs.

Please don’t drive her crazy by being equivocal and ill-defined. Let her know how you really feel, what you are thinking and what’s going on with you. Don’t evade being specific.


Please don’t be so pretty casual about making promises. Don’t make throwaway promises at the drop of a hat with no intention of just keeping them. It damages your relationship and she will be violated. So, please don’t promise the moon, the stars and the sun. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Always remember that every time you give your word, you’re putting your honor on the line. Stop being too casual about making one or two. It’s always important to be conscious of the promises you make. And when you make one, mean it.


Please don’t let her feel being unsafe by being so compulsively judgmental and irresponsible. Understand each and every corner of her heart, reach out and be kind so that she may feel safe having you around.


Please don’t let her feel insecure in your relationship. Tell her what she needs to hear to stop worrying. Be specific and please don’t tell lies. Half the truth is always a whole lie. The relationship is a lot easier and rewarding when you care about trust because they said it is a cement that binds your relationship with her- keeping you both together. Don’t distort the truth with lies.


Please don’t get stuck into silence and become an invisible man for her because when you do this, she thinks of being with a ghost.

Please understand what she needs when she’s upset. She just needs you to be there for her.

Please don’t think that she always nags. Remind yourself that the intention of wanting to talk to you is not to control you. She wants to communicate with you to keep the cord connected with you for an emotional closeness. She just wants you to understand that it is not a pressure and please don’t feel being so annoyed and irritated when she talks.


Please don’t let her feel sad by holding back and for not showing your love. Let her feel you love her enough to be there for you. Try to communicate with her and don’t just be insensible. Feed her heart with the attention she needs.


Please don’t shove her away with your indifference. Instill in her mind that her presence is valued and appreciated.

Don’t take her love for granted because she loves you so much. You are her precious treasure and she values you all her life.




4 Reasons Why People Become Empaths: From Trauma to Genetics

4 Reasons Why People Become Empaths: From Trauma to Genetics

Why do people become empaths? Is it temperament? Genetics? Trauma? Neglectful or supportive parental upbringing?

As a psychiatrist and an empath, I’ve seen that there are four main factors, which can contribute to heightening one’s sensitivities.


Reason 1. Temperament.

Some babies enter the world with more sensitivity than others—an inborn temperament. You can see it when they come out of the womb. They’re much more responsive to light, smells, touch, movement, temperature, and sound.  These infants seem to be empaths from the start.


Reason 2. Genetics.

Also, from what I’ve observed with my patients, some forms of sensitivity may be genetically transmitted. Highly sensitive children can come from mothers and fathers with the same inborn traits. Therefore, it is possible that sensitivity can also be genetically transmitted through families.


Reason 3. Trauma.

Childhood neglect or abuse can affect your sensitivity levels as an adult. A portion of empaths I’ve treated have experienced early trauma such as emotional or physical abuse, or they were raised by alcoholic, depressed or narcissistic parents. This could potentially wear down the usual healthy defenses that a child with nurturing parents develops. As a result of their upbringing, they typically don’t feel “seen” by their families, and feel invisible in the greater world that doesn’t value sensitivity.


Reason 4. Supportive Parenting.

On the other hand, positive parenting can help sensitive children develop and honor their gifts. Parents are powerful role models for all children, especially sensitive ones.

In all cases, however, we empaths haven’t learned to defend against stress in the same way as others do. We’re different in that respect. A noxious stimulus, such as an angry person, crowds, noise, or bright light can agitate us since our threshold for sensory overload is extremely low.


Healing is possible for all sensitive people. Even if you’ve experienced early trauma or have been raised by abusive or narcissistic parents, it’s important that you learn to feel safe enough to embrace your sensitivities now.

Part of this involves learning to set healthy boundaries with others and choosing positive people in your circle who can be support your sensitivities. In addition, protection and centering techniques and meditations can help to strengthen your core so you can be both strong and sensitive. In The Empath’s Survival Guide I outline numerous techniques that you can use in your life to feel safe and secure as an empath.


The goal is for empaths to be empowered and use their sensitivities to be loving to themselves, their intimates, and create love in the world.


(Adapted from “The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People” by Judith Orloff MD, a book which shows sensitive people how to embrace their sensitivities without absorbing other people’s stress)


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The Real Reason Why Highly Sensitive People Get Bullied

The Real Reason Why Highly Sensitive People Get Bullied

I had an “Aha” moment today.

The reason highly sensitive people get bullied so often isn’t because of our sensitivity. It’s because of the dismally low self-esteem that tends to go along with being that sensitive, especially if we were victimized by malignant narcissists and bullies when young.

Narcissists envy and fear high sensitivity.


Narcissists hate high sensitivity in others for two reasons: 1. They envy it because it’s something they can’t have or may have lost as children and it’s a sign of an authentic person, which is something they aren’t but wish they were; and 2. they fear it, because they know this quality makes it possible for to zero in on the emptiness hiding under the narcissist’s guise.

Their hatred and fear are expressed through love bombing followed by bullying and other forms of abuse meant to weaken the HSP. An HSP’s fragile ego can be destroyed or greatly diminished after years of bullying and abuse.

Sharon: an HSP who carried a can of Narc Repellent.


I was thinking about a woman I used to know named Sharon. She was an empathic young woman who felt everything so deeply–but mostly joy and love. She’s exquisitely sensitive but is also self-confident (she was raised by very loving parents). She is comfortable enough with herself to show her vulnerability openly, allowing herself the liberty to feel all her emotions as well as share the emotions of her friends.

You might think Sharon is a magnet for bullies, but she’s not. She makes friends easily because she has such a loving and positive presence and people feel like she cares about them, and she likes herself too (without being at all narcissistic). They are right.

Narcissists avoid Sharon like the plague. Why? They would probably love to get their hooks into her if they could, but Sharon’s confidence in herself and easygoing comfort around all kinds of people scares them right off. While still being emotionally vulnerable, Sharon is invulnerable to narcissists because they sense her strength. She’s indestructible and they know it. As a result, Sharon is never victimized and tends to attract other loving people as her friends, people who just want to be around her because she’s a lot of fun but can also cry with you if that’s what you need.

If you’re a highly sensitive adult whose self-esteem has been destroyed by narcissistic abuse or a sensitive kid who has become insecure and fearful because of bullying, your high sensitivity will be expressed very differently than someone like Sharon.

Sensitive children do get tested by school bullies, and it’s harder to not let that damage your self-image when you’re so young, especially if your parents are also bullies and have already done a number on your self-esteem. But for an adult, most people will admire emotional openness and vulnerability or at least respect it–as long as they also know you respect and love yourself. People can sense when you’re comfortable in your own skin and narcs will stay far away, because they’re only attracted to codependent types who are unsure of themselves or their place in the world.


Being highly sensitive: a curse or a blessing?

A sensitive person who hates herself will tend to act in ways that attract mean people and bullies to them. They are unsure of themselves, fearful, easily depressed or discouraged, easily hurt, easily frustrated, paranoid, hypervigilant, and insecure. They are afraid of everything, and like ravenous wolves, narcissists can smell their fear. They see this–not the underlying sensitivity–as weakness, and they will horn in on such a person for narcissistic supply or bullying because they’re an easy mark who will be too afraid to call them out on their abuse.

Things are very different for a sensitive person with high self-esteem. Such a person will be appreciative, insightful, observant, compassionate, forgiving (but not stupidly forgiving), affectionate, creative, a good listener, empathetic, and with a well developed (but never mean or sarcastic) sense of humor. They are not fearful and they know their place in the world. They have a clear sense of their own boundaries (and those of others) and know how to enforce them if they think they’re being violated. They attract people like themselves as friends and lovers and these relationships tend to be self-reinforcing for both parties.

Dear Empath. Why The World Needs You

I believe that empathy is the most essential quality of civilisation – Robert Edbert.

Empaths are the some of the most generous, big-hearted and understanding people in the world today.  They are easy to talk to, have hunches that are normally right and intuition is their best friend.

They are natural healers with their ability to scan and read the energy of the people, places and objects, whether they are aware of this ability or not.  For this reason, they make fantastic counsellors.

Empaths have a natural respect for other people, animals and the planet we live on.  They naturally understand that we are connected to one another, as they feel and process the energy of others around them.

Many Empaths have a vivid imagination. They are highly creative and intuitive beings.

Empath´s are amazing people.

Yet the No. 1 gift of an Empath is….. empathy.  Their ability to empathise with other people and the world at large.

Empathy is emotional intelligence. It is the ability to step into someone else’s shoes, to view the world through another’s eyes.  To be able to perceive the feelings and emotions of another and convey that understanding to the other person.

Empathy is the vehicle through which we express our love and acceptance, kindness and compassion to others around us.  The use of empathy to convey love and acceptance, kindness and compassion is the key to removing all barriers and walls we build up between ourselves.

Which is why the world needs more Empaths.

We only have to look at the world today to see that most problems come from a lack of understanding, acceptance, kindness and compassion.

Even the big problems in the world.

A lack of empathy for each other might just be the driving force behind the destruction of our planet. Unless we grow up as human beings and develop emotional intelligence.

Empaths do have this essential gift.  This essential gift that just might change the world.

Yet many Empaths struggle to control this gift as they are open to the energy around them.  The good, the bad and the ugly.

Many Empaths would love nothing more than to stop feeling and empathising but this won´t help the world.

The world needs you to continue to be able to empathise without taking on the weight of the world on your shoulders.

The world needs you to develop your boundaries and healthy ways of being so that you are not continually swamped, manipulated and overrun by other people.

The world needs you to take really good care of yourself and to protect your space so you can use your many gifts.

The world needs you to learn how to say No when you need to and that you are not responsible for every single person on this planet.

Empaths with boundaries still have the ability to empathise.  The only difference is – they protect and care for themselves.

The world needs you to be happy, dear Empath.  So you can use your gifts to help us all.

Written By Samantha Wilson
This article originally appeared on Samantha Wilson and has been printed here with the author’s permission
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9 Strategies to Cure Emotional Hangovers

An empath absorbs the emotions of other people into their own bodies.

As an empath and psychiatrist, I know that feeling well.

Even though empath may set excellent limits with energy vampires, it’s common for us to experience “emotional hangovers,” an energetic residue left over from the interaction. Toxic emotions can linger long afterwards which make you feel exhausted, beset with brain-fog, or ill. When dealing with drainers at work or at home, empaths often need time to recuperate later. In addition, try the following suggestions from my book “The Empath’s Survival Guide” to remove any hangover symptoms from an energy vampire encounter.

Protection Strategies: How to Cure Emotional Hangovers

1. Enjoy the Shower Meditation.

In a shower, stand under the stream of water and inwardly or aloud practice this affirmation: “Let this water wash all the negative energy from my mind, body, and spirit.” Feel the shower cleansing you, making you fresh, positive, and rejuvenated.


2. Use gemstones.

Carry or wear a crystal, a black tourmaline, amethyst, or black obsidian to ground yourself and remove emotional hangovers. Shamans feel that if you carry or wear black, which doesn’t absorb light, you will be more protected. I wear a jade pendant of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. I love how jade changes according to your body chemistry over the years and protects you by responding to your emotional shifts.


3. Burn sweetgrass and other purifiers.

This plant in Native American culture is used to purify a space. Its beautiful smell wafting through the air feels nurturing to my feminine energy. Sage is effective too. I also pick cypress sprigs, eucalyptus, and juniper to burn. Experiment with which plant aroma you respond to.


4. Use negative ion generators or salt lamps.

These devices produce negative ions which clear the air of dust, mold spores, pollen, odors, cigarette smoke, bacteria, and viruses. They are also thought to remove leftover negativity in a home, office or other locations. (Your own shower, with its stream of moving water, also produces negative ions.)


5. Light a white candle.

This sets a meditative mood and quickly removes unpleasant energy from any surrounding. White contains all colors of the spectrum and creates comfort and calm.


6. Spray rosewater or utilize other types of aromatherapy.

The delicate scent of rosewater is lovely. I find it effective in removing an emotional hangover. Or, inhale lavender or peppermint oil. You can also put an essential oil in a diffuser which spreads the scent in the air.  (Stay away from synthetic oils with toxic ingredients.) You can try lavender, peppermint, juniper, sage, or frankincense and myrrh. Experience the sublime scent purifying your energy and the room.


7. Get out in nature. Hug a tree.

Do some Earthing to connect your bare feet with the ground. Rejoice in the flowers. Hold a rock in your hand. Breathe in fresh air to cure emotional hangovers. (Inhaling oxygen is a treatment for alcohol hangovers.) The purity of nature can restore your clarity and mood.

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The Beauty of Feeling Everything Deeply

The Beauty of Feeling Everything Deeply

Watching movies makes you cry, and certain scents give you intense nostalgia. The bubbling excitement of a room draws you in, while the passive aggressiveness of others opens a pit of worry in your stomach.

Being highly sensitive to the world around you can be a curse, especially when others always mock you and say, “You are so sensitive.” Do not scrutinize your ability to feel emotions, because there is an untold and underestimated beauty to feeling everything deeply.

1. Sensing emotion

A lot of people in our lives try to conceal their emotional hurt. For the most part, this goes unnoticed by the common passerby on the street or coworkers. But for a highly sensitive person, you can target the source then understand and resonate with them on an empathetic frequency.

Even if you never say a word to them, something about the way you have found their hidden hurt, acknowledged it with a smile or simple compassionate glance relieves this person immediately.That is why highly sensitive people can connect with others on levels most people will never understand. This is why so many become artists, teachers, counselors, and psychologists.

2. Deep thinking

When distractions are minimalized, feeling deeply also allows for intense inward focus. Because highly sensitive people perceive the world on a much more sensitive scale, every sense and thought require our attention to analyzing correctly.

Otherwise, what we feel becomes a tangle of knotted threads that we cannot make sense of. Being aware of subtleties allows for highly sensitive people to comprehend more about the world than those who do not feel as deeply.

3. Attention to detail

Since highly sensitive people think and feel in another realm, attention to small details, like colors of various threads in clothing, the splashes of blues in the sky during a sunset, the separate spices in a delicious meal, and the taste of juicy fruit have innumerable layers and complexities. This is why those who feel deeply can pick out if an ingredient is missing, or spot the differences between to very similar pictures with ease.

4. Abundant love

With the power to feel intensely, love is something highly sensitive people understand better than anyone else. Not only is the love they give multi-faceted, it is real and overflowing.

Feeling love for everything means wanting to share it with that which is lacking. You will know a highly sensitive person by the way their presence relaxes you and gives you warmth.

Moreover, highly sensitive people are truly conscientious and seek to live healthily. They cannot deal with hunger or fatigue very well, and so they are always trying to keep themselves and those they care for in tip-top shape.

5. Godly intuition

Call it a sixth sense or just the ability to perceive the world through waves of emotion, but highly sensitive people seem to be able to read thoughts and motive better than others.

Knowing when something feels right or wrong guides them through life – and not just from shady salesmen either. Highly sensitive people will let intuition chart their journey around the world, laying the breadcrumbs for fabulous adventures.

6. Imagination

Feeling deeply means receiving inspiration from the world around you all the time. A stray emotion can trigger a sensitive mind to fabricate an epic story while walking through the mall or cause the person to suddenly desire to paint a rainbow.

Highly sensitive people seek out the beauty in daily life, because to them nothing is daily about it. Every day the sunlight filters through the leaves anew.

In the eyes of someone who feels everything deeply, life is a tale of adventure, drama, and suspense. The pages are colored with beautiful illustrations, and the descriptive words ripple through their souls.

Being highly sensitive is not a curse, despite what many may think. Just because those who feel deeply often shed tears, they are the ones who appreciate the beauty of emotions.

Originally appeared on
Printed with permission from the author

9 Things That Every Deep Thinker With A Sensitive Soul Will Understand

Every deep thinker with a sensitive soul will definitely understand these signs.

“Sometimes I think, I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel.”
Sanober Khan

Sensitive people often get the bad rap in real life. They experience and feel intensely and have a hyper sensitive brain.

Most sensitive people just use emotional intelligence differently, recognize and understand emotions differently.

Sensitive souls are deep thinkers and have something special in them. They have the potential to transform pain and darkness into something more valuable and worth remembrances.


Here are some common qualities that all deep thinkers with a sensitive soul will understand:

1_ They analyze everything deeply:

Most sensitive people over think and are exceptionally hard on themselves. They never give themselves a break and feel everything pretty deeply. Emotions come naturally to them.


2_ They find meaning in everything they see:

They will find meaning in everything they see and feel. Sensitive souls often find the meaning behind lessons in life and learn to seek answers to most questions faced in life.


3_ They interpret everything all too seriously:

Most sensitive people listen very closely and hear things they want to hear. It is part of their nature to listen closely and effortlessly.


4_ Most sensitive people see the world in black and white:

Sensitive souls cannot settle for all things grey. They don’t know how to half feel or even love in halves. They either love you completely or they don’t.

Most deep thinkers will offer you their love and expect your love in return. If you don’t reciprocate, you may not receive any from them.


5_ They are idealists:

Deep thinkers are often idealists that have a very emotional and serious view of the world. They cannot take life easy, are indecisive and overtly alert.

They are very discreet and often quite resolute in their struggles. They expect utopia and believe in virtues most common people overlook.


6_ They feel like they don’t belong:

Most sensitive people have a safely tucked away secret that is hardly known to them. They feel connected to life but not with the environment and the people around themselves.

These souls thrive in isolation and work better against routine.


7_ They crave love always but are not that forthcoming:

The heart and soul of a sensitive person is fragile and very hopeful that it will find true love someday. They don’t get the affection they want to have and break down on their own.

They often shut themselves off from the world and take time to heal. They often have one sided crushes and are on the receiving end of flings.


8_ They have a special relationship with God:

They have a special relationship with God and the universe. They are deeply connected and the bond is spiritual and powerful.

Sensitive souls don’t understand the universe as a whole and often fight battles without knowing how to win them.


9_ They suffer from insomnia:

Sensitive souls hit the bed early but are unable to sleep as their thoughts and fears often haunt them and they question everything they see and hear. They question love, life and God with all things else.

“Every deep thinker is more afraid of being understood than of being misunderstood.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

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The Best and Worst Careers for Empaths

The Best and Worst Careers for Empaths

“Being a sensitive empath is a beautiful thing as an artist”
-Alanis Morissette

Some jobs are more satisfying and less stressful for empaths than others.

As an empath, myself, I know that to excel in and enjoy our work, we must make the most of our sensitivities. We must express our intuition, our thoughtfulness, our quietness, and our creativity rather than trying to be someone we’re not.


The Best Careers for Empath

In “The Empath’s Survival Guide,” I present the pros and cons of certain careers and working conditions for sensitive people. Traditionally, empaths do better in lower stress, solo jobs, or with smaller companies. They are usually happiest working part or full time at home, away from the office frenzy, noise, politics, and nearby energy vampires. (They’re easier to deal with by email, text, or phone because they’re at a distance.) In such a job, you can plan your schedule and plan regular breaks to decompress.

Many of my empath patients prefer being self-employed to avoid the drain and overwhelm of coworkers, bosses, and packed schedules. Empaths tend to do better on their own time than with the frequent team meetings that are required in large businesses (unless the team is unusually positive and cohesive).

If you’re employed by a business, it may be possible to arrange a part time home office situation and do your work virtually, with ongoing access to the Internet, emails, texts, and Skype. Increasingly, people don’t always have to be tied to their office to do their job well, a perk for empaths that allows them to have more choice in their work location. However, if you work at home or alone in an office, be careful not to become isolated or to push yourself too hard. Balance your alone time with “people time” among colleagues and friends.

How do these considerations translate into real world jobs? Empaths do well being self-employed business owners, writers, editors, health care professionals, artists and in other creative professions. Many actor and musicians such as Claire Danes, Alanis Morissette, Scarlett Johansson, and Jim Carrey have admitted to being “highly sensitive.”

Other good jobs include: website and graphic designers, virtual assistants, accountants or lawyers with home offices, or independent electricians and plumbers who can set their own appointments. Being a real estate agent or roving business consultant can be fine too, as long as you establish good boundaries regarding when you can be reached and don’t overschedule yourself. Landscape design, gardening, forest ranger work, or other employment that puts you in nature are wonderful for empaths as are jobs preserving the earth and her ecosystems.

Many empaths also go into the helping professions because of their desire to serve others. As a psychiatrist, I get great satisfaction from helping my patients, as long as I can take care of my own energy and don’t absorb the stress from my patients.  Similarly, many empaths become physicians, nurses, dentists, physical therapists, psychotherapists, social workers, teachers, yoga instructors, Chinese medical practitioners, massage therapists, clergy, hospice workers, life coaches, or volunteers or employees of non-profit organizations among other heart-felt jobs. Working with animals, animal rescue, dog grooming, as well as veterinary medicine are gratifying choices too.

But, to thrive, empaths in the helping professions must learn how to stop taking on the stress and symptoms of their patients and clients. They can do this by scheduling breaks between clients to meditate set clear limits and boundaries with people, and take adequate time outside of work to relax and refuel. However, jobs such as being a police officer or fire-fighter, though often heroic, may be too stressful for an empath because of the high sensory stimulation and ongoing physical and emotional trauma inherent in these careers.

Empaths are valuable to all kinds of careers. However, you need to find the right work that supports your skills, temperament, and gifts.

An empath’s attributes may not be as appreciated in places such as corporations, academia, professional sports, the military, or government. A better match may be the helping professions, the arts, and organizations with more humanistic awareness. So, when you’re considering a job, use your intuition to sense if you are a good fit with their mission and shared goals, the people, the space, and the energy of the environment. Just because a job looks look on paper doesn’t mean it’s right for you. It has to feel right in your body and gut too.

8 Signs You Think More With Your Heart Than Your Head

“Just use your head!” Have you ever been accused of jumping into conclusion based purely out of your emotions? Do you feel suffocated in this pragmatic world?

People who are quick to act are usually the ones who ”think from their heart”. Popular beliefs claim them to be way too emotional and thinking with your mind makes you more logical and analytical.

But, you do you!

You think from your head or your heart, you know what’s best and here are 8 traits describing people who use their heart to think more often.

1) Dishonesty, Discrimination, Injustice… Ain’t Your Style

You are truly a gem of a person. It really saddens you to see how people suffer and are subjected to injustice.

You always want to use your magic to wipe away all sort of social evils.

2) You Love To Love Hard

You are a natural caregiver. You like to care for others, look after them and won’t stop texting them until they have reached home safely.

You always like to believe in love a little too extra.

3) Those Eyes Of Yours Never Lies

If it’s settled for the fact that you’re way too emotional then it’s only obvious that you cannot hide it for long.

No matter how much you want to hide, your eyes cannot hide what you are truly feeling.

4) Your ‘Lips’ Don’t Lie

You are quite an honest person. No doubt about it! You sometimes spill the milk as well. But, that’s fine, someone needs to play fair.

Even in a conversation, you love to pour your heart out and enjoy a mindful talk.

5) You Don’t Exactly Hate Your Brain

Since you love to “think” with your heart, you might have a love-hate relationship with your brain.

You sometimes feel that your brain is being ‘cruel’ (that’s not true, you know it).

6) You’re A Passionate Person

You appreciate anything you ‘feel’ has been a work of passion. You don’t just simply analyze any project or work. You tend to ‘feel’ the vibe of hard work and the passion went into it.

In general, you’re a passionate person and love to do things with dedication.

7) “They Say Am A Dreamer… “

Not just day dream. You are an ambitious person who loves to dream big.

Dreams keep you motivated in life and you always have an interest in bringing some positive changes in the world.

8) You Are A One Good Soul

You love to help others. You are a natural empath. A supportive friend and someone whom everyone can look up to.

No wonder your love filled heart makes you a better person!


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