Pathological Lying- The Most Important Tool Of A Psychopath

“Deceit is the linchpin of conscienceless behavior.” ~Martha Stout, The Sociopath Next Door

As I began to recover, a very bitter realization began to dawn on me. I discovered the man I had known for years, actually did not exist. No longer could I deny the fact that I had lived with a liar. Based on this realization I began my search for “pathological lying” on the net. There was nothing available on the subject that could provide me any knowledge. However, the subject is very well described under psychopathy and I was able to find all the answers of my questions. As I dug deep into the subject I understood that pathological lying and psychopathy are one and the same thing.

But, the fact, pathological lying is usually hidden by certain assumptions that can be called outright dangerous and these assumptions have also been proved by research. Lying has been assumed to be universal and typical in humans. Since, everyone does it, lying is not necessarily that harmful. This is definitely wrong. Yes, almost everyone lies, sometimes to avoid hurting others’ feelings or to protect them from something bad. People also lie to protect themselves from the consequences of the mistakes they have done or to spare themselves the shame because of their acts.

But there are others who are habitual liars. They do it with the intention to manipulate others for their own personal benefits. These people don’t feel bad about lying. In fact they consider it some kind of achievement to have been able to fool someone for their personal ends. They are different of ordinary people. They are pathological liars, and fit the definition of psychopaths.

Compulsive and pathological liars have personality disorders. These personality disorders correspond to psychopathic spectrum. Pathological lying is not at all normal, and is quite the opposite. Even though, researchers have proved with evidence that everyone lies in different circumstances, pathological lying is something very different. Yes, almost every lie is damaging, but normal people cannot imagine the intent with which psychopathic liars work. Willful lying can be directly connected to disturbing aspects of one’s character.   

Psychopaths cannot do without lying, and they use it to manipulate others in the following ways:

They lie to gain control and dominate others

To them, relationships are nothing but games, and other people are objects. They have no qualms about exploiting others and they can justify their act completely. They know lying is necessary for deception which is in turn essential to deceive their victim. It is required create an impression over others, the kind of impression they want. They are good readers of mind and they know what kind of image they need to present in front of their potential targets. Captivated by their false image those targets fail to make decisions that would be right for them, that would save them from the impending disaster.

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  1. It is an absolute Fact. ‘Compulsive, pathological lying is the complete opposite of normal.’ They can even lie about having any fatal disease such as Cancer to obtain sympathy. They’re way too smart when any other middle person talk to them about their monkey business, they simply say ‘Have I ever done this to you?’ They put the question, So the person get confused and rather than focusing on his/her lying business which he/she did with others, thinks pathological liar is loyal … 🙂