Symptoms Of Blocked Chakras: How To Identify and Heal

Symptoms Blocked Chakras

For hundreds of years, Chakra healing has been a science to reckon with and it’s making a comeback in the medical field too. Find out if you have any Blocked Chakra.

But before we start here is what you should know about Chakras and their Power in our Life.

What are the Chakras?

Chakras are located down our back from the top of our head to the base of our spine. The word ‘Chakra’ is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’.

These wheels are the seven points in our body through which the energy in our body is circulated.

A Chakra in our body hampers the uninterrupted energy flow and thus disrupts our body’s organic flow, causing emotional and physical illnesses.

The seven Chakras from the bottom are as follows:

  1. The Root Chakra
  2. Sacral Chakra
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Heart Chakra
  5. Throat Chakra
  6. Third Eye Chakra
  7. The Crown Chakra

Each of these Chakras is directly related to a particular part of the body and thus affects our general health- taking all the major systems in our body like the digestive system, reproductive system and respiratory system, to our intuition; it is vital to keep these energy wheels clear and unblocked to allow our body to function as it was designed.

The Chakras in our body can be blocked because of various factors, the most common being diet, negative thoughts, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle.

We can easily unblock and heal any Chakra by implementing some simple life style changes that can show drastic improvements in our overall physical and emotional well-being.

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Which of Your Chakras are blocked?

The first step to healing any ailment is to find to root to the problem. The same is true for blocked Chakras.

Before we can focus on unblocking specific Chakras, we need to figure out which wheels are blocked. You may discover that many are blocked or you might find one or two that need clearing.

Find out the areas you should focus on healing by identifying with the list of symptoms below associated with each Chakra.

1. Root Chakra

Symptoms Blocked Chakras root chakra
Symptoms Of Blocked Chakras: How To Identify and Heal

Color: Red
Element: Earth
Position: Base of the Spine
Objective: It is associated with the foundations of survival:  food, shelter, safety, comfort, and belonging.
Blocked by: Fear which cannot be managed.

When your Root Chakra is blocked:

  • You often feel stuck and inactive.
  • You experience overwhelming stress because of external pressure.
  • You feel insecure about your life.
  • You feel left out in varied situations.
  • You are facing persistent financial problems.

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Healing the Root Chakra:

  • You can engage more in activities close to nature like gardening, going for morning works in the garden, walking bare feet on the grass, do healthy cooking, go hiking.
  • Surround yourself in safe and comfortable environment, where you feel calm and soothed. Be around earthly colors, objects reminding you of nature.
  • Doing yoga can bridge the gap between the body and the spirit.

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2. Sacral Chakra

Symptoms Blocked Chakras sacral chakra
Symptoms Of Blocked Chakras: How To Identify and Heal

Color: Orange
Element: Water
Position: Below the belly button.
Objective: governs connectivity, Sexuality, quality of interpersonal relationships, pleasure and contentment, joy of life.
Blocked by: Guilt.

When your Sacral Chakra is blocked:

  • You negatively evaluate yourself, judging yourself in negative light, feeling inadequate and insufficient.
  • You have trouble engaging in sensual and pleasurable sexual relationship
  • You hold negative and degrading ideas about Physical intimacy and sexual intercourse.
  • You feel disconnected with other people.
  • You have a punitive attitude towards yourself.
  • You desperately search for a worthy partner, failing to realize you are lovable.

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