6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master

6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master

Have you ever heard of a spiritual master?

Spiritual masters are people who have risen above the clouds of materialism and worldly pleasures.

They are lightworkers who are here to prepare you for the battles that are bound to happen within and outside you, they are here to teach you the laws and principles of the universe. They are the saviors and the healers of this world.

The new generation has popularized an old Sanskrit word ‘Guru’ which also means a master, the one who knows. So having gained popularity in modern times, the word still holds the same essence and values.

Spiritual mastery has nothing to do with age, there is no fixed age to gain the enlightenment, it can occur at any stage in your life and you shall find a guru to guide you, to show you the path, though it’s you who will have to cross the hurdles.

The guru will show you the light and you shall make your way out of the darkness on your own.

If you ever come across one, you will notice these 6 traits of a spiritual master.

1. They let go of attachments.

Spiritual Master

Everything is temporary, a spiritual guru knows this very well. He doesn’t waste time behind materialistic possessions or money or trying to look more beautiful for that matter.

He invests his time in beautifying his heart and soul. Once you realize this, you will focus less on your house or wardrobe and more on your soul, you will channel your energy where it really matters.

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2. They feel a deep connection with nature.

Spiritual Master

They feel deeply connected with planet earth and all aspect of nature. They know they don’t own the earth or the universe owes nothing to them but they owe everything to the universe.

They respect and appreciate every part of nature for they know it is their common home and they need to participate equally.

3. They don’t judge people.

6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master
They know what it’s like to be where you are now. They have been here. They will never judge you for what you wear or how enlightened you are or what words you use. They know you will get better. They know you’re different and you are fighting your own battle.

They accept you as you are and judging is not in their nature for they know judging you have got less to do about you and it is more about them.

4. Teaching others to come naturally.

6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master

Their life has so much to teach you. One can learn a great deal by just looking at their life. However, while many struggles teach you something, gurus find a way to you easily. They know exactly what to say and when to say. Their words have that clarity and power to hit you like lightning.

5. They are sensitive but non-reactive.

6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master

Feelings can get overwhelming and take over you. While every empath is sensitive but reactive to at the same time as they let emotion swell inside them and take the good of them, a spiritual guru doesn’t let his emotions take the good of him, he knows the boundaries of his emotions and does not submit it to it.

They feel the feeling rather than being the feeling. They pick up your energy and are sensitive but they don’t react.

6. They are the definition of unconditional love.

6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master

We can try hard but it’s really tough to love everyone but the spiritual gurus have mastered the language of love. They believe in ‘we are one’ and no matter how hard it gets, they impart unconditional love and hold everyone together.

Anger or hatred cannot even get close to love is all they embrace. If you want to see what unconditional love looks like, look at a guru.

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Spiritual masters are truly one of a kind, and if you have one in your life, you are a lucky one.

If you want to know more about spiritual masters, then check out this video below:

6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master
6 Traits Of A Spiritual Master


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