19 Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean

Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean

Narcissists are known to be two-faced and fake to their core. Most of the time, what a narcissist says isn’t what they mean in reality.

“Narcissists are great con-artists. After all, they succeed in deluding themselves! As a result, very few professionals see through them.” ~ anonymous.

Have you ever come across a narcissist? According to psychology, a narcissist is a very egoistic person who fantasizes themselves to be greater than people around them and immersed in this self-love, they expect others to give them a very special treatment without any reciprocation of the same.

You might feel that these characteristics can easily be spotted but it’s not as easy as it seems. Narcissists are masters of manipulation. They are experts in using words to protect their lies and to earn your love and support.

Narcissists lie but the phrases they use are not lies, they are facades. They will use this art of expression so well that even if their deeds fail to validate their words, you would find it difficult in believing them.

But you would never want to fall in the trap, would you?

So, to make things easier to identify, we have a range of phrases for you that a narcissist tells another person and the real meanings they hide behind them.

1.  “I love you” = “Damn! You can figure out my real intention. I need to distract you.

2.  “I am sorry” = Hey, just forget what happened; I need some attention.

3. “You are my soul mate” = Oh…I’m enjoying this high-level spiritual feel for the time being.

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4. “That never happened.” = Yeah, I made a mistake but I don’t want you to talk about it.

5.  “You are too sensitive”= Cut the crap now; stop talking about my bad behaviour.

6.  “I am your mother” =I get the right to have full control over your life.

7.  “Forgive and forget” = Keep on tolerating my abuse all the time.

8.  “I have never met anyone like you = You all are the same. I’m texting 7 other women the same thing now.

9“My ex-girlfriend was crazy.”= My ex-girlfriend came to know about my abuse. But I don’t want you to know the truth from her.

10.  “I have been really wanting to settle down” = Since I’m talking about settling down, you should believe that I am a responsible guy and hence, a nice person.

11 “Stop living in the past” = Okay. Peace. Can I abuse you now?

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12.  “She is crazy” = I am getting stressed out because I feel she knows the truth about me and now she is telling everyone about it.

13.  “I don’t have an anger problem”= How does it matter if I do? I will abuse you no matter what.

14.  “I’m upset”= I need you to give me more attention.

15.  “I don’t want to communicate.”= I need you to flatter me and pamper me.

16.  Cheaters are scum = I am cheating you and you shouldn’t complain.

17.  “Nobody likes you” = Nobody likes me but it will be portrayed in a different note.

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18.  “I am so modest”= You should tolerate my abuse.

19.  “You’re the problem” = I am the problem and I don’t care.

So you see, how narcissists have so many methods of manipulating and gaslighting you? The next time you feel that someone is a narcissist, see whether they are using these statements or not. If they do, then it’s time for you to run for the hills, and never look back.

19 Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean
Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean Pin
19 Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean

10 thoughts on “19 Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean”

  1. This is some of the most ignorant things I have ever read.
    A number of these can actually be sincere. I told my wife, of now 26yrs, I never met anyone like her. Obviously I meant it. This author has obvious insecurity issues…get help

  2. I read a lot about narcissism and it’s said men are more prone to this metal condition but I believe maybe men just don’t pay as much attention to the things that they say and do to get what they want and the lies and they try telling you what’s happened when it was just the two of us she would try talk absolute shit has to why we were in the situation we were then in and I I’m pretty honest guy even when it’s so hard to say something I still feel it’s right I won’t call anyone a liar unless they are it pisses me off when they put the liar on you and won’t ever hardly buckle but you know when story changes or reason behind their actions change like your a idiot and don’t recall the actual facts and reality of the way things happened or just not show much in way of appreciation and I could write lots about my ex girlfriend and the crap she try pull and silly me was in love and was hoping it would pass once she see I’m not a cheating scumbag witch I just found out she was the whole time with the father of her child and was told how dumb was I you gronk when I asked if there was anyone I felt something wasn’t right and was ripped to shreds asking but she would go through my phone never had issue had nothing to hide she had no female friends lots of guy friends and not many for long time and i was bit weary of this and not just with who she was friends but why she fell out with others and usually it was others worried bout her fucking they’re blokes or had fucked them parden language but there are heaps of things I experienced I could talk bout ive just tried to understand the unexplainable and wow how the fuck they can look at themselves and be happy with the way they treat people and the hurt they cause the lives they ruin just for their fill of attention and feeding the ego it’s disgusting but in saying all that it’s a mental disorder developed over time I think from memory but I 100% believe my ex was a narcissist for sure I still love her and it’s not easy to have thought you where something to a person to realise your just nothing but a over sensitive person with no self love and it’s my inner childhood issues that are the problem GET FUCKED I’m not perfect by any stretch but I don’t lie or use people to hurt them for there love care support and willingness to work through things in a adualt manor sorry i gave a fuck true sorry but they can really effect your mental state dont ket them tell you whats what stay true to yourself and the truth is the best in any case please remember that

  3. Women are just as guilty of this type of behavior, if not more so, and men are gullible enough to fall for it more often than not. While a number of these items seem spot-on, I take issue with the gender-specific wording, as though all guys are this way. If a guy had written this exact article, but used feminine nomenclatures, he would have been called to the mat.

    1. Yeah,we just have to accept it as soon as we can. They are here to stay and every wrong cant be blamed on a woman so they find a man. Ofcourse some men show these signs but I rather see them in women.

    2. Narc Specialist

      Maybe so but, statistics have shown males are more prone to narcissistic behavior than females.
      Reading about these personality traits is good however, many more that haven’t been listed, for instance, placing blame. The abuse does become physical as time goes on. Not to mention there are different levels of narcissism. They have a heart for children and animals but can easily turn on them once they feel betrayed by them.

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