3 Ways In Which Your Negativity Affects Your Health

Negativity Affects Your Health

Throughout our life, as we grew up, we heard from our friends and family comments like “If you think bad thoughts, then you’ll jinx it” or “If you think the worst, then you’ll make it happen.” The power of words. It seems that in clinical research, these sayings actually have a name… and that name is “nocebo effect.”

Negative thoughts can do a lot of damage to our health. We need to be extra cautious with ourselves to be able to detect the subtlety of such thoughts and how the nocebo effect affects us. There are a few types of negative thoughts that can have damning implications for our overall health.

Here are a few of the effects that can be permanently damaging:

1. Negative cynicism:

This is a general distrust of human beings that affects most individuals when they are met with adversity at regular intervals. This is a worldview that is erroneous but can be useful to a person that has faced a lot of negative vibes in life. Cynicism has an increased dementia risk in individuals and researchers have found out that there are innumerable risk factors such as age, smoking and gender that contribute to dementia. This is a pitfall of cynicism.

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2. Negative hostilities:

Those individuals that are perennially hostile and foul-mouthed often face a high stroke risk. Unfriendliness can be damaging in the long run for the health of both men and women.

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3. Chronic anger:

Anger can be a normal emotion but can be problematic when it becomes a permanent disposition or even a habitual outlook for the entire worldview in individuals. In short, if you walk around being upset with everything you see, you could have a worse time with a matter of the heart. No pun intended. A higher risk of cardiovascular disease and death by cancer often awaits negative people.

Anger can have a negative impact on life and pushes the body to the fight and flight mode. The Cortisol levels and heart rate spike affect the body and the blood vessels tighten up. If you are constantly angry, you turn fatalistic and sorry. Say hello to arterial wall damage then.

The way cancer risks heighten and cynicism impact the body, is an indicator of the gruesome impact on the body of the individual. Self repair is the priority and stopping your body from disaster is must. Even the fittest of bodies are constantly in the danger of carcinogens and toxins.

We could all take the concept of “nocebo effect” into everyday life and envelop ourselves and others with a positive perspective and light instead of a negative one. This way, maybe we can all see more positive outcomes, not just in clinical environments, but throughout out all aspects of our lives as well.

A negative mind is the worse clear and present danger facing individuals in the world today. The idea is to counter the negativity. Spreading honesty and virtues of a regimented life is crucial. This helps lengthen life and makes human beings sound and lively. Negative thoughts should not champion the mind and body. The order is the other way round!

3 Ways In Which Your Negativity Affects Your Health

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