Decoding Narcissistic Language: 19 Weird Things Narcissists Say and What They Really Mean


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Weird Things Narcissists Say And Their Real Meaning

Can you make out the true meaning of the things narcissists say or do you get lost in their deceptive words?

Narcissists are known to be two-faced and fake to their core. Most of the time, the things narcissists say aren’t what they mean in reality. Learning about the things narcissists say and what these things actually mean will help you see through things and move past the fake schemes.

Narcissists are like con artists. They even delude themselves! As a result, very few can see through them.

Have you ever come across a narcissist? According to psychology, a narcissist is a very egoistic person who fantasizes themselves to be greater than the people around them. Immersed in this self-image, they expect others to give them very special treatment without any reciprocation of the same.

You might feel that these characteristics can easily be spotted but it’s not as easy as it seems. Narcissists are masters of manipulation. They are experts in using words to protect their lies and to earn your love and support.

Narcissists lie but the phrases they use are not lies, they are facades. They will use this art of expression so well that even if their deeds fail to validate their words, you would find it difficult in believing them.

But you would never want to fall into the trap, would you? No, because you will now get to know the most common things narcissists say to play with their victim’s mind.

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19 Weird Things Narcissists Say And What They Really Mean

So, to make things easier to identify, we have a range of phrases for you; the most common things narcissists say and the real meanings hidden behind them.

The things narcissists say can mess with your mind
The things narcissists say can mess with your mind

1.  “I love you” = “Damn! You can figure out my real intention. I need to distract you.

2.  “I am sorry” = Hey, just forget what happened; I need some attention.

3. “You are my soul mate” = Oh…I’m enjoying this high-level spiritual feel for the time being.

4. “That never happened.” = Yeah, I made a mistake but I don’t want you to talk about it.

5.  “You are too sensitive”= Cut the crap now; stop talking about my bad behavior.

The things narcissists say can mess with your mind
Things Narcissists Say In An Argument Are Pointless, So Don’t Indulge Them

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6.  “I am your mother” =I get the right to have full control over your life.

7.  “Forgive and forget” = Keep on tolerating my abuse all the time.

8.  “I have never met anyone like you = You all are the same. I’m texting 7 other women the same thing now.

9“My ex-girlfriend was crazy.”= My ex-girlfriend came to know about my abuse. But I don’t want you to know the truth from her.

10.  “I have been really wanting to settle down” = Since I’m talking about settling down, you should believe that I am a responsible guy and hence, a nice person.

The things narcissists say can mess with your mind
There Are Many Things Narcissists Say To Keep You Around, Don’t Fall For Their Fake Apology

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11 “Stop living in the past” = Okay. Peace. Can I abuse you now?

12.  “She is crazy” = I am getting stressed out because I feel she knows the truth about me and now she is telling everyone about it.

13.  “I don’t have an anger problem”= How does it matter if I do? I will abuse you no matter what.

14.  “I’m upset”= I need you to give me more attention.

15.  “I don’t want to communicate.”= I need you to flatter me and pamper me.

The things narcissists say can mess with your mind
The things narcissists say in a relationship to create a fake narration can do immense harm to their victim’s reputation

16.  Cheaters are scum = I am cheating you and you shouldn’t complain.

17.  “Nobody likes you” = Nobody likes me but it will be portrayed on a different note.

18.  “I am so modest”= You should tolerate my abuse.

19.  “You’re the problem” = I am the problem and I don’t care.

The things narcissists say can mess with your mind
Ignore the things narcissists say to get you back; don’t fall into their trap!

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So you see, how narcissists have so many methods of manipulating and gaslighting you! The next time you feel that someone is a narcissist, see whether they are using these statements or not. If they do, then it’s time for you to run for the hills, and never look back.

The things narcissists say can mess with your mind
19 Things Narcissists Say When Gaslighting Others
The things narcissists say can mess with your mind
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Things Narcissists Say What Really Mean pin
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  1. James Avatar

    This is some of the most ignorant things I have ever read.
    A number of these can actually be sincere. I told my wife, of now 26yrs, I never met anyone like her. Obviously I meant it. This author has obvious insecurity issues…get help

    1. Amanda k Avatar
      Amanda k

      Spoken like a true narcissist!! You probably never lied to your “wife” either

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