9 Signs You are a Born Healer

9 Signs You are a Born Healer

Are you a Born Healer? Do you have the magical capacity to heal others around you? Well to answer that, we probably need to talk more about what is a healer and what is the disease. 

What is a Disease?

According to ancient philosophies, a disease is actually a manifestation of Spiritual problems. Why? Because simply diseases are just part of this world. And anything that has been materialized in this World first existed in the Spirit Plane. Even We, ourselves, existed long before we were born. We were Souls wondering the abundant Realms, so we have history. According to the same philosophies, all cures pre-exist in the Spirit Plane. 

Once we are born, we collect experiences. Everything we think is affected by the Spirit Plane. Interestingly, the same thoughts can influence back and shape the same Realm.  

School of Witchcraft. Lesson 1: What We Think We Become

Our thoughts, our fears, and our desires shape our future. This is simply because anything we think begins to create a ‘spirit form’ in the Spirit Plane. The more we think about it, the stronger this ‘spirit form’ becomes. Now, this is the tricky part. If we keep on thinking about it, fear it, or desire it, this ‘spirit form’ becomes so dense and strong that starts to materialize in our Physical Plane. 

In other Words, what we Think, we Become! Fears, desires and all our emotions and thoughts have an impact on our aura. And of course, don’t forget the Karma. You have not lived just one life. Many of the things you live right now, is just a result of the Ripple Effect, caused by your actions from a Past Life. Hence, some of our diseases are just a result of our 1. thoughts, 2. fears, and 3. karma. 

Are You a Born Healer?

What is a Healer? Well let’s say something important first: Healers are our Medical Doctors who try to learn the laws of physics and biology in order to comprehend our physical body and cure it. In Magical Recipes Online we actually believe that Medical Doctors are the first you should ALWAYS consult when you face health issues. Even if the disease is a result of a spiritual problem, your Life comes first, and your body may not have much time. Go to your doctor FIRST. This is extremely important. Any spiritual, magical or alchemical procedure you will follow, should never go against your doctor’s advice. 

But Healers are not always only the Medical Doctors. Although any doctor may also be a Born Healer, there are many people out there who just possess the ability to cure the ones around them, just by being there. Numerous accounts of remarkable healings have been documented throughout millennia. These are the people we are talking about in this article. 

9 Signs You a Born Healer:

1.  You are Wounded

Chiron, in astrology is the symbol of an ultimate healer. In Greek Religion, Chiron was a powerful and wise Centaur who could heal anyone and anything. Ironically, he got wounded and died because of the anxiety, the poisoned arrow caused him. 

This story wants to tell us that once we recover from a ‘dark time’ we become stronger and wiser. In the ancient religion, it was believed that one who got bitten by a snake, could cure other with snakebites. Of course, this is symbolic.