6 Pressure Points That Will Cure A headache in Less Than 5 Minutes

Pressure Points That Cure headache in 5 Minutes

Headache comes unannounced and causes a lot of trouble. Like any other disease, there are pills which can cure. But what happens when we don’t have pills?

Should we keep on tolerating the pain? Well, there’s no need to worry about that. There is a mind blowing alternative to pills that works in seconds and can be done anytime, anywhere!

A headache can be cured in 5 minutes by a massage called Acupressure based on 2000 years old China remedy. It’s proven scientifically and works effectively.

For Acupressure, you don’t need to have knowledge of medicinal science. There’s no need for a professional to give you the massage, either. You can give it yourself only if you know how to do it.

On average, the massage takes 30 seconds to 1 minute. In order to give yourself the message, you need to take a comfortable position and relax.

Here are the 6 points you need to know and massage:

(1) Yintang Point:

Massage this point cure eye related headaches
1. Yintang Point

The point of the third eye is called the Yintang point. It is located in between our eyebrows and connects the nose to the forehead. The fatigue of the eyes is removed by massaging this point. It is effective for eye-related headaches, whether from eye strain or simply a “behind the eyes” headache.

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(2) Zan Zhu Points:

The Zan Zhu points are symmetrical points. They are located on the medial end of the eyebrows and are the local points for both headaches and sinus. You need to massage these points for a minute.

(3)Yingxiang Points:

The Yingxiang points are situated on both sides of our nostrils and useful in opening our sinuses. If a line is drawn from them to our eyes, it will pass through our eyes. Massage these points well and get relieved from toothache and stress.

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(4) Tian Zhu Points:

Tian Zhu points are present at the back of our heads. They are positioned between the ear and the spine. You need to massage these points if you want to get relief from a headache, nasal congestion, ear and eye pain, and migraines.

(5) Shuai Gu Points:

You will find the Shuai Gu points in between the hairline and the area of the temple. Massaging this area cures the pain in that region. It also helps in relaxation of eyes and cure eye pain.

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(6) He Gu Points:

He Gu points are symmetrical points which are positioned in between the thumb and the forefinger. If you massage these points, you will not only get cured of a headache but also enjoy the removal of stress from your nerves. It is also effective for relieving headache, back pain, toothache, and neck muscle tension.

Now you can throw away those pills and cure your headache on your own. Acupressure works like magic! However, do visit a doctor to rule out any serious underlying issue. Also, try to work with a licensed acupuncturist for effective results.

The Science of Acupressure: Cure A Headache in 5 Minutes Without Pills
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