4 Types Of Romantic Relationships That Awaken Your Spirituality

4 Types of Romantic Relationships From a Soul’s Perspective

The indomitable force of love fills our heart and soul with unbound energy which is as strong as it is mystical. Love takes us from relationship to relationship for our spiritual growth. Each romantic relationship we invest ourselves in is a stepping stone to a more conscious, aware, healed, emotionally mature and enlightened self. Let’s take a look at the different types of romantic relationships from a spiritual point of view.

“Giving someone a piece of your soul is better than giving a piece of your heart. Because souls are eternal.” – Helen Boswell

There are 4 basic types of romantic relationships that we might encounter.

I write this list based on my own experience and what I’ve seen while working with my coaching clients. As well as, what I’ve understood while connecting with my soul and discussing the topics of soul agreements and types of romantic love.

During our life, we don’t have to encounter all 4 types of romantic relationships if it isn’t necessary for our spiritual growth. Sometimes we may get stuck with them longer than it’s needed (usually with the passengers) or grieve a little too long for a sudden breakup with those who make our heart beat fast (abridger).

Either way, every single person we meet, is our teacher. Regardless of whether we’re in a relationship with them or not.

I like to think of relationships as divine assignments that are here to teach us valuable lessons.

Every person serves us as a mirror of our soul so we can see who we are. The more we turn our sight away from our reflection, the shiner the mirror sparkles to get our attention.

I genuinely believe that the quality of any relationship depends on us. We can make a relationship work and last if we choose to and, of course, if the willingness is mutual.

4 Types of Romantic Relationships

1. Bridgers

“Our souls already know each other, don’t they” he whispered. ‘It’s our bodies that are new.” – Karen Ross

A bridger is one “who lives near the bridge.”

This kind of person is supposed to prepare us for crossing the river ahead, so we step into a new phase of our lives. These types of relationships are rather short and intensive.

From a soul’s perspective, such a person is meant to help us get from our current place to a new better place.

Thus, they need to catch our attention enough so that we’re willing to take that step. The best way to grab our attention is to fall madly in love.

Once we put our feet on a bridge and make a few first couples of steps, they start to disappear from our lives. Often, they leave as quickly as they showed up.

We feel confused and don’t understand why they’ve gone – the reason is simple – they’ve fulfilled their short yet profound mission, and now they’re free to go.

Usually, after the bridger leaves our life, everything feels like a mess. Maybe we moved to a different country, changed a job, or decided to pursue new hobbies.

One thing is certain; they always bring a change.

Many of my clients met their spouses after a breakup with the bridger. Why? Because before meeting the bridger they weren’t in the right place to meet their now-partners. Something needed to change – mentally, spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

2. Passengers

“Have you ever felt really close to someone’ So close that you can’t understand why you and the other person have two separate bodies, two separate skins’.” – Nancy Garden

A passenger is one of the most common types of romantic relationships. They can stay very long (even whole life) or just a couple of years. I call them passengers as they accompany us for longer periods of life.

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