Are you An Empath: 25 Questions Empath Test To Help You Find Out

Are you An Empath Questions Find Out

Do you sometimes think that you might be an empath? Take the empath test below and see how many of the following Empath traits you resonate with.

Here’s what you need to do – for each statement, give yourself a “0” for never, a “2” for sometimes, and a “3” for always.

25 Questions Empath Test To Help You Find Out

1. You sense others’ pain and sadness.

2. You pick up quickly if someone means one thing, but says another.

3. You feel drained if you are around certain people.

4. You get strong first impressions of people—both negative and positive—that end up being spot on.

5. You see something sad—for instance, an animal being hit by a car—and it takes you much longer than others to stop feeling sad or sick about it.

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6. Others don’t understand how deeply you feel and why you can’t just “let it go.”

7. You always feel like you view life from a different perspective than everyone around you. It seems like no one is “like you.”

8. You’ve experienced the sensation that you are feeling the pain of the whole world.

9. There are times when you feel so overwhelmed with the pain of the world that you want to crawl under the blankets and not interact with anyone for a few days.

10. You can’t watch or read the news or watch sad or violent movies because it’s too upsetting or makes you sick.

11. You repeatedly feel the same emotions or sensations around the same people. (For instance, every time you see a particular friend, you feel anxious or sad for no particular reason.)

Are you An Empath: 25 Questions Empath Test To Help You Find Out

12. You feel sick or in pain when you are around certain people for no physical reason, or you seem to take on other’s symptoms, feeling as they feel.

13. You feel like your mood or emotions change when certain people enter a room.

14. You’ve walked into a room and felt the energy was different, without knowing why (for example, walking into the office and being hit with the sensation of tension or anger—I used to be able to walk in the front door of the office and know whether my boss was in a good or a bad mood without seeing him).

15. You sometimes get overwhelmed when there are a lot of people around, but can’t figure out why you feel overwhelmed (there’s nothing outwardly unpleasant going on).

16. You sometimes feel like your emotions change on a dime, but you don’t know why.

17. People come to you as their “energy source,” because you brighten their day or have other impacts on their emotions.

18. People seem drawn to you and need their “fix” of you to feel better. Often, animals and children will be very drawn to you as well.

19. You prefer to be near water, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed.

20. You need to have time in nature to feel balanced.

21. You’ve had people ask you why you are “such a bleeding heart,” or make fun of you for feeling so deeply (I cannot tell you how often this has happened to me!).

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22. You care for others more than you care for yourself and feel like you “have to” take care of people, even when you know you are burning yourself out.

23. You have a hard time taking care of yourself because you are too busy taking care of others.

24. You feel—or know—that plants and animals have a soul/awareness, and feel their pain and sadness.

25. You’ve had times in your life when you went through such a traumatic event that you were totally numb.

Add your points and find out what your score means on the next page

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