10 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Dealing With a Psychopath

 July 29, 2016

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Do you often feel smothered in a relation? Chances are you’re dealing with a psychopath

It is hard to identify a psychopath in everyday life. They live among us as normal people and are able to cleverly mask their true identity behind the veil of fake emotions. In public and social gatherings, they expertly mimic normal human emotions to avoid any form of suspicion.

To them, human emotions are devoid of intrinsic value and are nothing but vulnerabilities waiting to be exploited. A relationship with a psychopath starts off smooth and happy, but in time, you realize the looming misery emanating from their twisted personality.

Here are 10 tell-tale signs you’re dealing with a psychopath

1. They Will Shower You With Fake Appreciation

This is the first step in their psychopathic operation. Initially , they’ll flatter you with compliments and establish a base relation. They’ll make sure you’re emotionally invested in them. You will be made to feel excited about meeting them.

Like a chameleon they are adept in mirroring your dreams and ambitions and relating them to theirs. They’ll convince you that there’s a strong understanding between you two and that you’re someone really special to them.

They’ll even go the extent of saying that they’ve never felt so good and that you’re the only one who has made them feel that way.


2. They Will Try Their Best To Gain Sympathy From You

Psychopaths act very innocent when it comes to gaining sympathy or any kind of favor. They will create an atmosphere of sensitivity, where you will be bound to feel sorry for them. Then they’ll come up with stories. Stories about their lives that never happened.

They’ll construct fake histories and tell you how people have been rude to them. That how they were mistreated and robbed off emotional stability (though it is usually the opposite). They make sure you feel strongly for them and be obliged to excuse them when they’re out of character.

In this way, they lay the groundwork for justifying their wrong doings as now you’ve been fed the lie that they’re traumatized and have been mentally scarred, and that it has eventually lead to their current behavioral pattern.


3. They Will Make You Feel Guilty

Now that you’re emotionally invested in them, you’re in for a shock. A surprise that will sweep you off the ground. By establishing empathy, you’ve now given them the opportunity to introduce their true selves. You’ll find them barking all of a sudden. They’ll pick up petty things and throw a tantrum around it.

To you, this stands in sharp contrast to whatever they’ve painted earlier. A psychopath will tell you that they hate drama and brawls, but you’ll soon find them contradicting themselves. You might take it as a sign of split personality that has probably gripped them since their traumatic past, but don’t be fooled.

That “traumatic past” they whined about never existed, nor does this supposed “split personality” as an aftermath of it. It is all a careful construct on their part to fool you into stepping into their negative aura. If you try to question, they’ll blame you for being insensitive.

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