Face Mapping: How Your Face Reveals Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick

your face reveals your body is sick

Face mapping technique: Learn How Your Face Can Reveal What Part Of Your Body Is Sick, And What To Do About It

Ancient Chinese healers are known for their accuracy in determining diseases and healing techniques which could cure a number of life-threatening ailments. What would they use to detect these diseases?

They were not equipped with modern-day technologies. Face mapping was the method they used. They could detect any disease by reading the face.

Face mapping

The Theories Behind This Face Mapping Technique were:

(a) All the organs of our body are interconnected. If one organ doesn’t work properly, it is bound to affect the workings of other organs. Hence, if any organ is not functioning properly, the face will show symptoms.

(b) If the skin of a person is not healthy, there are definitely some issues going on elsewhere in the body.

(c) The face is the mirror of our soul. Our internal physiological and psychological conditions get reflected on the face. If we are experiencing some disturbance in our internal organs, it will show its signs on our face.

As per study published in the Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies, this face mapping system has a degree of influence over both the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

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Dermatological face mapping
Face Mapping: How Your Face Reveals Which Part Of Your Body Is Sick

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The Primary Method Of Face Mapping Is Analyzing The Position Of Acne On The Face.

Acne on the cheeks indicates:

(a) you are having a problem because of smoking.

(b) there are some bacteria working in the body.

(c) you touch your face very frequently.

Acne on the chin, jaw or neckline indicates:

(a) you are consuming an excessive amount of starch or processed sugar.

(b) there are hormonal problems within the body.

(c) you are suffering from candida infection.

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Acne on the T-zone indicates:

(a) you are suffering from stress.

(b) you are drinking alcohol excessively.

(c) your caffeine intake has become higher.

(d) the blood circulation in the body is poor.

While these are just general symptoms of acne, locating its exact position can help us detect which organ is suffering from an imbalance.

Forehead: Bladder or Small Intestine:

Acne on the forehead signifies you are consuming too much carbohydrates and processed food, low in fiber and alcohol. This affects the digestive system which comprises of the bladder or small intestine. Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol and stress also renders in low digestion and increase of toxicity. This can be cured by controlling diet, increasing the daily intake of water to 10-12 glasses, adding fibrous food to your diet, and avoiding junk food and alcohol.

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The area between eyebrows: Liver :

Acne occurring in the area between eyebrows indicates that the liver is not functioning properly. This happens because of high consumption of meat. Give your liver a rest. Replace the meat with vegetables and fruits which will help your organs function properly. Also, take a break from work and try indulging yourself in a bit of fresh air and exercise.

Nose: Heart:

You are hurting your heart if there is an acne on your nose. Avoid salt and foods high in cholesterol. Maintain a healthy diet and don’t forget to exercise daily.

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Mouth and Chin: Stomach:

Acne on our mouth and chin reveals that your stomach needs your attention. Stop feeding yourself fatty foods and alcohol. These become a burden for your stomach. Eat healthy food like green vegetables and fruits. Substitute your fried delicacies with soups and salads.

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