Meaning Of Moles: What The Moles On Your Face And Body Say About You

Meaning Of Moles

As surprising as it may sound, moles have been linked to slower aging. Yes! Plenty of moles on your skin may mean that you are younger inside. At Kings College London, researchers found that cells with moles are able to renew themselves more frequently. In many cultures, moles on the face and body are believed to hold valuable information about the person’s future. So let’s find out more about the meaning of moles on your face and body.

The Origins of Facial Mole Reading

Since ancient times, it is believed that marks on the body contain valuable information about our personality, and knowing how to read them can help us connect better with our true selves, and also improve our understanding of the people around us. Reading moles on the face dates back to the 17th century.

It is no surprise that celestial bodies and planets influence the life we lead. Take the moon for example, which is responsible for the tides and hence, indirectly influence our daily lives in many ways. Moles are given so much importance because they are believed to be the mark/signature of the planets dominant during the time of our birth.

Moles on The Face and Their Meaning:

First and foremost, check your face for moles and locate their positions. Now match the position as closely as possible with the numbers in the picture given below. 

Note that the mole to consider for this activity must be a prominent one, ignore tiny spots and acne marks. Once you have determined the correct position of the mole, scroll below for the meaning of the numbered moles.

Meaning Of Moles: What The Moles On Your Face And Body Say About You
Meaning Of Moles: What The Moles On Your Face And Body Say About You

Position 1 to 3:

The meaning of moles on these positions is that you were a free-spirited, rebellious child and teenager. You have immense creative energy within you and it shines best when you are working nonchalantly. That’s why you will be more successful working as your own boss rather than taking orders. The good news is that you are lucky in the department of undertaking self-driven ventures. Your innovative approach to life is admired by all.

Position 4:

The meaning of moles in this position is that you are impulsive by nature and that has both positives and negatives. When you need to choose from multiple options, it’s a difficult task for you. On the other hand, when you show your exuberant, animated manners, you are admired for your charisma. This mole is responsible for your short-tempered nature and if you decide to remove it, you’ll notice that your inner world has become peaceful. You like to argue about everything almost , but never let fights develop into grudges.

Position 5:

If you have a mole right above your eyebrow; it signifies your good fortune in money-related matters. But to earn your wealth, you will have to put in a lot of hard work, more than most people do. There’s something else to keep in mind– the money you earn has to be safely stored, as there are many people in your life who will act out of jealousy and try to get their hands on your money. Be very careful about schemes that promise high returns and quick riches. It’s best if you don’t allow other people to manage your finances and in general, don’t trust other people easily.

Position 6:

A mole in this position is a reflection of your artistic skills– you are creative, intelligent, and have a flair for the arts. It also means that you have wealth luck, but you can only earn a lot of money if you follow your passion instead of taking conventional routes to success. Your flair for the arts can bring you success, recognition and prosperity. You just need to be brave.

Position 7:

A mole under your eyebrows indicates disputes within your family. You are likely to have fights with your extended family members and this may lead to stress and worry, affecting your work and personal life. It is best if you talk it out and settle issues with your relatives, and regain your peace of mind.

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