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An intuitive person is really a gifted soul who sees the world differently and feels every emotion very deeply. Their perception of life is what separates them from the crowd. The traits of an intuitive mind are somewhat subtle and covert, yet these very signs of highly intuitive people make them misunderstood by others.

These are the people who take interest in theories, abstractions, and exploration of things, almost non-existent in the real world. They tend to incline towards finding deeper meaning and understanding of any given expression or thought and have more inclination towards what isn’t said or even considered than what is actually being expressed.

10 Traits Of Highly Intuitive People

These 10 traits of an intuitive mind, at times, make them feel misunderstood by others, even by people who are close to them. 

10 Traits Of Highly Intuitive People

1. Sparking Debates

One of the traits of an intuitive is they frequently get into debates. Intuitives need to examine an issue from all perspectives which allows them to comprehend the actual meaning of any situation or a topic.  The reason they jump into debates is only because of their own personal need to improve their understanding of the topic. By no means, they act impolite or challenge others with their knowledge. They just want to inspect the legitimacy of the topic and check it from every angle to discover any shortcomings. Debating helps them to understand things in depth.

2. They Live For The Future

More than the present, they love to live for the future. They are always thinking about the options and opportunities that might appear to them in 20 years. They plan ahead their goals and predict a possible life for themselves for another twenty to thirty years from the present.

Since it is not at all possible to chalk out a plan down to every detail, it is obvious that the plan will get readjusted several times. This is one of the most visible traits of an intuitive person and can be seen through the different personality types of intuitive individuals. Extroverted Intuitives (xNFPs and xNTPs) make readjustments every day, and introverted intuitives (xNFPs and xNTPs) do this as and when needed, although the need arises quite frequently.

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3. Can Flout Rules

An intuitive always has a clear conception of every self-imposed rule and strongly abides by them. But if they raise questions, they don’t mean to be rebellious; it’s just that they want to know why those rules have been framed and if the reasons are sound enough. They cannot accept illogical action, so if a rule appears to be useless or obsolete, they won’t hesitate to ditch it and do things as per their wish.

4. Over-Analyzing Every Matter

To an intuitive, it is not enough to merely analyze an issue but to understand the extent of its effects on the surroundings. They must understand the underlying theory that has led to its development. Intuitives won’t stop until they have understood the intangible explanation for any tangible problem that appears before them. This can really drive others around them, insane.

5. Cannot Accept Authority

Intuitives don’t always rely on qualification, rather they believe in a person’s competence. Their judgments are always based on how competent others are. Intuitives know very well how inclined the human mind is towards prestige and convenience than on analysis. But that cannot deter them from questioning the established system which is accepted for decades, sometimes centuries.

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6. Persistently Look For Variety/ Variations

An intuitive is naturally attracted to the unconventional, abnormal, and uncouth. Throughout their lives, they keep on attempting to form an elaborate worldview, which explains why they make such great efforts to understand as many strange and peculiar things as possible. They are always looking for new perspectives, whether it is their studies, their lifestyle, or anything else, and this is why the new lenses can give them a completely different view than what they still know

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