15 Manipulative Narcissists Lies Used To Keep You Trapped


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15 Common Narcissist Lies That Are Said To Control You

Common narcissist lies revealed! Discover the cunning tactics they use to control your every move and break free from their toxic grasp.

Being extremely manipulative and shrewd, narcissists know the exact things they need to do in order to force you to stay with them. They will keep you entangled in carefully crafted lies that will keep you trapped even if you are aware of their motives.

There are certain common phrases used by narcissists to confuse their partners. Whenever you hear one of these covert narcissist lies, pack up and run away from them as soon as you can.

Here are some of the common narcissist lies used to control you

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15 narcissist lies

1. “I didn’t do that. You’re crazy”

Narcissists will never own up to their mistakes and will never acknowledge their flaws. They will quickly thrust the blame upon you to keep themselves clean.

If they accept their faults it would prove your judgment was right and make you leave. They use the method of gaslighting to make you doubt yourself and drive yourself insane, therefore continuing to be with them.

2. “You’re just like all the other horrible people I’ve been with!”

Narcissists enjoy making you feel bad and guilty for even thinking about leaving them. They push you to feel you are making a wrong decision and then crib to you for being so horrible to them.

They basically act this way so that you are compelled to prove them wrong by sticking with them or become an even lovelier partner than before.

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3. “I can’t imagine my life without you.”

Now, this statement is very challenging to decode. It can be spoken by someone in a very genuine sense. So how to understand that it is coming from a narcissist? Well, narcissists are not mentally stable beings.

They don’t feel any love towards you and are just using you for their benefit. They will leave you as soon as they are done with you and are keeping you around because it is easier than finding another victim.

4. “Everyone warned me about you, but I didn’t believe them.”

In order to completely capture your mind and soul, narcissists will portray themselves as the only person who genuinely cares about you, whom you can trust with all your heart, and make you skeptical about the people surrounding you.

They will plant the seed of doubt and insecurity within you and make you feel vulnerable, seeking your comfort. This statement is the most effective in this case.

5. “I don’t get why you’re the only one who doesn’t understand me!”

Another tactic of gaslighting, a narcissist uses this one to enforce control over your thoughts and actions so that you work according to their wishes. If you choose to speak for yourself and stand up against them, they will depict you like you are out of your mind.

6. “You’re so sensitive! Stop being so sensitive!”

This is one of the lies that a narcissist says to try and manipulate your reactions to their actions. This is just another form of gaslighting to modify your responses towards their incessant mood swings and manipulations.

Since narcissists do not appreciate a negative response to their commands, even if they are getting on your nerves, they make you feel like you are overreacting even if it is a justified reaction. It will force you to stay as you begin doubting yourself.

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7. *Unnecessary Lying*.

Narcissists are pathological liars who will spew rampant lies without any reason. It has become second nature to them and thus they are unable to speak the truth. Once they wrap your entire life in lies, it’s very hard to get back to reality without it.

8. “I’m amazing!”

Narcissists will go out of their way to express to the world and ingrain into everyone that they are the best people to ever walk on this planet.

They always talk about themselves, showing off their connections, authority, and power, and fake humility to balance it out. They will portray themselves as the best possible partners, forcing you to doubt your own thoughts about leaving them.

9. “No, I’m better than them.”

A very effective way in which narcissists capture their victims is to make them believe that they will never find someone better than them. They will speak ill about everyone around you, forcing you to feel they are the best catch.

10. “No honey, I promise, that’s the last time!”

This is one of the legendary lies a narcissist says to keep you from leaving them. At times when narcissists realize that they have screwed up really bad, they hand out fake promises to convince you to stay with them.

They’ll promise to never do it again, only to break them eventually, many more times. Once you accept their apology they’ll feel you’ll forgive them every time.

11. “She was so abusive, my ex! A horrible person!”

The narcissist always projects himself as the ultimate victim and tells you everything about their trauma and pathetic past so that you treat them with the utmost care and love.

Their “traumatic” life provides them a free way to be horrible human beings all the time and thus compelling you to treat them kindly no matter what so that you don’t come off as insensitive.

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12. “Don’t worry about this, it’s fine!”

Narcissists feel that rules don’t apply to them and thus they expect you to clean up after them in case things go wrong. They will force you to think that it’s your duty anyway and make you do it.

13. “Not my fault. That’s on you.”

A narcissist will never take responsibility for his actions and you’ll always be the one at fault for any of his mistakes. So even if he abuses or treats you badly, he’ll justify it as your mistake and not his. They’ll manipulate you into thinking that you are at fault and make you apologize.

14. “I’m doing this because I care for you.”

This is one of the common covert narcissists lies that a toxic person or even an abuser says to give a false sense of comfort to their victims. They pretend to care about your well-being when in reality they simply don’t.

So when you hear this, understand that it’s a trick to impress you and to capture your attention.

15. “If you leave, I’ll die.”

They emotionally blackmail you to stay with them because they know you can’t deal with that pain. He won’t die and even if he does, it’s not on you.

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Now you see all the horrible and manipulative phrases a narcissist uses on their victims to keep them trapped? If you are ever on the receiving end of these statements and lies, then get out of the relationship as soon as you can, and never look back.

Share some of the common narcissist lies you’ve heard in the past, below in the comments.

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15 Lies A Narcissists Says To Keep You Around
15 Phrases A Narcissist Uses To Control You
Lies Narcissist Says Keep You Around pin
15 Common Phrases Used By Narcissist To Control You
15 Phrases A Narcissist Uses pin
15 Covert Narcissist Lies That Are Said To Control You
Phrases Narcissist Uses Compel Stay Them pin
15 Common Narcissist Lies That Are Said To Control You
common narcissist lies

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