How To Know If It’s a Karmic, Twin Flame, or Soulmate Relationship

Know Karmic Twin Flame Soulmate Relationship

Soulmate, twin flame and karmic relationships have always intrigued people to no end because the concept of relationships being written by destiny is something to think about, and sometimes worth getting excited about. Why are people drawn into romantic and deep relationships that seem to be fated and decided by destiny?

Everyone wants to fall in love and experience it in its full glory. But falling in love with someone you were meant to and having a relationship that feels ‘out of this world’ is something else, isn’t it?

As humans are evolving, so are their romantic relationships and their definition of love. Love is not just having feelings for each other and being together anymore, it is something deep, and poetic. Following societal rules and norms when it comes to love is slowly going out of the window, and people are starting to see it for what it truly is – a once in a lifetime, intense, deep, and crazy kinda love, that will change the way you see life and the world.

Which brings us to the million dollar question – what is the difference between karmic, twin flame and soulmate relationships?

The eternal truth about these kinds of relationships is that none of them is bigger or better than the other – it’s all about which lifetime you are in at what point of time on Earth, and what kind of lessons are you coming across during the process of learning. You might experience none of these relationships in your lifetime, or you can experience all three, you never know!

Karmic Relationships

One of the very first relationships that you will usually enter is a karmic relationship. Karmic relationships teach you lessons that you weren’t able to know and learn in your previous lifetime. The person with whom you will be in a karmic relationship is not meant to be the right kind of relationship most of the time. Karmic relationships are meant to change the way you see life and change the way you live it.

The thing about karmic relationships is that no matter how much you want to make them work, they never seem to work. No matter how hard you try, things don’t work out in the end. This is because you are not supposed to live your life with your karmic partner, and karmic relationships are not supposed to work out in the long run.

This truth might be a tough pill to swallow because it’s normally not an issue about compatibility or love. In karmic relationships, something always feels off no matter how hard you try, or how much you might wish it to work out. But if you don’t let go of your karmic relationship, then you will get burnt.

Karmic relationships seem very intoxicating and perfect sometimes, but the whole point of this type of relationship is to change you and your life, and then leave for good. The more you try to hold on to it, the worse you will feel.

When it comes to a relationship of this sort, you need to understand that you need to let it go when the time comes, no matter how painful it might feel. Chaining yourself to a relationship or forcing yourself in one is not the way to be happy.

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Soulmate Relationships

After karmic relationships, comes soulmate relationships. Being with your soulmate is one of the best things you can experience in your life, because of just how sweet and simple it truly feels.

You know you have met your soulmate when you feel a very unique and warm connection with them. They will make you feel good and confident about yourself, and will always know what to do to make you feel happy, safe, and secure. Soulmates come into your life to make it better and happier and they touch your life in a completely different way.

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