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Why You Need To Forget Positivity And Embrace Your Darkness

Why Need To Forget Positivity Embrace Darkness

Sometimes through these experiences, we tend to start thinking that logic and rationality is an “evil” part of ourselves that prevents us from experiencing these profound sensations more. And so we begin to associate all kinds of non-rational states—even supernatural events like encountering UFO’s, Ghosts, Time Travel, and Angels— with “spiritual experiences.”

Our minds are tools, that when not mastered, can lead us astray and can cause us immense amounts of suffering. But the important thing to remember is that the mind itself isn’t at fault, we are at fault for allowing it to control us in such extreme ways. It is our logic and rationality that stops us from jumping in front of oncoming traffic because we feel “One” with the truck.

Let your passion and intuition be the sails to your ship, but allow reason to be the rudder that guides you when necessary.

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Hinduism teaches the idea that we all possess within us seven different energy centers that we can tap into.

In fact, this notion of energy centres being present within the human body is found in many different cultures in some form or another (for example, in Peru we call them “Chunpis,” or “Belts” of power which extend around our bodies).

Many teachings that use Chakra centres for their work encourage you to focus on your “higher” centres such as the “Crown,” “Head,” and “Heart” chakras while avoiding the lower ones. For many people who require a lot of harmonizing done in their lower centres this does not lead to a balanced being.

Let me give you an illustration that might explain what I mean better:

Imagine a very tall building where the first few floors are ignored completely and are rarely maintained, while the top floors are glorified, swept, mended, and polished daily.

The reality is that no matter how beautiful the top of the building is, if the lower floors are not given the attention they need, the whole building will crumble to the ground as the lower floors form the very foundation of the entire structure.


As mentioned above, we all create a self-image or an ego that we present to other people.

In doing so, we simultaneously create a “Shadow Self,” which is essentially composed of the elements that we want to avoid other people and ourselves from seeing.

Therefore, we repress many elements of ourselves that we perceive as “bad, ” or “dirty,” for example, our sexuality, our fears, our vulnerabilities, our secret desires, our “immoral” thoughts and so forth. When we reject these various elements of ourselves, we create a “dual nature” within us.

Our Shadow Selves often only manifest themselves under certain types of pressure that prevent us from containing them anymore.

Examples include when we are under great stress when we experience strong emotions, anxiety, or any other experience that brings our guards down (in Shamanism we often encounter people’s Shadows during altered states of consciousness).

These “disowned” parts of ourselves can influence a lot of our behaviour, and drain us of a lot of energy. Our Shadow Selves, or our personal “demons” are made all the more worse when we are taught through cultural and quasi-spiritual influence to focus solely on getting in touch with, and manifesting, our “inner gods” and “goddesses.”

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Our most common unhealed “core wounds” are usually sourced from the relationships we had with our parents, siblings, and ex-lovers.***

To become whole and healed beings we must walk the path of the middle: we must experience both the light and dark, “good” and “bad,”  and beautiful and horrific parts of ourselves.

The only way to truly and authentically progress on your path of soul work is to experience and integrate, as much of your nature as possible.

Written by Mateo Sol
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Why You Need To Forget Positivity, Keep Your Ego And Embrace Your Darkness
Why You Need To Forget Positivity And Embrace Your Darkness
Why Need To Forget Positivity Embrace Darkness Pin
Why You Need To Forget Positivity And Embrace Your Darkness
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