How To Know If It’s a Karmic, Twin Flame or Soulmate Relationship

Twin Flames and Soul Mates always fascinates me to see what brings people together. Why are we drawn into relationships that have a certain destiny?

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We all desire to not just fall in love—but to be part of that “once in a lifetime” type of love story.

As we are evolving, so are our romantic relationships.

No longer are we satisfied by those unions that are convenient or that seem to fulfill specific ideals that our families or society have taught us we should aspire to.

We are searching for that once in a lifetime crazy type of love—but what really separates twin flames from soulmates and karmic relationships?

The biggest truth is that one of these relationships isn’t better than the other—it just depends on what lifetime we are in, here on earth, and what lessons we currently are in the process of learning.

How To Know If It’s a Karmic, Twin Flame or Soulmate Relationship

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Sometimes we may experience none of these relationships in a lifetime, and in others, we may experience all three.

The reality is that we often don’t truly realize which type of relationship we had until long after it’s passed and the lessons have been absorbed.

One of the first relationships we usually enter into is a karmic one. Karmic relationships often are those lessons that we were unable to learn in a previous lifetime—these people aren’t meant to take it easy on us, because they are meant to change our way of life.

The addiction to karmic relationships is that it seems no matter how many tries we give it—it just doesn’t seem to work.

But that is because karmic relationships aren’t supposed to work out—we aren’t supposed to live our life with our karmic partner.

It’s hard to accept because it’s usually not an issue of love, or even about compatibility.

Something is just off and doesn’t work, no matter how much we wish it did—but the worst decision we can make is to choose to not let go.

Karmic relationships burn hot and seem almost intoxicating at times, but the entire point of these types of relationships is to come into our lives, change us—and then leave.

Often times, those people who married and divorced young have married their karmic relationship, instead of letting them go when the time came.

The most important lesson for us is that we just have to be strong enough to let them move on when the time comes, because no matter what type of relationship we are in, we shouldn’t have to chain ourselves to it in order to not lose it.

Although some of us may experience several karmic relationships in our lifetime, the next stage after we conquer those lessons is often the soulmate love.

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