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What Is A Toxic Relationship?

What Is A Toxic Relationship

Malice, betrayal, abuse, and such dysfunctionalities turn a relationship toxic. If you are in a relationship that is robbing you of your peace and happiness, you must be struggling to deduce what is a toxic relationship and how to cope with it. Then this article is for you.

A toxic relationship is one that takes more from you than it gives. Signs of a toxic relationship are not confined to romantic dynamics but can be found in all aspects of human bondings. Toxic relationships are taxing and can wreak havoc on one’s mental health and overall well-being.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about a toxic relationship, including signs of a toxic relationship, various kinds of toxic relationships, and how to cope with these dysfunctional relationship dynamics.

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What Is A Toxic Relationship?

A toxic relationship makes you feel unhappy, emotionally drained, and unsupported. It might even threaten your physical safety, emotional well-being, and social reputation. Any relationship that makes you miserable and takes away your power is a toxic relationship.

A toxic relationship can exist between romantic partners, between a parent and child, between co-workers, or even between friends. Sometimes the red flags are easy to spot but other times the lies and emotional abuse can be covert and subtle. It, therefore, becomes imperative to identify the signs of a toxic relationship and make necessary adjustments to safeguard one’s emotional health.

what is a toxic relationship?
What Is A Toxic Relationship?

What Makes A Relationship Toxic?

It is not necessary that both parties involved in a relationship are responsible for the relationship to turn toxic. It can be so that one of them bears the traits of a narcissist or a sociopath and is solely responsible for the poor status of their dysfunctional relationship.

People who do not have narcissistic or sociopathic personality disorders can also be toxic. They have the capability to sap the positivity out of a person in several ways such as, by continuously complaining, making rude comments, belittling others, and in general being obnoxious and negative. They have no idea how off-putting their nature can be, and sometimes they lack social skills, like empathy or emotional intelligence.

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Now Let’s Have A Look At The Different Types Of A Toxic Relationship Dynamics:

  • Co-Workers who try to sabotage each other’s career prospects.
  • Parents who abuse or neglect their young children.
  • Adult children of toxic parents whose lives are still influenced by their dysfunctional families.
  • Couples who are in a co-dependent or abusive relationship.
  • Friends who secretly envy each other and try to put each other down. 

Differences Between A Toxic Relationship and A Healthy Relationship:

A Healthy Relationship

  • Offers security
  • Thrives on love and care
  • Promotes positive self-image and overall healthy outlook
  • Based on self-less giving not ego-based demanding
  • Encourages and boosts confidence
  • Mutual respect is values
  • Trust and faithfulness are upheld from both ends

A Toxic Relationship

  • Promotes insecurity
  • Jealousy is a constant theme
  • Results in an overall negative outlook
  • At least one of the parties is self-centered
  • Criticism and belittling attitude is a norm
  • Respect is demanded but not reciprocated
  • Visible lack of trust
  • Physical and/or mental abuse is normalized
toxic relationship
What Is A Toxic Relationship?
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