6 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target

6 Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target

Signs Of A Hypocrite And The People They Target

Hypocrisy is probably one of the most common things you can come across in your life. No matter how many people you know or have in your life, you will definitely be knowing at least one hypocrite. Any sane individual would know that conversing with a hypocrite can drain you of your mental energy and leave you boiling with anger.

However, if you are someone who is in a relationship with a hypocrite, the situation is ten times worse. Since you are intimately and deeply connected with this person, it is extremely difficult for you to give up on them in spite of knowing how they are. And, one of the defining characteristics of a hypocrite is their ability to know which kind of people to exploit. They look for empathetic people who will always give them the benefit of the doubt and trust them blindly.

Hypocrites spend their lives cheating, betraying, conning, and deceiving. But despite this disgusting pattern of behavior, they still feel entitled to point out (or invent) the most minor mistakes in others—and they’ll point them out repeatedly, to negate & excuse all of their own horrible actions.

As a result, you spend more and more time trying to prove your ethics to the most unethical person on the planet. You end up feeling guilty for being five minutes late to a date (months ago), while they gleefully cheat on you with another man or woman.

If the moral scales in your life seem to be skewed beyond all recognition, you likely encountered a pathological hypocrite—or a psychopath.

Signs of a Hypocrite

Here are some warning signs of a hypocrite.

1. Their actions and words are not related.

“Actions speak louder than words”- this particular phrase can be used to perfectly define a hypocrite. There is a vast difference between what they say and what they actually do. However, you cannot call them out on it because they will do whatever they want to. If they go out for dinner with their ex, it is fine but if you go out with your friends without them, its not.

“A hypocrite is more dangerous than a dishonest man. A dishonest man deceives and cheats, and a hypocrite betrays and swindles.” – Dr T.P.Chia

2. Rules are simply for others to follow, not them.

Politicians are a classic example of hypocrisy. They will preach about what is morally right and what is not, but they will conveniently forget it themselves and perform all sorts of immoral activities. Hypocrites are known for their controlling attitude and mindset. You will have to listen to what they want from you, but never the other way round.

3. It is never their fault.

No matter how horrendous they are to you, you cannot complain when you are dealing with a hypocrite. If you point out their faults, they will twist it into something else and make it seem like it is someone else’s fault that they are the way they are! If a hypocrite is being difficult or mean, it is their belief that their partner should understand and adjust with them.

4. Showing their faults calls for punishment and a victim story.

If you choose to confront them with their faults, you will be punished. This is normally done through cheating, triangulation and most commonly—the silent treatment. Their bad behavior always has a sob-story behind it. They learned to lie because of their abusive parent, or their abusive ex. They hate drama; all they’ve ever wanted is some peace & quiet, and yet they provoke more drama than anyone you’ve ever known. They declare their hatred of negativity, all the while calling you crazy or over-emotional to anyone who will listen, even when you are completely ignoring them.

6. Emotional manipulation.

Hypocrites are known for gaslighting people. They will make you feel like the problem is in you and not them. Or what you are saying is all in your head and none of it makes sense. Such people will emotionally manipulate you and constantly lie to you, in order to portray themselves as the logical and correct one. They will continue to behave like this, till you genuinely start to believe that what they are saying is true and that the problem isn’t in them, it’s in you.

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  1. For years I was victim to this behaviour – it’s basically a word for word description, it’s that accurate. But in the last few years I was strong enough to see through this behaviour and reinforce to myself that I’m not and cannot be constantly to blame for every single thing that isn’t right in our lives.
    When I began challenging the accusations, crazy conspiracies, nit picking, rule changing, tantrums, silent treatments and downright rude behaviour then I got war.
    Every day is a battle. It’s consuming my life and has affected every aspect of my life. But i will prevail because I’m not taking another one for the team – I’ve taken way too many already.

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