Divorcing The Female Narcissist, Borderline, or other Abuser

Divorcing The Female Narcissist

Do you think that your wife is a narcissist and that its time that you should separate from her? Read on to know more about divorcing the female narcissist.

If you are married to a female abuser, much like their male counterparts, you’re in for quite the ride. Abusers, especially narcissists and borderlines don’t like it when a victim exercises their right to self-preservation, and liked it even less when you are married to them. 

First, I’m not an attorney, but spend many years in law enforcement and dealing with restraining orders, judicial enforcement of custody exchange and other matters, so I’ll pass on what I know.  I also experienced this earlier in life and lost custody of my young daughter for many years. Therefore this is NOT legal advice, just one victim to another.

I will warn you about this, this could be the most trying time of your experience with the narcissist and it’s important to do it the right way in order to protect yourself, and especially children if involved, in the process.  Don’t let your anger or emotions get in the way of the goal, to divorce the abuser and move on with your life with as minimal effect on your rights as possible, and or, impact to your children.

  • First of all, check with your particular state law as they vary to make sure you’re in compliance. Different states – even jurisdictions have different laws and procedures, so do your research.
  • Second, watch what you read on the web regarding this subject, some of the information is good and some is not so good (my opinion only). The only place to know is through the help of law enforcement, social workers, and a good attorney (step two).

So beware of where you get your information. It could make all the difference in the world to a decent outcome.

Most important if you are suffering physical abuse, or you feel as though your life will be threatened (or if your children will be threatened); contact your local law enforcement agency, as well as a domestic violence shelter. Sometimes abusive partners will resort to violence, either harming you, the kids, and themselves.

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PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR CHILDREN is the number one priority in these cases, NOT your property, money, etc.  Stuff can be replaced, you’re life and your family can’t.


One thing to do even before you get to the point of divorce is to document the narcissist’s or other abuser’s behavior. This is the predatory phase. Writing down their actions of their abuse will become very helpful when you reached step two.  If the abuser has been physically abusive, especially to you or the children, that needs to be documented as well.  Police reports, emergency room visits, social workers, all of it need to be categorized, written down in as chronological order as possible. When possible enlist the aid of social workers, domestic violence shelter worker, for their guidance as well.  When speaking with social workers, domestic violence shelter workers, police, talk factually about the abuser’s behavior, past threats.

One caveat you’ll likely run into especially when reporting domestic violence is that the female narcissist, borderline, and other abusers will likely try to smooth the police over by play-acting, or letting the police believe that YOU are the perpetrator, not the victim, so make sure you have the story together. During cases of domestic violence, no matter how much you feel like retaliating, don’t.

Divorcing a female narcissist
Divorcing a female narcissist

Stand your ground, but if you have to leave the premises then do so. Another thing some victims have found useful is to use a cell phone to record their rants, threats, actions to be able to prove your side of the story. Contrary to what people think this is legal and is a good tool to have when they try to pin everything on you.

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  1. When whole Universe guides you that person, when you think of her 24/7, when you can’t make difference between reality and illusion, when she is your twin you never expected to meet in this life, when she is fallen angel that protects you when you are weak, would you honestly give a shit is she borderline or narcissist.. Pfft.. I would love her even if she was to become devil. By! 🙂

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