20 Things You Do Differently Because You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

Things You Do Differently Because You are A Highly Sensitive Person

As a highly sensitive person, I can sense your mood from a mile away. Don’t try to hide it. You’re not fooling me ― Tracy M. Kusmierz

Have people labeled you as a great listener?

Do random strangers turn up to you for advice?

Are you able to catch up on subtle signs that most people would miss? Do you have a high level of self awareness and can also read people without them uttering a word?

 If any of these resonate with you, then you might be a Highly Sensitive person (HSP) .

The terms Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) or Sensory processing sensitivity (SPS) were originally founded in 1990’s by research psychologist Elaine Aron ,who stated that it is an inherent trait in people with highly sensitive nervous systems that helps them to better deal with the world by being more observant before acting.

Research shows that HSPs actually undergo increased blood flow in the areas of the brain that process emotion, awareness and empathy. In Fact, most of the HSPs are often empaths who have an innate ability to feel other people’s emotions, feelings and needs.

They also have very rich inner worlds due to their heightened sensitivity and keen observation skills. They can very easily be awed by the beauty of a sunset or a fragrance of a flower.

Because of their hyperactive nervous system and heightened senses, they need a lot of alone time to recharge from the over stimulation of their senses. Intermittent Solitude is very essential and grounding for HSPs and a non negotiable if they want to function at their optimum capacity.

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Knowing that you are an HSP and how your system operates can really help you to make the best use of your gifts of empathy and sensitivity.

highly sensitive people

Wondering if you’re an HSP, read on!

Here are 20 ways how being an HSP you behave differently:

In public

1. You tend to shut down in loud or over crowded places

Since you have a hyperactive sensory system, you tend to get overwhelmed in crowded or loud places.

You occasionally shut down or zone out mentally to escape the over stimulation of your senses or you try to leave such places physically as soon as possible.

2.  You avoid news or media about suffering or abuse

You avoid consuming content about any sort of suffering, injustice or abuse.

3. You are very compassionate and kind

You are so sensitive to even  the pain and suffering of others that you can start to feel their suffering as your own. You are so big on compassion and empathy that slightest pain or suffering abound you, can move you to tears.

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4. You get anxious during conflicts or disagreements

Being an HSP, you tend to avoid conflicts or even minor disagreements because they can really overwhelm you. You can get really stressed and anxious if someone raises their voice at you.

In relationships also, the mood and feelings of your significant other can make you physically unwell and can affect your sleep or eating cycles.

You can even get nervous and uncomfortable watching two strangers fight because you are very sensitive and tend to absorb other people’s emotions and energy.

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3 thoughts on “20 Things You Do Differently Because You’re A Highly Sensitive Person”

  1. I see a lot of my path in the things you have described. I know that solitude is the cure-all for me. My husband laughs when his friends come over and my response is to go find a book and disengage. I have also found that empathy laden souls don’t hunt for problems we acknowledge too much for us to be nosey. Thank you for putting a voice to our plight.

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