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10 Most Crucial Positive Emotions To Cultivate Daily According To Positive Psychology

Crucial Positive Emotions Cultivate Daily

As a life skills coach and educator people always share with me, “I want happiness in life”. Whether it is about work-life or family or love and relationships, People look out for happiness in everything they do. However, happiness is not something that occurs suddenly. You have to cultivate positive psychology to gain happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind and there are emotions which we need to nurture to spread the ripple of happiness.

The field of psychology has been long associated with mental illness but this new field of psychology which deals with the positive emotions of people has emerged as a breakthrough in this area.

This particular branch of psychology focuses on the ways by which people can live a more fulfilled, happy and healthy life. There have been many discoveries in the field of positive psychology which has provided evidence-based solutions to people to stay motivated in hard times.

According to positive psychology, these are the 10 emotions that we should cultivate on daily basis to keep a motivated set of mind and have better resilience ability.

1. Gratitude:

Gratitude is a quieter positive emotion. Most of us feel joyful when something great happens to us, but to extend and value that we are fortunate enough to get this is the feeling of gratitude.


When we feel gratitude, we become more creative and find ways to pay things back. It inspires us to be kind. Cultivating and practicing this emotion keeps us grounded and happiness comes with contentment in life.

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2. Serenity:

Another quieter positive emotion is serenity. When we feel that everything around us is just perfect. The current situation seems just going right, we have no worries that are serenity.

It is very important to cultivate this positive psychology, because most of the time, even if things are okay, we either think about our past or start worrying about our future. Serenity needs to be nurtured with the present moment feeling.

3. Interest:

People usually do not think this of a positive emotion but this one indeed is a powerful positive emotion. Our interest or curiosity always pulls us towards new learning and new learning gives us the opportunity to fall in new circumstances.

Always remaining open to something new eventually helps us grow and evolve.

4. Awe:

If we actually realize, every moment in life is an awe moment. This very life is the biggest AWE because we are in the greatness of this universe. When we feel that we are somewhere in the presence of this large scale creation, it becomes an inspiration for us to explore more.

We nurture a childlike magic world where learning never ends. So, feel every moment, from the small relative things to the grandness of what is happening around us.

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5. Pride:

Pride is a socially valued achievement. We might feel proud of something good that we have done or someone we know might have made us feel proud. Either way this emotion brings people together and the positivity of this emotion lies in dreaming big and pushing our limits to reach or goals.

Having self-pride is necessary because everyone is unique in their own way. Pride helps us recognizing our abilities and taking it to the next level.

6. Hope:

Hope, I think is the strongest positive emotion here because it comes when the circumstances are not favourable. We are lost in our lives and broken.  Hope is the only emotion that has kept people alive even after major terrorist attacks everywhere. Hope is when we fear the worst but still yearning for the better. Never let this emotion die within you, Rather nurture it and hope that tomorrow will be better than today.


7. Love:

Love is probably the most complicated emotion but yet the most beautiful one. Imagine the world without love. This is the most frequent positive emotion that people experience, Not only between couples but also within almost all warm relationships. 

Positive psychology says that experiencing a sense of lovingness with everyone makes us stronger mentally.

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8. Amusement:

we all know how people become too serious in life to achieve their goals. Amusement is an emotion which keeps us light. Maybe through humor, comedy shows, laughing around with friends etc, this is an extremely important emotion to nurture every day. 

Psychology says that people who feel more amused focus more on positive things in life.

9. Inspiration:

When we feel mentally stimulated to do something big or extraordinary, it is the feeling of inspiration within us. It is a great positive emotion that can be cultivated in our daily lives according to positive psychology. As everything around us is inspiring and if we can feel that, it brings tremendous resilience power and hopes within us. So, feel inspired.

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10. Joy:

The closest emotion to happiness is Joy. Situations in life where we have got better results than expected or we have felt safer and cherished, we have felt joy. With this emotion, we become more playful and when we become more playful, we open up and start learning. Joy is that kind of upbeat positive emotion.

Are you ready to cultivate the positive psychology?

10 Most Crucial Positive Emotions To Cultivate Daily According To Positive Psychology Pin
10 Most Crucial Positive Emotions To Cultivate Daily According To Positive Psychology
Crucial Positive Emotions Cultivate Daily Pin

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