Burnout Prevention and Treatment Strategies How To Deal with Overwhelming Stress

Have you been feeling helpless , rudderless, disillusioned and completely exhausted lately?

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You may be on the brink of burn out.

What is a burn out?

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental and/or physical exhaustion caused by excessive levels of prolonged stress.

Being burned out may leave you feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and hopeless. It can make you lose big picture perspective and you may start finding even minor problems and challenges insurmountable.

The side effects of burn out can spillover and hamper all areas of your life from work productivity to relationships.

Causes of Burnout:

Burnout can be work related, lifestyle related or personality traits related.

Work related:

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Burn out can start from a high performance drive, unquenchable quest for perfection and a compulsive need to prove oneself.

It leads one to start working too hard, clocking overtime to an extent that they start neglecting their basic needs of proper food and sleep.

Overtime it can lead to sleep disorders, psychosomatic problems ,loss of productivity and even depression and/or anxiety.

Lifestyle related:

If you don’t have a balanced and holistic lifestyle where you take out time to tend to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, you will be more prone to stress related burnout.

Also if you lack love and support from your close relationships and don’t have enough people to turn to for help, it can cause additional strain on your mental and emotional well being.

Personality or behavior traits that make you more susceptible to burnout:

If you have a high achieving, Type A personality with perfectionist tendencies with trouble delegating work to others, you will be at a risk of taking more on your plate than you can handle and all these tendencies will eventually lead to prolonged excessive stress and burn out.

Burnout Prevention and Treatment Strategies

Whether you find yourself on the brink of burn out or want to avoid burn out, here is a list of action strategies that will help you to slowdown  your stress and prevent burn out:

1). Work on increasing your resilience and self efficacy

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficult and stressful situations.

Self efficacy is having the confidence in your ability to cope with overcoming stressful situations and reaching your goals.

The best way to increase resilience and self efficacy is experiential.

The more we stretch out of our comfort zones and achieve our goals, the more our brains get wired to believe that we can overcome any difficulty or obstacle.

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