How Lavender Lemonade Eases Your Headache And Anxiety

lavender lemonade eases your headache and anxiety

The world is chaotic right now, and most people out there are feeling anxious, tensed, and stressed out. And when you add lack of sleep to all this, it’s nothing short of a nightmare. If you are tired of popping sleeping pills to sleep better, then you should try out a natural remedy, which is lavender lemonade.

Lavender oil is famous for having numerous benefits, out of which the most notable one is that it can relax you, and help you have nights of peaceful sleep. It’s also known for being one of the safest and gentlest herbs out there. Win-win, right?

Benefits Of Lavender And Lavender Oil

  • This beautiful purple herb has antidepressant (alleviates symptoms of depression), anti-fungal (helps with nail and skin health), anti-microbial (kills microorganisms that cause sickness), anti-inflammatory (brings down inflammation in the body), antiseptic (gets rid of germs in the skin), analgesic (reduces different kinds of pain in the body), hypotensive (decreases blood pressure which can make you feel relaxed), sedative (helps in inducing peaceful sleep and improves sleep patterns), anti-bacterial (destroys the growth of bacteria), and detoxifying (purifies the kidneys and liver, and cleanses blood) properties.
  • It’s a complex and beneficial herb that is made up of more than 150 valuable constituents that provide scores of benefits, be it mental or physical.
  • Lavender and lavender oil are known for helping tremendously with symptoms of migraines, sinus, hangovers, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. It has been used for many generations for providing pain relief from these conditions.
  • It can work towards lowering pulse rates, reducing stress, and help with anxiety.
  • Lavender also helps with insomnia, nightmares, depression, and even labor pains.

Now that it has been established lavender is nothing short of a wonder herb, one of the easiest ways to reap its benefits is to consume it. Lavender lemonade is one of the best drinks you can have if you are looking to incorporate this herb into your diet. It’s not only delicious and refreshing, but it is also beneficial and good for your mental and physical health, too!

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How Does Lavender Lemonade Help With Anxiety And Headaches?

Even though lemonade has always been seen as the perfect summer drink, it also has many other benefits too. Lemon juice has many nutrients, from Vitamin C (known for helping with migraines) to folate, and can also help make your immune system stronger. Anything citrusy like lemon is famous for acting as an antidepressant and has been regarded as one of the best things in aromatherapy for years, that can help with concentration.

When you add lavender to this beneficial fruit, it’s nothing short of an elixir for stressed-out people. Lavender plant and lavender essential oil are known for having a soothing and relaxing scent, and studies have shown over the years how this purple herb can bring down anxiety and relax the mind and body.

Moreover, according to the research of the famous naturopathic physician, Jeremy Appleton, the smell of lavender can modify your perception of pain. His work speaks of the fact that when you sniff and smell lavender, you will be better able to tolerate your migraines and headaches.

How Lavender Lemonade Eases Your Headache And Anxiety

How Can You Make Lavender Lemonade?

To make some delicious lavender lemonade, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Half a glass of raw honey
  • 10-12 cups of water
  • 7 lemons
  • 1 drop of lavender essential oil
  • 4-5 lavender sprigs for garnish (optional)

Peel the lemons and extract the juice from them. Add all the other ingredients to it, mix them and chill the mixture in the refrigerator. You can have this lavender lemonade any time you want. You can adjust the flavor of the lemonade by adding honey or water, as per your taste.

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