How To Be Pretty: 25 Ways To Look More Attractive, Naturally

how to be pretty

After one good shaping, you can carefully maintain your brows by tweezing just a few hairs every day as they grow back. 

10. Use self-tanner sparingly and with great care. 

In your efforts for how to look hot, you might think self-tanner is the way to go. But this is a tricky one since self-tanning products are difficult to use evenly. More often than not, you notice that you missed a spot or an area and there is an obvious difference from the rest of your body.

In order to get an even layer, you should always exfoliate and/or shave before putting self-tanner on and never apply it on your wet skin. This is a great time to bust out that course apricot scrub or heavy-duty loofah and get scrubbing. 

Dermatologist Shari Marchbein told Allure Magazine that there’s a scientific explanation for why skin looks so bad when self-tanner is applied without having exfoliating first. She told the authors that “dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the sugar molecule that has a chemical reaction with amino acids in the outermost top layer of the skin to cause a temporary darkening, does not penetrate deeper into the skin.” 

Dr. Marchbein goes on to explain that the skin should be dry, otherwise you’re facing a potential chemical interaction that can yield unattractive results due to oils that “could interfere with the binding of DHA to the stratum corneum.”

Of course, you should always wash your hands immediately after application or wear gloves to apply sunless tanner in order to avoid them becoming disproportionately tan compared to the rest of your body, too. That orange ring around your hands is definitely not pretty!

11. Wear sunscreen every day.

You might not be happy with how your skin looks; it seems pale and overall unattractive.

If you are looking for ways to brighten dull skin so you can look more attractive, going to a tanning bed or sunning yourself without any sunscreen might not be the right way to go.

Not only you do you risk getting burnt, but there are long-term effects that can be even more troubling, such as skin cancer, permanent discoloration, skin damage or premature aging. 

Instead, find a daily sunscreen that makes your skin feel great. It can be included in your moisturizer or worn on top of your moisturizer (just make sure the moisturizer has absorbed before applying sunscreen). 

Dr. Sonia Batra, a board-certified dermatologist and co-host of the show The Doctors told Oprah Magazine that she recommends physical blocks made from minerals like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, over chemical ones like Oxybenzone “since these provide broad-spectrum coverage against both UVA and UVB portions of the spectrum.”

There are even lightly tinted mineral sunscreens that can help even your complexion while protecting your skin.

But whatever type you choose is great, as long as you use it and reapply regularly. 

12. Take great care of your nails.

There are different styles and preferences when it comes to nails these days and that is something we should all accept. However, one thing has not changed: Whether you prefer long or short nails, bare or polished, they need to be even and clean.

This is a beauty tip anyone can take part in and it goes a long way! Moisturize your cuticles, try not to pick at them, and keep your nails clean and even. Easy! 

Also, if your nail polish is seriously chipped or otherwise ruined, be sure to remove it. 

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13. Protect the skin on your neck. 

Aging is natural, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to combat its visible signs as long as possible, but we often forget to do this for our necks.

There are many skin care products that claim to have anti-aging effects that will revitalize your skin and bring its youthfulness back. But did you know that most facial products can and should be applied to the neck area, too?

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