5 Ways To Become An Empath Healer And Not Just A Pain Absorbing Empath

Ways To Become An Empath Healer

Do you feel others’ emotions as if they are your own? Don’t let this superpower of empathy become your weakness. Be an empath healer and not just an emotional sponge, taking in all the pain of the world.

All human beings absorb and emit energy vibrations, knowingly or unknowingly. Rumi had addressed these centuries back, saying absorbing the energies of this world, one made it a burden; what’s important is one should rise above this world and its burden because another vision exists.

We all have empathic tendencies in us. Some of us know it and some of us don’t. This justifies the anxiousness, the agony, the confusion, and the series of mixed emotions we face while talking to someone or in some gathering.

Some of us have shielded ourselves from these vibrations, including our own while the energetically sensitive empaths have let themselves get affected by this world.

Being an empath comes with both positive and negative sides.

The advantage of being an empath is:

  • They can detect the true form of energy within others.
  • They can judge a person without proof.
  • They can not only understand others, but they can also heal both themselves and the world.

The dark side of being an empath is falling into a state of chaos. With too many energies around them, they are prone to get confused and often end up becoming victims of negative energies themselves.

But there are ways to deal with the darker side. As an empath, you need to utilize your healing potential so that you don’t hurt yourself in the process of healing the world. Empaths have a certain sense of calm about them, which anyone can feel when they are around. No wonder, empaths can be healers too. 

5 Ways To Become An Empath Healer

If you want to become an empath healer and not just someone who goes on absorbing people’s pain, follow the below-given survival guide for empaths that focuses on the ways empaths can be healers.

1. Be Confident

Consciously start exchanging energy with the universe, and emit your own vibrations more, rather than receiving. This will start changing everything. In order to do this, you need confidence. Believe in yourself. You have the power to change. Use it.

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2. Let Go Of The Insecurity

Insecurity is one of the major obstacles which prevent you from becoming an empathic healer. You don’t need to please everyone to like you. If they don’t like you, if they don’t reciprocate your energy, there’s absolutely no reason to focus on them. You might be alone but you are strong enough to deal with everything. If you depend on others, you lose your confidence.

In our subconscious mind, we have the tendency to be good to everyone irrespective of what kind of people they are, so that they will be good to us, and it is their acceptance of our goodness that makes us feel happy. Let go of this. All of us are not the same. People with negative energies will never reciprocate your positive ones.

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Let Go Of The Insecurity
To Become an Empath Healer

3. Be Optimistic; Convert Others’ Negativity Into Positive Ones

Empaths who are insecure, tend to get dragged into the negative emotions of others. They absorb these emotions to feel the pain that relates to their own. But you need to be a healer.

So, instead of absorbing the pain, understand it, and point out the positive sides of it. If something is not going right, that means there are other alternatives. Find out the positive aspects of everything and make it a habit. It will not only make you feel good but also heal the other person too.

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4. Help Others Find Out Their Positive Sides

While it is important for you, as an empath to love yourself, it is also important that you make others love themselves too. That is how you can heal them. Show them their positive sides and their talents; make them feel good about themselves so that they can radiate positive energy and learn to be optimistic too.

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Help Others Find Out Their Positive Sides
To Become an Empath Healer

5. Stay Calm

Don’t freak out no matter how stressful the situation is. Even if someone pulls you into a zone of tension, remember that you can heal everything and that things will be okay. Don’t react or become anxious because this will create negative vibrations in you and create more trouble.

So, those were the ways to become a healer empath. Doing empath healing is not that difficult. All you need to do is focus on yourself and the positivity of this universe. You are an empath. You can heal the world.

If you want to know more about empath healers, then check out this video below:

To Become an Empath Healer

How To Become an Empath Healer?
5 Ways To Become an Empath Healer
Ways To Become A Healer pin
5 Ways To Become an Empath Healer
Ways To Become An Empath Healer pinex
Ways To Become An Empath Healer pin

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  1. Mel Avatar

    I like the advice here and I’ll definitely try and use it. I reflect back to situations where I’ve naturally saught to find the positives and complimented/pointed out an insight I’ve gained to the other person. It truly does lighten the energy. Of course, being an empath, this makes me feel great~ to make another feel good about themselves. I’m glad this is not the wrong thing to do…. I’ve done my share of the wrong things… Also, a part of me always wonders if making others happy boils down to a selfish act… Are we not serving ourselves by serving others? We want to make others happy so we can feel good, so is this really just service to self? Then again, even if the answer is yes, what would be wrong with that?

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