5 Signs That Say You Need Emotional Healing


5 Signs That Say You Need Emotional Healing

Human beings are nothing without their emotions. It affects our day and our mood in general. However there are times when we feel especially low and drained, and that shows that it’s time for some emotional healing.

“Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” ― Danielle Bernock on Emotional Healing

Emotional healing

These 5 Signs Say You Need Emotional Healing :

1) You feel depressed and anxious

Our lives have become so fast-paced that at times we lose touch with our reality and fail to connect with others. The feeling of failure and sadness consume us or the fear of the unknown grips us from within. It obstructs our daily routine.

We feel like giving up as nothing seems to be working out for us anymore. There seems to be no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel.

These problems need to be seeking help for as otherwise, it will keep on piling up, choking you. Take care of yourself, inside and out. It will help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, as long as it benefits you.

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2) You end up reacting rather than responding

Your daily life seems to leave you emotionally exhausted. You don’t feel like doing anything. However, you cannot become numb to your surroundings.

You need to let yourself feel all that you go through otherwise it will be more detrimental to your mental health.

Try to respond to all that you face rather than just reacting. Responding gets you more invested in what happens to you.

It kick-starts the healing process. Reacting makes you tired and confused, you feel the mad rush within but feel lost.

You don’t know how to address this mess within. However, to take your time and carefully analyze the situation and then responding accordingly is a better approach to a happier self.

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3) The difference between emotion and feelings blur

We need to closely understand the difference between feelings and emotions. Feelings include our emotions, our beliefs, and our ideas and so on: the thoughts that make us.

They affect our response to our surroundings and our opinions regarding things.

Sorting out this blur will help us to be clearer about ourselves. Embrace the good and positivity around you.

No matter how difficult, go ahead and make someone happy. Their happiness will flow through you and warm you up.

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4) When the negativity fills you

Do not harbour negative emotions as it will only worsen your emotional state. Emotions like fear and anger are harmful in the long run.

We should not let ourselves be controlled by them. Try and analyze the reasons that make you angry or scared and try to tackle them.

Observe yourself and channel that anger and fear into something productive. Try and let go of emotions that make you uncomfortable and affect you a lot.

It will do you no good to hold on to things that give you pain. It cannot happen instantaneously but baby steps will bring forth major changes.

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5) Take the step towards a better self

Learn to love yourself. It might be hard but take the plunge. Go that extra mile.

Pamper yourself – take a solo trip, watch a movie, treat yourself to some delectable cakes and pastries, go out and party with your friends.

Do what your heart says. Don’t hold yourself back any longer.

Don’t let stress and pressure eat away your life. Free yourself from the negativity, be it horrible ex-partners, selfish friends, or ruthless bosses. Distance yourself from them, for your own sanity.

Never let others walk all over you and label you as weak for your kindness and generosity. You are brilliant. You are worth all the goodness. Let no one tell you otherwise.

how to start healing

Bid adieu to your past that haunts you still. Move on. There are bigger, brighter things waiting. You won’t get a feel of them if you don’t take that step forward.

The thought might be daunting but trust me; it will be an amazing experience. Spread your beautiful wings and fly to all the places you wish to be.

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5 Signs To Know If You Need Emotional Healing
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5 Signs That Say You Need Emotional Healing
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