How Unbalanced Chakras Weaken The Empath


unbalanced chakras

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. An overactive or blocked chakra brings physical and mental symptoms that obstruct personal growth and emotional well-being. But how can unbalanced chakra affect the energy flow of an empath? Let’s find out.

As an Empath, you will no doubt have heard of the chakras; but you may not know of the importance they play in keeping you happy, healthy, and protected from the energy of others. The chakras are energy centers located along the central energy canal, near the spine, and are in direct correlation with the endocrine system.

Chakras And Their Corresponding Glands

1. Root or base chakra: adrenals

2. Sacral chakra: ovaries/testes

3. Solar plexus chakra: pancreas

4. Heart chakra: thymus

5. Throat chakra: thyroid/parathyroids

6. Third eye chakra: pineal

7. Crown chakra: pituitary

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The word chakra means wheel or circle and can be translated into vortex or whirlpool. The chakras are vortices that control the energy of the body. Chakras can be classed as healthy or unhealthy, open, closed, blocked, or imbalanced.

If any of the chakras remain permanently open, it can result in physical and energetic vulnerability and a diminished aura.

A weakened, leaky aura is bad news on many levels for the Empath. It not only allows our energy to leak out but also allows too much energy in, from those we come into contact with.

So, if you are struggling with fatigue, overwhelm, and dealing with too much emotional energy, you may have to consider that your chakras are unbalanced and your aura is leaky.

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The health of the chakras is affected by personal trauma, anxiety, and stress, and can be forced permanently open by the regular use of chemical drugs, medications, a poor diet, consuming drug-like foods, excessive alcohol intake, and smoking.

Chakras, which are considered to be ‘energetic glands’, also represent a physical endocrine gland.

energetic glands chakras

You may not be familiar with the term ‘the endocrine system’ but you will be familiar with some of the glands and the hormones they secrete:

The pineal gland secretes the hormones melatonin and serotonin, the thyroid secretes thyroxine, the adrenals secrete adrenaline, the pancreas: insulin, and the testes/ovaries: estrogen and testosterone.

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The endocrine glands react to certain stimuli and secrete hormones so the body can carry out a set function. For example: in darkness, the pineal gland secretes melatonin, which is known as the sleep hormone, and tells the body it is time to sleep.

In times of fear, the adrenals ramp up the production of adrenaline which gives the strength to run away from a dangerous situation, and when starchy carbohydrates and sugars are consumed, the pancreas releases insulin so the body can remove sugar from the bloodstream.

Although these hormones have their own functions, they still work in unison. Meaning when one goes out of balance it has a knock-on effect on the others, which affects the endocrine glands and thus chakras.


When your chakras are in balance so should be the endocrine system and vice versa. However, modern lifestyles are working against the equilibrium of the endocrine glands which in turn creates blockages or imbalances within the chakras.

Effect Of Unbalanced Chakras On An Empath

An Empath’s energy centers are already vulnerable from the excessive emotions they experience, both their own and others. The last thing they need is for them to be weakened by what they consume.

It was believed the first step to balancing the chakras was to balance the energy body through spiritual practices, healing, and meditative practices. But it is becoming more evident that changing the diet is as beneficial (if not more so).

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We are what we eat! Food is our nourishment and medicine. If, as an Empath, you eat foods that don’t agree with you, you will suffer unnecessarily

Unbalanced chakras make all aspects of life difficult. It makes the Empath ungrounded, unbalanced, and unhappy. If imbalances are caused by the diet then only changing your diet will help alleviate the problems. But staying grounded, reducing negative influences, and living authentically will also go a long way to keeping your chakras in check.

Click here to discover the foods that may be causing problems with your moods and chakras. If you want to know more about how diet impacts Empath life and are ready to transform click here.

Hope this helps on your Empath journey. Until next time,


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How Can Unbalanced Chakras Weaken empath pin
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