10 Passionate And Intense Signs You’re In Spiritual Love

passionate and intense signs youre in spiritual love

Love makes the world go round, and everyone walking on the face of the Earth is looking for love, whether they admit it or not. Love can be beautiful, intense, messy, and sometimes even all-consuming. But when it comes to spiritual love, it can change your life and the way you see the world.

If you get to experience spiritual love in your life, even once, then know that you have tasted what true and real love really feels like. Spiritual love is life-changing, and you will understand this, only when you get to experience it.

What Is Spiritual Love?

Do you know what spiritual love is? It’s when you love each other completely by accepting each other as you are, with all your flaws, quirks, and imperfections. You never judge each other on the basis of what you didn’t do right, rather you love one another for all the things that you do. Respecting each other even when you have differences is what makes your love one of a kind.

You push each other to be the very best versions of yourselves, and no matter what happens you’re always there to catch them when they fall. Spiritual love is all-encompassing, and it is something that doesn’t understand dishonesty, cheating, and deception in any shape or form. Spiritual love is only possible when there’s respect, understanding, and trust between two people.

When you experience spiritual love, you feel a sense of peace in your life that drives you to be better every day. Your soulmate pushes you to see the world through a different lens, and you see it as you’ve never seen before. Experiencing spiritual love is one of the most intense and powerful feelings in this world!

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10 Passionate And Intense Signs You’re In Spiritual Love

1. You trust each other, and consider each other to be equals.

You never make the other person feel as if they are inferior to you or that you’re better than them. Both of you see each other as equals and strive to make each other the best versions of themselves. The relationship is based on respect, equality, and trust where both of your qualities are equally acknowledged and complimented.

Both of you acknowledge your differences, but you never see them as drawbacks, rather you see these differences as something that can help you see the world in a different way. And that’s what spiritual love is in a nutshell, you recognize what both of you bring to the relationship, then respect it and build trust.

2. You love and accept each other for who you are.

In a relationship where spiritual love is at the center of it all, there is no scope for toxicity and selfishness. You never feel the need to pretend with each other, or hide behind a facade to impress your partner; both of you know who you are and accept each other fully for that. You don’t expect perfection from your partner, rather you love them all the more for their imperfections.

Both of you know what love truly means, and that’s why you respect each other enough to never try and change the other person into someone who you think they should be. You never try to ‘fix’ each other, because that isn’t what spiritual love is. Acceptance and mutual respect are what makes your relationship tick.

3. You have intense, meaningful conversations.

One of the major cornerstones of a spiritual relationship is having deep, purposeful conversations. Having deep conversations with each other doesn’t just bring you closer, but also helps you understand each other on a more emotional and spiritual level.

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