11 Reasons You Will Fall In Love With A Spiritual Girl

 February 28, 2017

A spiritual girl is not a fortune telling, idol worshiping person, they are just like any other woman you have in your life. Then what makes her so unique? That, falling in love with her is the best thing ever.

She is a girl who knows how to seek harmony between the mind and the body. She tries to find a deep connection with everything. A personality so bright; she is like a warrior with a gentle heart, and always so optimistic.


And, below are the 11 reasons to tell you why it is impossible not to fall for one

1.   They believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Quite obviously,        she patronizes the entry of a partner into her life and feels that the boy has come into her life to gift her with something extremely precious like memories, a part of his soul or sometimes the gift can be a lesson for life as well.


2.  One of the most outstanding and uncommon traits that can be found in them is that she is completely genuine and never fakes anything. Pretending is not her cup of tea and she accepts her with all her shortcomings. She knows that no person can be totally perfect and therefore, always remains herself along with her flaws.


3.  ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ goes for spiritual girls as she can find beauty in the commonest of the things surrounding her. Consequently, love oozes out of every orifice of this spiritual girl starting from love for family, friends, pets, environment, atmosphere and universe at large. Her heart is an ocean of love that is open for all.


4.  They will always try to get better with each passing moment in order to make herself more perfect as she understands that she has got some loopholes that must be acted upon at the earliest to become a nicer person. In the course of this realization, comes the urge to grow and get better.


5.  The world beyond or rather the unknown world outside never frightens her. Rather, she always looks out to explore more of that world with wide eyes and heart in order to extract the maximum amount of happiness from the world. This is something that makes her even more influential and impressive for a guy.


6.  She has unfailing faith that never gets perturbed under any circumstances. Therefore, irrespective of the huge number of hardships that she might have to undertake, she never stops believing in herself and keeps doing her part with a never-ending hope that things will get brighter one day only if she continues to deliver her duties.

6 comments on “11 Reasons You Will Fall In Love With A Spiritual Girl

  1. I would have to agree. I am a spiritual intuitive soul. Your words paint a wonderful image. I thank you for noticing. I have to be honest, for the 11 qualities that are inviting and grand just as many or more are not as such. I can only speak for myself. I was not always this way. When I was young I had a good nature, and a difficult up bringing. In adult life much of the same. I thought I would state yes ,if spiritual people of healthy state of mind. And free of negative influences. Is good to fall in love with, But one must be cautious of any negative traits, disorders, or the person who does fall in the end will be left heart broken. Again in my experience only but there are many out there with similar experience.

  2. But she doesn’t have much sense of nationality, classes, religions and divides. Though in understanding she knows them exist. So, she may not be easily understood and empathize with. Especially when she talks uniformity and universality. Haha

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