7 Signs of A Female Narcissist

Signs of A Female Narcissist

7 Signs of A Female Narcissist

Can women be narcissists?


Female narcissists can be as toxic and threatening as male narcissists.

What is narcissism?

Narcissism refers to thinking very highly of oneself. Narcissists are selfish and have almost no regard for others.

Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder where you constantly seek attention. You don’t care about others and believe you’re special and superior, even if you’re not.

Who is a female narcissist?

Narcissistic women can be self-absorbed, vain, lack empathy and possess a bloated sense of entitlement.

They often have a vicious thirst for interpersonal exploitation and can bully their friends, family members, and romantic partners.

Although they can pretend to be caring and sweet, they are actually very cruel, vindictive, ruthless and even abusive.

It is really easy to fall into their toxic web, whether you’re a man or a woman.

This video will help you identify the signs of a female narcissist to help you spot them easily.

Signs of A Female Narcissist

Here are 7 signs of a female narcissist that will help you to spot them.

7 Signs of A Female Narcissist
7 Signs of A Female Narcissist

1. They’re highly concerned about their looks

Physical appearance is very important to the narcissistic woman. From body size to outfits, from fitness to makeup, it is mandatory for them to look good, if not better than others, at all times.

2. They don’t take “NO” for an answer

Having an inflated sense of self, the female narcissist has a strong need to be right all the time. Denial or rejection is considered a direct attack on their self-esteem.

3. They can flirt with anyone

A narcissistic woman will flirt even with people they don’t like just to get attention. They will use their sexuality & charm as a weapon to get what they want, even if they aren’t interested in you.

4. They find it hard to apologize

As they believe they’re better than others, female narcissists have a problem with accepting their faults and apologizing. They will shift the blame on others and avoid taking responsibility for their mistakes.

5. They lack of empathy for others

Being self-centered, the female narcissist struggles with the opinions of others. They’re aggressive and inflexible people who are incapable of showing empathy to others. They can easily sideline the people around them.

6. They’re don’t negotiate, they manipulate

Due to their fragile egos, narcissistic women do not believe in negotiations. However, they’re master manipulators. They can manipulate unsuspecting folks easily to have things their way.

7. They’re highly competitive

The female narcissist has an alpha attitude that makes them very competitive and envious. They may act nice to people who pose a threat, but they will deceive and manipulate their way to superiority over others, even when there’s no need.

These 7 signs will help you identify a female narcissist.

However, it is not always easy to spot them as they’re good at hiding their true intentions.

Have you encountered a female narcissist?

Are you dating a female narcissist?

Share your story in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “7 Signs of A Female Narcissist”

  1. Avatar of Andy Ward

    I believed she was the love of my life. She was everything I wanted. I loved her so much so deeply more than I’ve ever loved anyone. She left me, cut me dead while 6 weeks pregnant!! I got the blame for it all, too needy and suffocating. I heard nothing from her apart from an email which stated at the end “when I’ve decided what I’m going to do about the baby I’ll let you know” those words still haunt me. A week later I had a text msg to say she had miscarried in the night and was no longer pregnant. Hadn’t heard a thing from her before that!! We got back together for 2 months only for her to cut me dead again after I asked a simple question making sure she wanted it to work between us and we were heading in the right direction. Again I got blamed for it all. Less than a month later( she was seeing this guy as well as me I think) she’s seeing a new guy and he is Mr wonderful and she’s so happy. 2 years we were together, I even took her kids on, loved them and I really miss them. We talked about having a baby and I was so happy for two years and to be able to be a dad again!!! She completely destroyed me twice!!!
    Lesson learned I’ll never let anyone in close again ever!! I’m a nice genuine guy who would never treat anyone like that, never. When she came back to me she didn’t really talk about the baby or what went wrong between us the first time. No sorry, no explanation that made any sense, nothing!! I still go this day have no idea what I did wrong!!! I adored her, my parents loved her, I got on so well with her family, I wanted to spend my life with her, wanted to marry her, thought I’d found my happy ending, for me it was true love but it seems it was only one way

  2. Avatar of Aqmal

    Not to bring down my eldest sister but that’s the fact…my eldest sister look so lenient,be nice with the people or cat in front of others but very abusive,I realized it after few of our cats being so quiet and they can’t walk properly,lost their appetites,I immediately brought my cats to see the vet I’m shockedwith what the vet told me, ” your cats is healthy but someone hit them with something hard…I decided to observed closely and yes..is my sister abusing my cats…

  3. Avatar of Jane

    I had a friend who I finally figured out is a narcissist. She is always right and has never admitted to making a mistake in her life. Periodically, she finds a reason to reject one or another of the female friends in our friend group. She ghosts them, refusing to acknowledge attempts to reach her by phone or email. This usually lasts for months.

    She has ghosted me for 6 months now. No explanation. Unfortunately, she is the party organizer for our group. She intentionally leaves out the one she is ghosting, of course. Three of us closest to her have been ghosted at one time to another and multiple times. Then one day she will revert to being her friendly self with no acknowledgement of the ghosting. We are afraid of being left out again, so do not call her on her narcissistic behavior. It just continues on and on.

    I am trying to stay in this friend group since there are nine very nice women in it. They outweigh the one narcissist.

    Kind advice or comments welcome.

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